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rugged, exotic, romantic ďŹ re and metal sing in harmony rivers die bringing hope and dignity beauty is embraced

ella: chunky necklace melted down bullet casings and recycled metals

azana: charm necklace a knot of long hanging strands made with melted down bullet casings and recycled metal beads

lux necklace dramatic layers hanging with copper, silver, melted down bullet casings, recycled beads

birr: vintage coin necklace

beyene: three strand charm necklace malam: braided bracelet

dany: hoop earrings, fading from silver to brass

zia: gold leaf leather earrings ferdoz: leather wrapped wood bangles



mysterious, intense, beautiful transformation in the air restoration through the trees

hand-carved wood journals in exclusive Raven + Lily designs

uzma: paper tags from the recycled paper collection

uzma: eco-friendly travel journals with all recycled cotton papers

uzma: eco-friendly notecards and envelopes

uzma: handmilled, natural soaps in four scents

Raven + Lily is a socially re dedicated to empowerin women through design p sustainable econom

esponsible brand ng impoverished partnerships and mic opportunities.

Founded by Kirsten Dickerson and Sophia Lin who share a close friendship and passion for fashion and ethical design, Raven + Lily was created as a platform to utilize those passions to alleviate poverty among women. Our 2011 collections feature exclusive handmade and eco-friendly jewelry and accessories from North India and Ethiopia. The beauty of each modern, organic design reflects the beauty and culture of the woman who made it. In addition to creating sustainable economic opportunities for impoverished women, Raven + Lily is dedicated to returning proceeds to our partner communities to fund education, healthcare, and microloans. By purchasing R+L products, consumers are part of breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming the lives of women and families. Raven + Lilyʼs world headquarters and showroom are based in Austin, Texas. Our current design partnerships are in Ethiopia and India, with multiple others in development.


{how it's made}

The Ethiopia Collection features stateme crafted with handmade beads + charms silver coins.

Metal bullets from previous war conicts are collected by farmers. The bullets are melted down and formed into individual beads. The beads are put into an acid wash to bring out their unique shine and patina.

ent necklaces, earrings and bracelets s from melted bullet casings and vintage

Empowering HIV-positive women through job training skills and employment


{how it's made}

The India Collection features gorgeous recycled cotton papers, hand-carved wood journals, metallic leather jewelry and hand-milled natural soaps. This collection empowers marginalized Muslim women in Northern India.

Empowering marginalized Muslim women through job training skills and employment

The Artisans

smiles, dreams, dignity, life

Special thanks to: Esther Havens: Photographer Lori Fox: Stylist Hero Crane: Wardrobe Pixel Peach: Team photo Martinez Family: Kenya location Ethiopia Model: Lemlem Beyene Kenya Model: Diana Nekoye Graphic Design: Sophia Hirokawa Lin We dedicate this book and the names of our pieces to all the beautiful artisans | | |

Raven + Lily 2011 Fall Winter Lookbook  

Raven + Lily is a socially responsible brand dedicated to empowering women through design partnerships and sustainable economic opportunitie...