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Monster’s friends

Mary is a girl who lives in Spain, but she goes to New York to visit her grandmother

At Halloween’s night, she wears scary clothes and goes to trick or treat

Then she finds an enormous mansion

She goes inside but she hears a sound into the mansion

The big house is full of scary things: spiders, bats, a scary pumpkin ghosts‌

She goes inside a room and‌ There is a party! Its full of people wearing scary clothes

Then she discovers that they are real monsters, but it doesn’t matter because they are her friends

When she goes to her house, she tells all to her grandmother, because she’s so happy with her new friends

Then she comes back to Spain, and tells all to her mother.

Hecho por: Rocío Archilla Sara Cabalgante Daniel Caja Raúl José Fuentes Blanca Guijarro

Monster's friends  

Rocío , Sara, Raúl, Daniel y Blanca