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MISE-EN-SCENE “Mise-en-scene” is a French expression used by film critics which literally translates to “setting in scene” it relates to everything that appears in front of the camera, its arrangement and how it is edited. For this project I chose photographer Victor Bezrukov and researched his works, one photo that inspired me to make a short moving image.


Natively born in Ukraine, Victor spent a large part of his mature life in Kazakhstan & eventually immigrated to Israel in 1993. After a long period of self-searching & adjusting to the new reality, he finally and successfully managed to find his professional place as a security integrator & networking specialist. But he was still looking for the way to reflect his interpretation of being. The desired trail revealed to him during the 2005, from the first time he have seen the world via the viewfinder of a camera. Since then, Victor began his artistic journey. His art express a sincere, colorfully fresh deepness of the exploring,






philosophical analogies. I like the way Victor expresses his feelings and emotions through photography. Particularly when it comes to the black and white photography. He seems to have a good understanding of light and circumstance, composition and range of tones.



My project was on the photograph of a girl looking at her hands, what interested me to choose that photo was it had a lot to say it could be about her life or something she did and is now regretting or maybe asking for

something. My idea was about this possessive and aggressive girlfriend who always doubts her boyfriend for having an affair behind her back. But isn’t able to trace for clues and ends up killing him.

Photograph by Victor Bezrukov

Photograph by Raveena Singh

SET AND PROPS LOCATION: At an apartment in fish guard way. Living room and balcony. OBJECTS : Couch, wall clock and painting. EQUIPMENTS: Panasonic full HD camcorder Tripod Lighting kit (3Lights) Aluminum foil reflector CREW: Raveena Singh (Director/camera operator/editor) Utkarsh and Maseh (Actors) Kaajal (hair and makeup) Ahmed (Grips) SOUND: Thievery Corporation – The forgotten people. Thievery Corporation is a Washington D.C based recording artist and DJ duo consisting of Rob Garza, Eric Hilton, and their supporting artists.





CONCLUSION To conclude, while filming this, I didn’t face any problems with the actors; they were very co-operative. The crew for this film was very supportive and active when needed; the shooting took place for two hours. The main idea of the film was to make the viewers to visualize their own end for the story. Did the girlfriend kill him? Did he kill himself? This creates an ongoing thought process about the movie in the mind of the viewers; leaving a thought about the movie. This is a basic human psychology, which leaves the viewer with an imaginary ending in their mind. On the other hand, the “tears” scene was a difficult scene to film, as the actor was unable to get tears by herself (which I thought would look realistic) so we had to use water drops instead; nevertheless it did give a real effect of a tear rolling down the cheek. Lastly, I think there is always a further possibility on improvement in the filming skills, adding sound effects, and editing techniques.

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Mise en scene  
Mise en scene