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Robert Thorn III: To establish a community-based label

creative. The music industry is 90% strategy and about

that works with Atlanta talent and to grow the brands

10% talent. Learn to understand algorithms, trends, data,

and distribute their products globally through digital retail

and analytics.

platforms. Our motto is to support Atlanta area businesses focused on building up people, giving back, sponsoring

Raver Mag: Last question. What’s the best EDM festival

events, and empowering voices to impact our community.

you have ever attended and why?

We support and sponsor events by Ryan Seacrest, The Voice and we do all we can for the Atlanta Children’s

Robert Thorn III: Hands down I would say Imagine

Hospital. We also support the Callenwolde School of the

Festival. Glenn Goodhand of Iris Promotions and the

Arts that is owned by Charles Howard Candler, the eldest

creator of Imagine Festival is not only my business

son of Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler.

partner, he is also a mentor and friend. Watching him develop this festival from a few thousand to close to a

Raver Mag: So many artists are trying to get signed on

hundred thousand in 2016 was incredible. Glenn has

with a label, go on tour, live the dream of becoming a rock

been influential in promoting the EDM Music and Rave

star and play in front of the masses. Your experience is

culture in the Atlanta market. His influence goes beyond

endless and many look to you for advice. What advice can

the city as many travel to Atlanta for the festival each

you offer on what you feel are the keys to success?

year - both artists and consumers. Iris Promotions and Nimbus Universal Records have a partnership where we

Robert Thorn III: List the top three things that you love

co-manage artists and distribute them via Empire and/

and focus on those three things and not just on one

or Sony Red Distribution. Glenn manages live shows and

thing. That way you won’t put all your eggs in one basket.

does brand promotion. Steve Garza of iHeart Radio is

Diversify your outlook on life and don’t close your mind

also an influential voice and mentor because he consults,

off to change. Keep your options open and leave room

guides, and advises me on artist projects. •

for your passion and dreams to expand. Bear in mind that this is a business and it is not only about passion. You have to learn the business. It is not only about being


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