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Written By: Danny Willems &Mayriah Tuck Illustrated by: Mayriah Tuck & Zack Nichols

This is the story of a young purple penguin. This purple penguin’s name was

Miranda. Miranda lived a joyous life. She had a wonderful husband and two wonderful children. She had every single person’s dream life.

Miranda was very happy with her life. She lived in the most expensive crayon house in

Crayon World.

She was married to James was a director.


She had Jade and Mike as

children. She also possessed a unicorn and a monkey

as pets.

She filled her days by cleaning their beautiful mansion and catering to James and their beautiful children. As the days grew on, her glorified life became a dull. She began to feel lonely. While the children were away at their prestigious private school


James was at work, Miranda grew tired of the only company being Jolly the unicorn and Bobby the monkey. Miranda continued on with her days. She became so lonely that she cried herself to sleep at night. It didn’t help that James was

ignoring her. She began to think about divorce.

One night James called her into the study in his masculine flipper, he held a bouquet of

blue and purple roses to signify their love. Miranda’s eyes began to spill tears. James got down on one knee and

showed her a beautiful box. Inside the box were two tickets

for a

two-week long second trip to Iceland! Miranda was ecstatic.

After two wonderful weeks of honeymooning, they discovered that Miranda was pregnant. They began their trip home, impatiently waiting to tell Jade and Mike about their new penguin. While sitting on the skyline deck, a sudden shrill came over the loud speaker. “The boat is

sinking, the boat is sinking!” The frightened man stated. “Everyone please go to the life boats,” he continued. James held on tightly to Miranda’s flipper, so they didn’t lose each other in the mayhem. But

there were no boats left for them. They went overboard. Miranda and James were left at sea floating

and staring at their sinking ship. They were also alone. Nothing but the two of them left together. After three days of Jade and Mike not knowing where their parents were, they sent Jolly to find them. Jolly was flying high, searching, when all the sudden he spotted his glorious owners. As for Miranda and James, they couldn’t have been happier to see Jolly. They finally made it back to land. Jade and Mike were happy to see their parents.

James and Miranda told them that they are expecting a new member to their family. The children couldn’t have been happier.

They lived happily ever after in their beautiful house in crayon world.

Miranda The Purple Penguin  

Miranda's life!

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