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at the Tokyo Dome. This tour helped shape and

and MC Mets and MC Tricks while in Manchester.

mold not only my methodology of how to move in

Other artists were Carl Cox, Afrika Bambaataa, and

this business, but it became my go to standard of

Freedom Williams.

touring and music industry ethics overall.

Raver Mag: Within the Nimbus Universal Record family you have some of the top artists creating the

Signing my first Sony deal while I was still in high

best music on the electronic dance music circuit

school in an Eastern country and touring with a

today. Artists that come to mind are Cali The Kidd

rhythm and blues icon gave me what a college

of Midnite Panda and Stranger Candy. Tell us more

degree could never provide, a firsthand look

about them and who else are you working with. Any

backstage. Not only was I able to perform with an

hot projects that you have in the works for the rest

icon, but I was also around industry professionals

of 2016 and into the next year?

from Tommy Mottola to then bass and keyboard player American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

Robert Thorn III: Great things are on the horizon! We intend to highlight Cali The Kidd of Midnite

Raver Mag: You studied music in England. That

Panda features with artists such as the Atlanta-

influenced you and helped shape your career path

based rappers Migos and Flosstradamus.

that ultimately led to the establishment Nimbus

With Stranger Candy, we have been focused

Universal Records. Share with us a little about how

on developing their individual brands; for Alex

the European music vibe influenced your love for

Gresham we had him featured on MTV’s Catfish

dance music. Was there a certain artist that made

and Andrew Levine – he also had a guest

you take a step back and say; ‘Wow, this is what I

appearance on The David Show, a popular show

want to do with my life?’

filmed and airing in Korea. We anticipate releasing new singles with music videos in the first quarter.

Robert Thorn III: While in Europe, I was influenced by different genres of EDM in the region. I learned

Raver Mag: As the Founder and CEO of Nimbus

to appreciate the diversity of music and found my

Universal Records what is the #1 goal that you

root interest in many different EDM genres. Some

hope to accomplish for both your company and

artists that I affiliated with that inspired me to

the artists that you want to come into the Nimbus

establish an open genre EDM label were DJ Goldie



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