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Raver Mag: Your 1991 American pop radio hit “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless),” took the world by storm and it set the pace for a career of historic proportions. Why do you feel this song, more so than the rest, hit home so deeply with America and the world? Crystal Waters: First of all, thank you. That’s very sweet of you to say! I think it’s a couple of reasons. In the 90’s, there was big economic recession happening and there was a massive homeless problem. AIDS was just starting to hit the gay community and no one understood what was going on. I remember stories of ambulances not picking up patients if they knew they were gay. There was a lot of displacement going on and not much understanding. I think when “Gypsy Woman” came out, it made people think. It kind of put a face to what was happening at the time. It was also a fresh and new sound at the time. Even though the lyrics were a bit dark, the music was uplifting and people needed that at the time.


Raver Mag: You have been nominated for three American Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award and many other awards throughout your career. How did this musical journey start for you? More importantly, what advice do you have for those who look up to you as a person and as an artist? Crystal Waters: I come from a musical family. My aunt, Ethel Waters, was a very famous singer and movie star in the 1940’s. My father was a musician who had a hit song in the 1960’s. I used to write poems all the time. One day a friend of mine asked if I wanted to do some background vocals for his cousin’s studio. Once I got into the studio, I knew this was it. I found a keyboard player to write with. We were shopping a demo when I met the Basement Boys and the rest is history, as they say. I advise staying true to yourself. You want to be relevant, but it’s best to be unique. Remain in love with the music. The business side can beat you down, but remember why you are making music. Oh, and get a good attorney! Raver Mag: I have to ask, what was it like working with Carl Cox? He is such an amazing person and a remarkable talent, as are you. From the outside looking in, the chemistry between you two appeared to be magic. Taking the #1 spot on the Billboard charts proved that it was. Crystal Waters: Hmmm, I never worked with Carl Cox [laughs]...I think you mean Chris Cox? Chris is a great guy and a very talented producer. It’s always fun to be #1 on Billboard! Raver Mag: Talk to us about your new track “Believe.” What was the inspiration behind the breathtaking melodies and heartfelt positive vibes that resonate throughout the dance music community? Crystal Waters: When I got the track [from Sted-E & Hybrid Heights], I loved it. It’s exactly what dance music is all about. It’s positive

and uplifting. The producers, Sted-E & Hybrid Heights didn’t even realize that it sounded very much like the song “I’m Gonna Get You.” I kept hearing the long note on the word “believe,” so I got a melody to work with that. When I got to the hook, I figured, if I’m going to have to get this cleared, I may as well use part of the hook. It worked out so great! Then I wrote a B-hook to make it a modern sound. Raver Mag: There are so many genres that fall under the EDM/dance music umbrella. Why do you feel that the House music vibe with Sted-E & Hybrid Heights blended in so well with “Believe”? Crystal Waters: It’s all dance music and I think EDM falls under that. I’m a House music artist and while I love EDM, we started this game a long time ago when it was just called dance music. Now that there are so many genres, I like to be more specific of what kind of music I do, which is House. As we like to say, “House music is a feeling.” This music is positive and uplifting and it makes you want to dance! “Believe” is the perfect combination of those feelings. Raver Mag: “Believe,” will be hard to top. Then again that’s what was said in the press about “I’m Gonna Get You,” “Destination Calabria,” “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless),” and so many of the other songs that you have created, all of which are masterful. What’s next or in store for Crystal Waters? How can you keep overcoming perfection? Crystal Waters: You flatter me! I’m finishing up an album very soon called #IAMHOUSE coming out in early 2017. “Believe” is the first single off the album. Trust me, I have more great songs coming. I’m so excited! I’m in love with every track on the album. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it. You’ll definitely be dancing. • For more information, visit


by Mike Pfeiffer Digital Racket





Robert Thorn III Founder of Nimbus Universal Records

Exclusive Interview


Nimbus Universal Records, founded by Robert Thorn III, is a record label and creative entertainment company invested in music, film and technology whose focus is to provide innovative and engaging connections between brands, products, and consumers. Their experience in artist management, marketing, branding, touring and technology has aggressively built a solid foundation for creative talent in the world of dance music. Some of their current artist and affiliate artists are Dj Luke Nasty (Othaz Records/Empire), 99 percent (APG/Atlantic Records), We are Toonz (VPP), O Lyfe (Trinity/300 Ent), RTG (Kemosabe/Sony) and Stranger Candy (Nimbus Universal Records). Raver Mag: Early on in your career you had the

professionals build up their careers from a local market

opportunity to tour and work with some of the biggest

and then they expand to other regions. In my case, I

names in the music world, including Mariah Carey and LL

started my career internationally from Japan.

Cool J. Do you feel that those experiences helped shape your career into what it is today?

While in high school, I was able to capitalize on the entertainment booking aspect of this business by working

Robert Thorn III: I am grateful for all of the good fortune

for MWR under Adam Parker as a runner and stagehand.

I have had in the music business. From an early

Eventually, I became an entertainment broker. Just

age, my mother (Wanda Robinson Caton) put me in

imagine being sixteen years old closing 10k deals with

the entertainment business. I started off as a young

the American Military’s Entertainment Division. I knew

international child actor/model and that was not at all

this was my calling from age three and later this was

common or easy. The majority of American creative

confirmed by the 1996 Mariah Carey Day Dream Tour


at the Tokyo Dome. This tour helped shape and

and MC Mets and MC Tricks while in Manchester.

mold not only my methodology of how to move in

Other artists were Carl Cox, Afrika Bambaataa, and

this business, but it became my go to standard of

Freedom Williams.

touring and music industry ethics overall.

Raver Mag: Within the Nimbus Universal Record family you have some of the top artists creating the

Signing my first Sony deal while I was still in high

best music on the electronic dance music circuit

school in an Eastern country and touring with a

today. Artists that come to mind are Cali The Kidd

rhythm and blues icon gave me what a college

of Midnite Panda and Stranger Candy. Tell us more

degree could never provide, a firsthand look

about them and who else are you working with. Any

backstage. Not only was I able to perform with an

hot projects that you have in the works for the rest

icon, but I was also around industry professionals

of 2016 and into the next year?

from Tommy Mottola to then bass and keyboard player American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

Robert Thorn III: Great things are on the horizon! We intend to highlight Cali The Kidd of Midnite

Raver Mag: You studied music in England. That

Panda features with artists such as the Atlanta-

influenced you and helped shape your career path

based rappers Migos and Flosstradamus.

that ultimately led to the establishment Nimbus

With Stranger Candy, we have been focused

Universal Records. Share with us a little about how

on developing their individual brands; for Alex

the European music vibe influenced your love for

Gresham we had him featured on MTV’s Catfish

dance music. Was there a certain artist that made

and Andrew Levine – he also had a guest

you take a step back and say; ‘Wow, this is what I

appearance on The David Show, a popular show

want to do with my life?’

filmed and airing in Korea. We anticipate releasing new singles with music videos in the first quarter.

Robert Thorn III: While in Europe, I was influenced by different genres of EDM in the region. I learned

Raver Mag: As the Founder and CEO of Nimbus

to appreciate the diversity of music and found my

Universal Records what is the #1 goal that you

root interest in many different EDM genres. Some

hope to accomplish for both your company and

artists that I affiliated with that inspired me to

the artists that you want to come into the Nimbus

establish an open genre EDM label were DJ Goldie



Robert Thorn III: To establish a community-based label

creative. The music industry is 90% strategy and about

that works with Atlanta talent and to grow the brands

10% talent. Learn to understand algorithms, trends, data,

and distribute their products globally through digital retail

and analytics.

platforms. Our motto is to support Atlanta area businesses focused on building up people, giving back, sponsoring

Raver Mag: Last question. What’s the best EDM festival

events, and empowering voices to impact our community.

you have ever attended and why?

We support and sponsor events by Ryan Seacrest, The Voice and we do all we can for the Atlanta Children’s

Robert Thorn III: Hands down I would say Imagine

Hospital. We also support the Callenwolde School of the

Festival. Glenn Goodhand of Iris Promotions and the

Arts that is owned by Charles Howard Candler, the eldest

creator of Imagine Festival is not only my business

son of Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler.

partner, he is also a mentor and friend. Watching him develop this festival from a few thousand to close to a

Raver Mag: So many artists are trying to get signed on

hundred thousand in 2016 was incredible. Glenn has

with a label, go on tour, live the dream of becoming a rock

been influential in promoting the EDM Music and Rave

star and play in front of the masses. Your experience is

culture in the Atlanta market. His influence goes beyond

endless and many look to you for advice. What advice can

the city as many travel to Atlanta for the festival each

you offer on what you feel are the keys to success?

year - both artists and consumers. Iris Promotions and Nimbus Universal Records have a partnership where we

Robert Thorn III: List the top three things that you love

co-manage artists and distribute them via Empire and/

and focus on those three things and not just on one

or Sony Red Distribution. Glenn manages live shows and

thing. That way you won’t put all your eggs in one basket.

does brand promotion. Steve Garza of iHeart Radio is

Diversify your outlook on life and don’t close your mind

also an influential voice and mentor because he consults,

off to change. Keep your options open and leave room

guides, and advises me on artist projects. •

for your passion and dreams to expand. Bear in mind that this is a business and it is not only about passion. You have to learn the business. It is not only about being




photography by ZACH LIEBMANN





MATOMA Interview


photography by: Zach Liebmann

Norwegian electronic music star Matoma was able to chat with us while traveling the USA on his latest North American tour. The music sensation filled us in on his newest album “Hakuna Matoma” and his exciting tour across the States. RM: What was your biggest inspiration in creating your

vibe the vision you originally had with the music featured

newest album Hakuna Matoma?

on the album?

Matoma: My biggest inspiration was really just to give

Matoma: Actually the name of the album, and my artist

my fans music that makes them happy and to create

name in general, is a funny story. One time my brother

music that everyone will love. I also believe that when

and I were at a party having some fun. After a few drinks,

good music is created it should be released right away.

he told me my original name sucked and that I should

When I played Coachella this year, I released my song

change it. Well, my brother and I can sometimes dis-

with Sean Paul the same day I played the festival and the

agree so we got into a little argument about it. One of

fans loved it. Rather than waiting to complete an EP or

my friends broke in and mentioned ‘Hakuna Matata’

an entire album, I think it’s important to release tracks as

from the Lion King. My brother immediately respond-

soon as they are created and give the fans access to my

ed by saying “Hakuna Matoma”! After that, we all

music as quickly as possible.

thought Matoma was a super cool name so I decided to keep it for myself and then later name my album

RM: The title of the album reflects a familiar connotation with the motto “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Is this carefree


Hakuna Matoma.

RM: How was your experience working with Wale, Akon, doing my own variation of that and people seem to like Sean Paul and Madcon for the album?

it! After like 2 years I am almost to a billion streams on the Internet!

Matoma: That was an unreal experience, especially with Akon, Sean Paul, and Madcon. They are so talented

RM: What is your favorite collab that you’ve done thus

and they really work hard in the studio. For example,


Sean Paul was in the recording studio for 10 or 12 hours without leaving the booth. I was really impressed.

Matoma: I have to say maybe Jason Derulo and Jennifer Lopez. That was a huge milestone in my career. Also

RM: Many of your collaborations and remixes have a

the Akon song. Every song is very special to me but in

super tropical, reggae, R&B feel. What is it about this

different ways. They all have their historical moments

style that you enjoy working with and producing?

and chapters in my career. I really remember the Jason Derulo one because I was so early in my career; to ac-

Matoma: That is probably where I get my inspiration.

tually have him produce one of the songs on the album

I really love R&B, urban flavored music and I like to

was just incredible.

combine it with happy tropical sounds. I ended up


RM: Is it true that you began your career in music in

reactions of the fans and all the engagement over social

classical piano and then transitioned into music mixing?

media and to have the support is huge for me. I am really looking forward to the closing concerts and also ending

Matoma: Yes! I actually started playing the piano when I

everything in Hakkasan in Las Vegas.

was six years old. It’s great when creating a song; I can start by playing the piano and then begin building my

RM: How does it feel to have reached a level of success

track from what I made with the instrument.

with ‘Hakuna Matoma’ to the point of over 280 million streams and a whopping 7.5 million regular listeners on

RM: Your single ‘False Alarm’ featuring Becky Hill from


the album is a huge success. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration and production of this track?

Matoma: Now it’s 8.2 million! So now I am in the top 100

Matoma: I got inspired by the vocals. I got inspired by

of the most played albums on Spotify.

Becky and it was during a hectic time, but I just found peace and quiet with her voice. I tried to compliment

RM: That’s crazy! How does that feel?

what was already there on the vocal side, and I ended up with that version and people loved it!

Matoma: It’s very unreal. For me, it’s the most important thing to know that I inspire people with my music and

RM: Your fall tour across the U.S. in lining up to be a

that people like my music and that they find peace and

huge success. What are you most excited for on this

happiness with my music. That’s the main reason why I


do this. •

Matoma: I am really excited about the whole tour in

Connect with Matoma

general. We’ve been working non-stop for ten months with the production and getting the tour ready, so to finally be on the road is a significant milestone. To see the




CMC$ is the one to watch! With four back to back shows at ADE, on stage performances with Martin Garrix and the upcoming release of a track with DVBBS in November, CMC$ is the hottest act in the world of dance music. Raver Mag had an opportunity to catch up with CMC$ for a quick Q&A this is what he shared with us.


RM: Walk us through a day in the life of CMC$.

CMC$: It was incredible! I’ve known Martin for a long time. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities he has given me.

CMC$: Let’s pick my favorite day of the week, Friday. Most Fridays after breakfast I head to the studio, listen to all the

RM: ADE is going to be a monster of an event. Some

demos that I’ve received, check out all the new music and

would argue that it is where only the best come out to

answer my emails. After that, I usually work on some new

play. You are performing at four different shows. That will

music or hang out with friends until dinner. At night I’m

be an outstanding ride for you. What are your expectations

most often doing some shows!

for this event?

RM: There is some exciting buzz generating on the news

CMC$: This is just my second ADE and already it is

wires about your new release with DVBBS that is set to

the craziest ADE ever! I was the support act for the

come out in November. Is there anything you can share

Martin Garrix 18+ show in one of the biggest venues

with us on the release?

in Holland. I’ve hosted my own party called ‘CrayCray’, which was completely sold out! I joined DVBBS on stage

CMC$: Yes, we just premiered the track together on

at Amsterdam Music Festival in the biggest stadium in

Amsterdam Music Festival! That was really cool. I’m so

Holland. What can I say!?

excited for this single! Can’t say much about it, but it will be huge!

RM: We all have goals. What is the #1 goal that you have as an artist?

RM: As if one was not enough, you have another release set for December. This one is set to come out on Spinnin’

CMC$: I’ve got so many goals that I want to achieve - like

Records. From experience, I know that every track, every

performing at the world’s biggest music festivals and

release, has a story. What is the story behind this track?

dominating the radio charts. But my #1 goal is to reach a top five record worldwide.

CMC$: I created this track in the beginning of April. It’s one of the best I’ve ever made. It has a lot of heart in it

RM: What would you like to share with your fans that I did

and the lyrics are very emotional too.

not ask?

RM: Martin Garrix. Truly an amazing person and talent

CMC$: I didn’t release for a while, but I haven’t been

that people all over the world love and respect. You have

sitting around doing nothing. I worked hard on my

shared the stage with him. What was the experience like

upcoming singles and I can’t wait to share it with you

to share the stage with Martin?

guys! There’s a lot of good things coming up ;-)! •


Artist Discovery


Exclusive Interview by: MICHAEL BEAS

RaverMag: Your Tropical House vibes are moving

of a man talking to his lover, convincing her that he

and intense, with uplifting melodies. Where does the

is actually a good soul in a world full of sometimes

inspiration come from and who in the world of dance

dishonest people. The lyric “Let’s tear down your paper

music inspires you as an artist?

walls,” directly refers to the guard the girl has put up due to past terrors from other people’s wrong doing. I

Hudson Henry: I started to dabble in electronic music

really hope it reaches the listener who is timid to give

when I was about 18. I remember starting with the

love a second chance, but will.

program “Reason,” then moved to the DAW “Logic.” I think Aphex Twin really got me hyper-focused into the

RaverMag: In one of your Twitter posts you wrote, “I

percussive and glitchy side of electronic music. I would

love you guys. I’m going to give these new tracks all

sit down for hours and hours trying to replicate sounds

I’ve got. To tell the real story of me, some of which you

until I got a sample I desired. Some of my personal

guys don’t know me.” This is heartfelt, and also a bit

favorite artists who inspire me are Zedd, Knife Party,

mysterious. What would you like to share with both new

Aphex Twin, Skrillex, and Kygo. The Tropical House

and current fans that we don’t know? What would you

influence really comes from the fast growing scene on

like to express to those who hear your music?

the west coast for Tropical House music. Hudson Henry: As you may know, my fans are RaverMag: Your latest drop “Trust Me” is catching fire

everything to me. They drive me to do what I do, they

on the dance music circuit. From experience, I know

are lifeline to the fiery music machine. When I release

that every track has a story behind it. What’s the story

a song, I almost feel as though we all connect on the

behind “Trust Me”?

same level through the music that’s released. I’ve had countless messages, letters, and drawings from fans


Hudson Henry: I wanted to create a certain vibe

consistently. The fact that they believe in me so much

with “Trust Me.” I wanted to animate the emotion of

drives me to write songs with them in mind and not just

hopefulness within the skeletal structure of the song’s

my own musical needs. I genuinely care about them,

lyrics. The song was written from the point of view

and the rest of mankind. If I can have a group of songs

change even a few lives, then that to me is success.

manifests itself on social media or in pop culture. We

I remember after I released “Flaws” I got endless

often forget about our inner spirits rather than the

messages about how the song helped them through a

outer imperfections that make us who we are. I want

rough time or even a deep depression. This moment

to break the emotional barriers and walls for listeners

honestly meant the most to me in my musical career.

with my lyrics. With this new music I want to be raw, honest, and even dark at times. I think it’s very

RaverMag: What’s the #1 goal you have for yourself and

important to sometimes visit the bare bones of why I

your music for the rest of 2016 and into 2017?

do what I do, and how I can make an impact with the art I am creating and not just for my own benefit.

Hudson Henry: My number one goal would be to start playing more festivals and collaborate with more artists.

Raver Mag: If you can pick any stage, any place in the

I always have a constant list of things I need and want

world - where would your dream set be and why?

to do musically. If I had a thousand hours a day, I would use almost all of them to create new tracks. I want to

Hudson Henry: I would have to say Coachella! It has

release an EP, and a few singles along with electrifying

been a long time dream of mine to play such an

music videos.

amazing stage. •

RaverMag: For those who have not had an opportunity


to hear your music, what is the one message you hope


they take away from listening?


Hudson Henry: I’m not just trying to create a “moment”


I’m trying to create a focused meaning with my music.


One of my songs “Flaws” was the song that made a huge impact for younger kids. Sometimes we get so caught up in the momentum of “perfection” that




RM: “Sunset Skies” brings in a new element that is

cheap music soft-ware during the weekends… that

both unique and original. Fus-ing electronic music

was actually pretty cool :) and that´s how we started.

with Indie elements is both bold and risky. In my

After school we went different ways - me as a music

view, these moves have given you the edge in an

producer and him as Dj. It’s just recently that we

overpopulated industry. My question is, why? Where

got together again and decided to create our own

did your passion arise when the time came to craft


such and amazing track? Why TW3LV? It just reminds us of our childhood EDM has been very popular for many years and has

when we meet up with some friends in an

become slightly saturated. We didn’t want to go with

abandoned house in our neighborhood which was on

what’s popular at the moment, so we tried creating a

the number XII.

more per-sonal sound with a unique approach. For many years we have been working with

RM: A lot of your music fuses an 80s vibe. Why the

various international DJs and Pop artists and it

80’s vs. other eras of our music culture?

just happened naturally that we combined indie

We were born in the early 80s so we grew up with

instruments into our sound. When you work as a

the sound of Depeche Mode, Talk Talk, Tears for

producer for other artists, there are so many people

Fears and so on. We are big fans of all the 70s and

who try to direct you and it´s kind of refreshing to

80s Synth sounds as well.

create your own universe without limits. You can get to the bottom of things, express more feelings and

It´s always fascinating to fuse different genres with


the music of nowadays and see what you come up with. We don’t want to go overboard with the neon

RM: Dirty Soul is one of the top labels of the year.

80s thing, but we love incorporating live instruments

They support some of the best art-ists on the dance

and analog Synth with a touch of nostalgia in our

music circuit, including yourselves. What’s it like to


work with them? RM: With 1.4 million plays and then some the track To be honest, there were multiple labels interested in

“California Sun” featuring vo-cals by Johnny Rain

our project, but we decided to go with DS because

is a smash hit. Then you dropped “Sunset Skies”

right from the start we had an excellent feeling with

which is al-ready making incredible strides in the

them and that means a lot. We like to think that we

dance music arena. What can possibly top this new

are not just a number and prefer working together

track? What plans do you have for your music for the

with people who believe in your creativity and

rest of this year into the next?

support you in any way. The vocals of an incredible artist who had multiple RM: People want to know about you guys. What can

#1 hits will definitely blow you away and prove that

you tell us about how you guys got together and how

our music is continually improving and maintaining

the name TW3LV came about?

our high standard. We had the chance work with this artist in LA and this song was at first meant for him,

With all the socials everybody wants to know

but we were so in love with the track that we agreed

everything about everybody. We just think it’s kinda

to release it as a TW3LV single. Currently we’re

cool to let the music speak for itself and stay in the

working on putting together an EP that should hope-


fully be coming out soon, but first we want to release a few singles. •

We´ve known each other since college times and grew up listening to the same mu-sic. We started to mess around with an old vintage keyboard and


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT SPACE JESUS by Amber Lynn photos by: Michael Beas Coming from a tiny town in Blacksburg, Virginia

After finally seeing him live I can tell why. Lucky for

(home of the Hokies) it’s rare to find a decent show.

me the venue was super tiny and stepping out for

There are no large venues surrounding the area.

some air I found myself hiding in a hole in the wall.

Every now and then a true underground DJ makes

Looking over, to my surprise I saw that he was there. I

an appearance at either Virginia Tech or downtown

introduced myself to one of the sweetest, most chilled

Blacksburg. Friday, September 29th Space Jesus

back, relaxed dudes I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!

resurrected his nasty beats at Sycamore Deli! I was

Although the venue was tiny and very crowded due to

taken to another level as I watched his long flowing

it being a literal underground event, everyone had an

Bassnectar like hair fly around to the beat of BASS!

out of this world time!

Jasha Tull, known by his stage name Space Jesus, has his own galactic and futuristic, lower frequency

Space Jesus is currently on tour, so if you haven’t

style that no one can match.

caught him live I suggest you grab a ticket as soon as possible! •

His unique sound is like a crossbreed between gangster beats and a futuristic time-hop. His website describes him as “the feeling you get when you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans.”



in the music


Raver Mag Track Review by: Amber Lynn Dillon Francis’ new release “Anywhere” hits you with the feels as this track makes you wanna take it everywhere you go. To me, the song means having respect for a loved one. It means knowing what you have right in front of you even when it’s out of sight. It’s about fighting the odds when the odds are unknown. This song is really cute and sweet. The beat is catchy and uplifting! Who knew Dillon was such a romantic? Truly one of his best so far.

MKSHFT’S OMKARA by: Bradley Callison MKSHFT is here to bring an organic breath of fresh air to the crowded electronic music scene. This brand new music producer from India is introducing himself with his debut single called ‘Omkara’, a synonym of “Ganesha”, the elephant-headed god celebrated especially during Hindu festival known as Ganesh Chathurthi. The single is well executed and offers a fusion of cultures and influences. If this is any indication of things to come, it’s safe to say that this newcomer has positioned himself in a good place to find what he is looking for creatively. mkshft-omkaraa


SOLARSTONE PRESENTS PURE TRANCE V MIXED BY SOLARSTONE, SNEIJDER & FORERUNNERS by: Kylie Parham On October 28th, some big news surfaced in the Trance world. Pure Trance V presented by Solarstone has been released for your listening pleasure. Some of the best in Trance music is mixed up by the legends Solarstone, Sneijder and Forerunners in a 3-disc “dusk-todawn” format that will fulfill, satisfy and never disappoint. When listening, you will embark on a journey through different forms of Trance that range from Progressive styles to high and melodic as it plummets you deep into a pure raw electronic vibe that is not for the faint of heart. One of the themes I found when listening was that it completely encapsulates the listener through the true spirit and nature of Trance. This 3-disc compilation from Solarstone is the pure definition of what Trance music should be and will always be, ‘The true connection between sound and the heart of music.’ Check out Solarstone’s Pure Trance V Available now for orders, don’t miss this incredible new megamix!

PANG! CONTINUES TO MYSTIFY by: Bradley Callison Swedish production project PANG! is back to sweep us off our feet with their latest bad influence, ‘Cigarette’ featuring Cameron Douglas on Dirty Soul Music. The mysterious duo continues their musical journey evoking unique, exquisite aura accompanied by the extraordinary art of Faustroll Garden. In spite of being veiled in mystery, they are close to surpassing 30 million streams on Spotify which proves that the enigma behind their pieces of art attracts those who cannot resist immersing in their uncanny and unique style.


in the music

Enhanced Recordings presents


Artists: Mixed by Cuebrick & Rodrigo Deem

Argentinean producer Rodrigo Deem

Title: Enhanced Amsterdam 2016

is not shy to the sound and vibe of the

Label: Enhanced Recordings

ever-popular, ever-true Trance family. A producer who’s continued to build on

Enhanced Music whips out on a massive

his impressive catalogue with widely-

level its yearly Amsterdam Enhanced

supported productions such as the

compilation that brings in some of the

million-streaming hit “Anything”, to the

biggest names in the world of dance

grooving, lush “Lux” and the brand new

music. Pulling from its own label regulars

“Aeon”, Rodrigo’s thorough selection

that include Cuebrick & Rodrigo Deem,

continues with stand-out label productions

they demonstrate to the world the unique

from Alex Klingle, LTN, Wrechiski,

and diverse talent that is at the heart of

SCHALA, Daun Giventi and a whole host of

the cutting edge label Enhanced Music.

both Enhanced Progressive regulars and newcomers.

The German producer Cuebrick’s recent hit Colordrive Runners In Disguise and

Immerse yourself in the sound of

his huge Breathe Carolina, APEK &

Autumnal Amsterdam with Enhanced’s

Linney collab Safe, prove that his sound

encyclopedic collection of current and

is original. It’s no wonder that the world

future hits.

is demanding more from this prolific producer.



20. Rodrigo Deem - Lux

01. Thomas Hayes & Nobra feat. Ruby Prophet - We Can

21. LTN feat. Love Dimension - Not With Me (Seawayz &

Be Beautiful

Sollito Dub Remix)

02. Cuebrick feat. Colordrive - Runners In Disguise

22. Rodrigo Deem - Aeon

03. Ryos feat. KARRA - Where We Are

23. Noise Zoo - Spectre

04. Savi feat. Bryce Fox - Breathe It In

24. Axis - Spirals

05. Arno Cost feat. Eric Lumiere - Again (Danny Olson

25. Square Two - Rose


26. Alex Klingle - Colors Back

06. BRKLYN feat. Mariah McManus - Can’t Get Enough

27. Rodrigo Deem & Las Salinas feat. Emily Harder -

(Infuse Remix)


07. Manse feat. Cornelia Jakobs - We Come Alive

28. Stargliders - The Red Nebula

08. Breathe Carolina & Shanahan feat. Haliene - Stars &

29. SCHALA - Algorithm

Moon (Y&V Remix)

30. Wrechiski – Inhale

09. Cuebrick & APEK feat. LINNEY - Safe (Breathe

31. Breathe Carolina & Shanahan feat. Haliene - Stars &

Carolina Edit)

Moon (LTN Remix)

10. Tritonal x Cuebrick - Iceland (Viking Clap)

32. Mark Dreamer - Adventures

11. Volt & State - Anthems

33. Aruna - Sunrise (Daun Giventi Remix)

12. Noah Neiman & The Mutints - Never Die

34. Rodrigo Deem – Belvedere

13. Tritonal feat. Chris Ramos & Shanahan - This Is Love

35. Cuebrick - Amsterdam Enhanced 2016 (Part 1

14. Aruna - Sunrise (Dynastrax & Party Killers Remix)

Continuous Mix)

15. WildOnes feat. David Julien - Nobody But You

36. Rodrigo Deem - Amsterdam Enhanced 2016 (Part 2

16. Reunify vs. Kris Maydak feat. Danyka Nadeau - Worth

Continuous Mix)

It (Willem de Roo Remix) 17. Noah Neiman & Meredith Call - You Are

More info on Enhanced Recordings:

18. Daun Giventi – Ponyo

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

19. Marcus Santoro - There Is Only You


top 3 mega track countdown

NGHTMRE & LOUDPVCK TEAM UP FOR “CLICK CLACK” ON OWSLA by: MICHAEL BEAS NGHTMRE, the North Carolina-raised Trap producer, paired up with Earth Shaking Los Angeles duo LOUDPVCK to drop a massive new single called “Click Clack.” This face-melting, fire-bomber, Apple ear bud shattering Future Trap sound that has never been heard before is only the start of what you can expect when you hit play on “Click Clack.” Skrillex’s OWSLA label is a cutting edge place to find new prolific sounds in our dance music culture. Take our word for it; if you are looking to go harder than you ever have before, then tune into NGHTMRE and LOUDPVCK’s New Single for OWSLA. Might Be the Hardest Song You Hear All Year. Full Support from us at Raver Magazine. Streaming:


LEAH CULVER’S SLOW MOTION by: MICHAEL BEAS This is one of the best tracks of the year! Full Support from all of us at Raver Magazine With “Slow Motion” Leah once again demonstrates her talents as a powerhouse in the EDM world. She has taken the reigns on both vocals and production with a head on bass anthem that few can top. “Slow Motion” hits home for so many of us who struggle to take the road less traveled and teaches us that no matter the setback or obstacle, if you believe with all your heart in what you are trying to accomplish all things are possible. “This song is about the hopeless romantic inside all of us - in slow motion. I wanted to write about what it feels like to be in a relationship that takes us and traps us in time. We all know what it’s like to be with someone we know we have to let go. This song is about those stories, and how it affects us as people.” - Leah Culver on her inspiration behind “Slow Motion.” An Atlanta native, Leah Culver carved out a local following under her original moniker, MK Ultra, and has been turning heads ever since. Since 2011, Leah Culver has been a dynamic presence on the dance floor, impressing her fans and peers time and time again with her multi-talents. Singer, songwriter, DJ and producer - Leah is an artist who personally cultivates her music from scratch and gives it a voice. Having performed on the stages of TomorrowWorld, Counterpoint Music Festival and Imagine Music Festival, she has garnered the support from industry heavy-hitters including Adventure Club, The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, Porter Robinson, Seven Lions and more.


top 3 mega track countdown

NORA EN PURE ‘TELL MY HEART’ FT. DANI SENIOR by: KYLIE PARHAM The current Queen of Deep House, Nora En Pure, has just taken her beautiful track ‘Lake Arrowhead’ and made it even more dance-worthy with the addition of some lyrical perfection. After teaming up with the ever-so-talented UK vocalist Dani Senior, the two have created the track “Tell My Heart”. With the flawless Deep House beat of the original track matched with the catchy new lyrics on top, this track is sure to make waves in the Deep House scene. ‘Lake Arrowhead’ became the sixth most Shazam’d song in the electronic Mecca, Ibiza, this summer, and this new combination is sure to have the same effect. Nora En Pure masters a light and spellbinding niche in the Deep House genre and her music is nothing less than exquisitely hypnotic. This talented lady of EDM is currently touring the world through late December, so make sure to check out “Tell My Heart” and catch Nora En Pure in a city near you this fall.

TOUR DATES 10/21 – Friday Nite At Plaza – Zurich, CH

12/02 – Barrymore’s Music Hall – Ottawa, ON

10/22 – Deepvibes at Grabenhalle – St. Gallen,

12/03 – Annex – Chicago, IL


12/09 – Elysium Bar & Lounge – Kuala

10/28 – Maassilo – Rotterdam, NL

Lumpur, MY

10/29 – Waterland Festival – Espoo, FI

12/10 – Camelia Lounge – Hanoi, CN

11/04 – Beach @ Le Meridien Beach Resort –

12/16 – Corona SunSets Festival – Cape

Dubai, UAE

Town, ZA

11/05 – Wow Glacier Love Festival – Kaprun, AT

12/17 – Truth – Johannesburg, ZA

11/11 – 470 Stevenson – San Francisco, CA

12/27 – Scheeins – Barra Grande, BR

11/12 – EOS Lounge – Santa Barbara, CA

12/28 – Cafe De La Musique – Trancoso, BR

11/17 – SKY – Salt Lake City, UT

12/29 – Cafe De La Musique – Guaruja, BR

11/18 – Beta Nightclub – Waterloo, ON

12/30 – Cafe De La Musique – Angra dos

11/19 – Wall – Miami, FL

Reis, BR

11/20 – Beta Nightclub – Denver, CO

12/31 – Green Valley – Camboriu, BR



11/23 – Effex Nightclub – Albuquerque, NM

v ra 36


11/25 – Bang Bang – San Diego, CA


11/26 – Sound – Los Angeles, CA


11/27 – Kabana – Richmond, VA


12/01 – Output – New York, NY

album of the month

ARTIFACTURE – BT by: EUBIN JIN “Artifacture” by BT is more than music, it is an experience. With the rise of electronic music and EDM, many have denounced the genre as just sounds thrown together haphazardly, but BT is indeed showing the depths that can be reached. “Artifacture” is non-standard in its approach; while it does contain strings of notes and beats that could find their way into any electronic track, he tears away from the norm and includes pockets of distorted vocals and seemingly misplaced tones, sounds and riffs. The beauty of the track is heard when he brings all these components together to create something new, something different. As an artist, BT has always strived to be different. He defies genres and classification, he takes his audience to places they do not expect when listening to his creations. He turns the act of listening to music and makes it a journey. This is best demonstrated by the companion video to “Artifacture.” The juxtaposition of the track and the sweeping shots of idyllic landscapes from across the world mesh together beautifully and really help take the listener on an adventure. The camera work of the video match the tone and rhythm of the music and adds a visual element that is rarely considered in music making. Unlike other unofficial music videos, this video was shot and edited by BT himself to accurately portray his vision, and it shows. Overall, BT is showing the world that electronic music is more than just party music, it can be art.


rave life EDC ORLANDO 2016 by: KYLIE PARHAM with support from HANNAH CARLSON photos by: MICHAEL BEAS EDC Orlando 2016 festival met and exceeded all of my expectations this year. While I loved the 2015 version, this year’s production was bigger and better, the layout was more raver-friendly, the lineup was stacked, and the adventure element was more present than ever. With EDC Las Vegas as an older sister, EDC Orlando has a lot to live up to. But this year was definitely a step in the right direction for the smaller Florida festival. With the addition of the Kinetic Temple as the main stage (and important changes made to the other stages) production was much improved this year. The Kinetic Temple was massive and outstanding, the center circular vortex was beautifully designed and the graphics were incredibly clear, even from a far back vantage point. I greatly appreciated the layout of the festival. The stages formed an “L” shaped formation that made navigation very easy. Insomniac made sure to have all paths on the grounds become not just a walk between stages, but an experience. The Neon Garden stage was slightly hidden for a cozier feel between the small pond filled with blow up swans (one of my favorite aesthetics) and the slew of fun-filled carnival rides. Departing this area, I found the Circuit Grounds stage in the corner of the “L” with gorgeous views of EDC’s essential Dream Wheel. EDC Orlando brought back some recurring performers this year, but also did something very noteworthy with their lineup. Several well-known DJs were presented at the festival this year under new or different aliases, which was a twist of much interest to the crowd. Two of our personal favorites were Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella, a new Trance persona for the well-known producer, and the ever talented Datsik and Bais Haus together as Ephwurd, a new future bass duo. With beautiful, vibrant decorations everywhere you walked, it was very easy to escape reality and venture into a world of color and imagination. The ability to “get lost” is what I value the most in the festival world, and EDC excels in this department. With whimsical performers everywhere you turned, carnival rides, an iconic Ferris wheel, a zip line over the swan-filled pond, and LED lighted pathways to take you between stages, there was never a moment without magic.

All of us at Raver Magazine are very excited to see what the future holds for the Florida fest. •



EDC Orlando did a fantastic job of mesmerizing, enchanting and thrilling attendees.

r rav e






The Gathering takes place just outside of Oakdale, California at the Woodward Reservoir. Thousands of tents are scattered around a lake, which was filled with DJs performing on art boats and attendees on floaties. Further into the main reservoir recreational area are the festival grounds. A star-studded musical lineup with great performances from the likes of RL Grime, Ta-Ku, Shiba San, Ekali, Justin Martin, and many other dance music artists with distinct sounds really got the party vibe going. There were other acts from visual performers; circus acts on a whole other level, burlesque shows by the Mystic Circus and flashy fire wielding performances by the Pyronauts. Symbiosis did well to curate such a diverse lineup of performances. Large tents and canopies provided space for more than just a musical experience. Teachers, speakers, and artists were brought in to help enlighten the masses. Panel discussions were held on a vast array of topics from dieting, to festival production, sustainability and spiritual enlightenment. Yoga and dance teachers also held classes to help further push the mental and physical boundaries of the attendees. A sense of community has been an essential element of this gathering. Sections like Kidzbiosis, which was especially for children, was an encouragement for families to come. Next year Symbiosis will be collaborating with several other festival organizers in Oregon for a gathering to witness the solar eclipse from August 17 – 23, 2017. Be sure to check out Oregon Eclipse right here.




I. Embracing the diverse, constantly-shifting III Point lineup exposed everyone to new music

proved anything, it’s that more festivals need to dig deep and research underground music. III Points may have landed in the rough from a logistical standpoint, but it was rough bursting with diamonds. For every recognizable

III Points lost their main headliner when LCD

name like Thievery Corporation or Flying Lotus, there

Soundsystem decided that traveling to Florida during

was something new and sensational to discover like

one of the worst hurricanes of the last decade wasn’t

DZA, Dixon, DIIV, and Dusky (how’s that for alliteration?).

necessarily a smart idea. Although this was a massive

Truthfully, without Hurricane Matthew’s “blessing”, some

disappointment for many III Points attendees, especially

of the weekend’s most memorable moments would have

those who reportedly intended to fly into Miami for the

never even existed. Spooky.

festival specifically for LCD, it helped foster a collective feeling of open-mindedness punctuated by a sentiment of “well fuck it I guess I’ll go explore” that resulted in continuous discovery of new gems. If the flashes of smiling faces bobbing up and down throughout the night


II. Hurricane Matthew fostered a unique commonality between attendees Hurricane Matthew had the potential to derail III Points entirely, and kudos to the generically named storm for trying, however III Points was all the better for surviving through the downpour. Crowds of people who would have otherwise never spoken to each other united against the storm, sharing stories and experiences, and creating new memories with attendees who juggled the same concerns leading up to Friday. Hurricane Matthew left three pristine, temperate days in its wake and Wynwood’s nocturnal denizens made the most of it. III Point’s various art installations invited attendees to engage with each other and the oeuvre, fluidly melding exhibition and interaction into a setting that welcomed the individual and embraced the fearless. III Points thoughtful environment created a space where anyone could become an integral part of the III Points experience. III Points aligned with the monthly Wynwood ArtWalk on Saturday, creating a boisterous microcosm of art, music, culture, and technology in Miami’s famous arts district.

III. The features that set III Points apart from other festivals are its best features III Points is unlike any other festival in the country. Its indomitable spirit withstood a hurricane and still managed to deliver their signature sense of weird for the third year in a row. Simply put, nothing can replicate III Point’s unspeakable vibe. It’s the little things…like finding yourself drinking craft beer and eating barbacoa nachos while jamming out to Joe Kay and Esta in the back of Coyo Tacos till 4am, smoking a joint on top of a glittering school bus while punks skank in front of a line of flickering tube televisions, or laying down in an industrial shipping crate to catch your breath while a projection of a cat slowly meandering across the kitchen lulls you into an unintended trip. III Point’s location in the heart of Wynwood gives attendees access to some of the best dining in Florida before and after leaving the festival, as well as bars, clubs, and art galleries. III Points starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m. It’s astounding that more festivals haven’t considered utilizing this format. It allows attendees to sleep in or explore Wynwood during the day, and dance into the night without any unwanted interruptions to appease noise ordinances. The III Points experience is best summed up as an LSD trip through the mind of a computer that has been hijacked by prophetic artists, full of strange and captivating works that are at times both uncannily familiar and captivatingly new. •


ESCAPE: PSYCHO CIRCUS EVENT COVERAGE by: COLBURN JUNUS RAVER MAGAZINE October 28-29, 2016 The two-day Halloween-themed music festival haunted the grounds of the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. When Hard’s Day of the Dead canceled, Escape: Psycho Circus became the only Halloween multi-day EDM event to attend in Southern California. Over 110,000 headliners raged the nights away. photo credit: INSOMNIAC

photo credit: INSOMNIAC Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac delivered an enhanced experience to the headliners. Aside from a stacked musical lineup, there were many attractions to add to the ghoulish atmosphere. The haunted maze asylum made its exclusive premiere as attendees were thrown into an interactive experience of 15 rooms. There was also a virtual reality experience which helped take headliners into live performances throughout the event and back in time to previous Insomniac events such as EDC Las Vegas. The Psycho Circus hosted acts ranging from burlesque night shows, tightrope walkers, and fortunetellers. An assortment of deranged characters were deployed by Insomniac to really bring out the beautiful horrors of this event.


photo credit: INSOMNIAC The stage production was on point. Each stage was designed to embody the horrific festivities of the event and was plugged in with the best speakers and lasers in the industry. A talented lineup filled with subgenres of all sorts dominated the event poster. Hardwell, Tiesto, Jauz, and Kaskade threw down at the Slaughterhouse. Wicked beats were summoned at the Ghouls Graveyard as the likes of Tchami, Mercer, Dash Berlin, Firebeats, and Eric Prydz invoked despair upon listeners. Insomniac brand, Factory 93, took over the Cannibals’ Tea Party stage to host the biggest names in House, Techno, and Underground. And the Chopping Block held the nastiest head banging beats in the game with the likes of Zomboy, Snails, Kayzo, and Borgore. Escape may be over, but Insomniac has a lineup of events for headliners to attend. Dreamstate Socal will be taking place at the NOS Events Center for Trance enthusiasts later this month. Tickets can be purchased here. Then Middlelands, an all-new medieval themed rave, will be opening up in Texas. Tickets can be purchased here.•



Raver Girl


photography by: NHAN TRAN

Model at Nhan Tran Models of Eclipse Model and Talent 49

NICKY ROMERO Exclusive Interview by: KIMBERLY PHAN

Nick Rotteveel, better known by his stage name Nicky Romero, is a Dutch DJ, record producer, musician and remixer. He is the founder and owner of Protocol Recordings, a label that helps up and coming DJs and producers release their tracks with added guidance and experience. He has built an empire both on his own talent and through the creative genius of those who he takes into the Protocol Family. Nicky Romero’s millions of fans and his unyielding attention to detail caught our attention at Raver Mag. We were fortunate enough to catch up with him for an exclusive interview.

Raver Mag: It goes without saying that you are one of the most respected artists and hardest working producers in the industry. Since your release of “Toulouse,” you’ve released more top-level tracks and collaborated and mixed with some of the biggest names in dance music. This past year, you promised new music and you’ve done exactly that. With your newest track, “Crossroads,” what was the production process - from searching for the vocalists, teaming up with Navarra, to hitting the studio? Nicky Romero: Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some major talents this year, like Nile Rodgers and The Script. On the flip side, I also love working with up and coming talent as I think there’s something that can be learned from everyone. One example - Navarra is an awesome duo that we found through Protocol. I got them in the studio with me and we just went from there. I think it’s hard to describe the creative process. Once you’re in the studio things just start to come together organically and that’s it. Raver Mag: For Amsterdam Dance Event, you hosted at the legendary Melkwag! For all of us who couldn’t attend, could you tell us about the surprise guests and the set you performed? Nicky Romero: We’ve been putting on the Protocol showcase every year for the last five years now and it’s


always been so much fun. This year we had a second

like and I don’t think I’d feel good about it.

room, which we called the worldwide stage and we

Raver Mag: It goes without saying that you’re one of

had some great acts like Mednas from Morocco and

the most talented producers in the world of electronic

Raiden from South Korea. For me, it was incredible to

dance music. Music aside, you’re a human being first

see how much international reach Protocol now has.

and foremost. Tell me, what are you passionate about?

We also had Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano swing

What do you like doing that makes you feel alive? What

by for a surprise set which was great!

shakes you up?

Raver Mag: Currently loving all of the mixes from

Nicky Romero: At the moment I’m really passionate

“Nicky Romero Presents Protocol x ADE 2016.”

about my photography. I recently invested in a really cool new camera and I’ve set up my own Instagram for

Nicky Romero: Glad you like them! Lately, I have been

my photos. I think that reveals another side of me, so if

focusing on experimenting in the studio, incorporating

you’re interested you should go and check it out.

the instruments that I play (piano, drums, guitar, etc.) and also working with musicians such as Nile

Raver Mag: From your tours over the past four

Rodgers, Colton Avery and The Script. I’ve always

years, what would you say was the most emotional

been attracted to music with strong melodies and


tracks that make you feel something. I hope that this always shows through in my productions. First and

Nicky Romero: The first time you play somewhere is

foremost, I always make music that I like and that I

always very cool. For me, a really special moment was

would want to listen to, because if I don’t like it, how

when I played Ultra Japan last year. It was my first

can I expect other people to?

time there and I couldn’t believe the response I had over half the crowd had Nicky Romero t-shirts, flags,

Raver Mag: The world of electronic dance music has

masks – it was really overwhelming. When it’s your first

become a saturated market. What do you think artists

time in a country, you never know what the reaction is

have to do to stay relevant or have to do to stay at their

going to be or how many people will turn up, so that

current caliber?

was incredible and I’ve been back several times since!

Nicky Romero: I think that leads on from my last point

Raver Mag: Anyone who hears your music knows that

- the idea of believing in what you are putting out there

it embodies angelic melodies, the funkiest discords,

and staying true to yourself and your sound. No one

swanky drops and harmonious transitions. If you were

will respect you if you keep moving with the trends and

to describe your music to someone who could not

the new ‘cool sound’ and it will show through in your

hear, how would you?

productions as there won’t be any authenticity. Nicky Romero: I think you just did a pretty good job of Raver Mag: Has there been a point in your career

that! I’m going to use your words ;)

where you’ve wanted to change your sound? I’m not one to categorize musicians by genres, but there

Raver Mag: 2016 is coming to a close. What do you

are many musicians in their career who convert to

have in store for 2017? What is one of your musical

Progressive from Trance or switch from Hard Style to

and spiritual goals?

Big Room. Nicky Romero: We’ve just launched the new Protocol Nicky Romero: I’m sure my style has found a natural

Studios so we’ll be doing loads of cool things

progression over the years and sure sometimes I can

surrounding that and there should also be lots more

see the appeal of thinking ‘this is what’s popular now,

new music, like last year. On a spiritual level, I think

if I make something like this, I could have a #1’, but

just stay positive, stay focused and open minded see

personally I’d find it hard to make music that I didn’t

what 2017 holds. •










Raver Magazine - 016 (October)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (October) Read this month's issue of Raver Mag. featuring news from the TOP EDM Artists on the Planet. This month Nicky...

Raver Magazine - 016 (October)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (October) Read this month's issue of Raver Mag. featuring news from the TOP EDM Artists on the Planet. This month Nicky...