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RM: Walk us through a day in the life of CMC$.

CMC$: It was incredible! I’ve known Martin for a long time. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities he has given me.

CMC$: Let’s pick my favorite day of the week, Friday. Most Fridays after breakfast I head to the studio, listen to all the

RM: ADE is going to be a monster of an event. Some

demos that I’ve received, check out all the new music and

would argue that it is where only the best come out to

answer my emails. After that, I usually work on some new

play. You are performing at four different shows. That will

music or hang out with friends until dinner. At night I’m

be an outstanding ride for you. What are your expectations

most often doing some shows!

for this event?

RM: There is some exciting buzz generating on the news

CMC$: This is just my second ADE and already it is

wires about your new release with DVBBS that is set to

the craziest ADE ever! I was the support act for the

come out in November. Is there anything you can share

Martin Garrix 18+ show in one of the biggest venues

with us on the release?

in Holland. I’ve hosted my own party called ‘CrayCray’, which was completely sold out! I joined DVBBS on stage

CMC$: Yes, we just premiered the track together on

at Amsterdam Music Festival in the biggest stadium in

Amsterdam Music Festival! That was really cool. I’m so

Holland. What can I say!?

excited for this single! Can’t say much about it, but it will be huge!

RM: We all have goals. What is the #1 goal that you have as an artist?

RM: As if one was not enough, you have another release set for December. This one is set to come out on Spinnin’

CMC$: I’ve got so many goals that I want to achieve - like

Records. From experience, I know that every track, every

performing at the world’s biggest music festivals and

release, has a story. What is the story behind this track?

dominating the radio charts. But my #1 goal is to reach a top five record worldwide.

CMC$: I created this track in the beginning of April. It’s one of the best I’ve ever made. It has a lot of heart in it

RM: What would you like to share with your fans that I did

and the lyrics are very emotional too.

not ask?

RM: Martin Garrix. Truly an amazing person and talent

CMC$: I didn’t release for a while, but I haven’t been

that people all over the world love and respect. You have

sitting around doing nothing. I worked hard on my

shared the stage with him. What was the experience like

upcoming singles and I can’t wait to share it with you

to share the stage with Martin?

guys! There’s a lot of good things coming up ;-)! •


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