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Exclusive Interview by: MICHAEL BEAS

RaverMag: Your Tropical House vibes are moving

of a man talking to his lover, convincing her that he

and intense, with uplifting melodies. Where does the

is actually a good soul in a world full of sometimes

inspiration come from and who in the world of dance

dishonest people. The lyric “Let’s tear down your paper

music inspires you as an artist?

walls,” directly refers to the guard the girl has put up due to past terrors from other people’s wrong doing. I

Hudson Henry: I started to dabble in electronic music

really hope it reaches the listener who is timid to give

when I was about 18. I remember starting with the

love a second chance, but will.

program “Reason,” then moved to the DAW “Logic.” I think Aphex Twin really got me hyper-focused into the

RaverMag: In one of your Twitter posts you wrote, “I

percussive and glitchy side of electronic music. I would

love you guys. I’m going to give these new tracks all

sit down for hours and hours trying to replicate sounds

I’ve got. To tell the real story of me, some of which you

until I got a sample I desired. Some of my personal

guys don’t know me.” This is heartfelt, and also a bit

favorite artists who inspire me are Zedd, Knife Party,

mysterious. What would you like to share with both new

Aphex Twin, Skrillex, and Kygo. The Tropical House

and current fans that we don’t know? What would you

influence really comes from the fast growing scene on

like to express to those who hear your music?

the west coast for Tropical House music. Hudson Henry: As you may know, my fans are RaverMag: Your latest drop “Trust Me” is catching fire

everything to me. They drive me to do what I do, they

on the dance music circuit. From experience, I know

are lifeline to the fiery music machine. When I release

that every track has a story behind it. What’s the story

a song, I almost feel as though we all connect on the

behind “Trust Me”?

same level through the music that’s released. I’ve had countless messages, letters, and drawings from fans


Hudson Henry: I wanted to create a certain vibe

consistently. The fact that they believe in me so much

with “Trust Me.” I wanted to animate the emotion of

drives me to write songs with them in mind and not just

hopefulness within the skeletal structure of the song’s

my own musical needs. I genuinely care about them,

lyrics. The song was written from the point of view

and the rest of mankind. If I can have a group of songs

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