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Robert Thorn III Founder of Nimbus Universal Records

Exclusive Interview


Nimbus Universal Records, founded by Robert Thorn III, is a record label and creative entertainment company invested in music, film and technology whose focus is to provide innovative and engaging connections between brands, products, and consumers. Their experience in artist management, marketing, branding, touring and technology has aggressively built a solid foundation for creative talent in the world of dance music. Some of their current artist and affiliate artists are Dj Luke Nasty (Othaz Records/Empire), 99 percent (APG/Atlantic Records), We are Toonz (VPP), O Lyfe (Trinity/300 Ent), RTG (Kemosabe/Sony) and Stranger Candy (Nimbus Universal Records). Raver Mag: Early on in your career you had the

professionals build up their careers from a local market

opportunity to tour and work with some of the biggest

and then they expand to other regions. In my case, I

names in the music world, including Mariah Carey and LL

started my career internationally from Japan.

Cool J. Do you feel that those experiences helped shape your career into what it is today?

While in high school, I was able to capitalize on the entertainment booking aspect of this business by working

Robert Thorn III: I am grateful for all of the good fortune

for MWR under Adam Parker as a runner and stagehand.

I have had in the music business. From an early

Eventually, I became an entertainment broker. Just

age, my mother (Wanda Robinson Caton) put me in

imagine being sixteen years old closing 10k deals with

the entertainment business. I started off as a young

the American Military’s Entertainment Division. I knew

international child actor/model and that was not at all

this was my calling from age three and later this was

common or easy. The majority of American creative

confirmed by the 1996 Mariah Carey Day Dream Tour


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