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Arch. 101 Midterm Portfolio By: Raul Rodriguez Spring 2013

Week 1: Ice Breaker Description: Create a physical model that translated three words that described ourselves. The words I used were CREATIVELY FUNNY, DEEPLY THINKING, and EASILY COMPETITIVE.




•To not be too literal

•Time Management

•How to use time

•Too literal with interpretations

•Practice for craft

Week 2: Kit of Parts Description: Deconstruct the ice breaker into its different groups or parts and try to generate different combinations. Problems:



•Hierarchy through rhythm and repetition

•Craft Solutions: •Try different approach(Draw first)

•How to make more complex shapes through simple ones.

Week 3: Narrative Description: Create a narrative or story that relates to our design by incorporating metaphors between design and humans and the environment.




•Took it too literal

•Tried to tie descriptions of my model with stories

•Try to make metaphors for certain shapes, rhythms, and spaces.

Week 4: Proportions Description: Use proportions to create something that goes from simple to complex.

Learned: •Out of a small repeating pattern you can get a complex form or design.

Week 5: Matrix Description: Come up with a generic design by using two different types of spatial sections.

Learned: •Can generate many different design possibilities through this

Matrix Cont.

Week 6: Spatial Experience Description: Create a drawn representation of 3 specific spaces: • Welcoming and Comfortable • Awesome and Monumental • Intimate and Tranquil Then build representation of the three spaces. Problems: •Didn’t really understand concept of using the same language on all 3 spaces Learned: •Design ideas change during drawing. •Might accidentally run into something you didn’t see before by playing around with drawing.

Spaces ideas Final Decision

Week 7: Frame Model Description: Research architecture that responds to your site and nature. Then reconstruct your 3 diverse spaces as a frame model.

Problems: •Inspiration •How to relate the site with the design

Learned: •That design changes during building of construction stage. •How hierarchy can make a design or model more complex and interesting.

Upgraded Frame Model

Conclusion In conclusion I learned a lot this first half of the semester about how things relate to each other. Also I learned a lot about hierarchy, rhythms, patterns, and repetition. I also discovered that your ideas change a lot during the drawing and actual building stage.

Arch 101 Midterm Portfolio  

Midterm Portfolio Spring 2013