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MATOMA Interview


photography by: Zach Liebmann

Norwegian electronic music star Matoma was able to chat with us while traveling the USA on his latest North American tour. The music sensation filled us in on his newest album “Hakuna Matoma” and his exciting tour across the States. RM: What was your biggest inspiration in creating your

vibe the vision you originally had with the music featured

newest album Hakuna Matoma?

on the album?

Matoma: My biggest inspiration was really just to give

Matoma: Actually the name of the album, and my artist

my fans music that makes them happy and to create

name in general, is a funny story. One time my brother

music that everyone will love. I also believe that when

and I were at a party having some fun. After a few drinks,

good music is created it should be released right away.

he told me my original name sucked and that I should

When I played Coachella this year, I released my song

change it. Well, my brother and I can sometimes dis-

with Sean Paul the same day I played the festival and the

agree so we got into a little argument about it. One of

fans loved it. Rather than waiting to complete an EP or

my friends broke in and mentioned ‘Hakuna Matata’

an entire album, I think it’s important to release tracks as

from the Lion King. My brother immediately respond-

soon as they are created and give the fans access to my

ed by saying “Hakuna Matoma”! After that, we all

music as quickly as possible.

thought Matoma was a super cool name so I decided to keep it for myself and then later name my album

RM: The title of the album reflects a familiar connotation with the motto “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Is this carefree


Hakuna Matoma.

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