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A Year In Review 12 Months of Fashion

C O N T E N T S JANUARY: Way Out West FEBRUARY: Bright Colour MARCH: One World Style APRIL: Minimalism MAY: Light and White Fashion JUNE: Back to the Beach JULY: Natural Summer Style AUGUST: Colour-Block Fashion SEPTEMBER: Lady In Red OCTOBER: Menswear NOVEMBER: Lovely in lace DECEMBER: Snow Princess

January: way out west

Turquoise and sterling silver jewelry look great with both casual and more formal occasions. • Limit native American patterns, such as Navajoinspired designs, to just one item, both to showcase the pattern and, in the case of clothing, to avoid overwhelming a petite figure. • Denim, a staple of Western wear, goes everywhere nowadays, so break out the jeans and denim jackets. • When shopping for Western boots, look for those that have pointed toes, rather than rounded or square toes, in order to look taller.


• Avoid wearing too many bright colors together. Although a multi-colored ensemble may look great on tall runway models, it seldom works well for real-world dressing, especially for petite women. • Wear one piece of bright clothing or one fashion accessory in a bold color to showcase the color and avoid overwhelming a petite figure • Try wearing a bright jacket or cardigan with a dress in a neutral color. • Wear a bright dress and accessorize with metallics and neutrals.


• Avoid wearing too many patterns together. Although a multi-patterned ensemble may look great on tall runway models, it doesn’t usually works quite so well for short women who are dressing for work or play. • Wear one piece of patterned clothing or one fashion accessory in a pattern to showcase the design, but keep to smaller patterns, rather than huge motifs, which could be too much for a petite woman.

April: Minimalism

• Keep it monochromatic for the tallest look. • Even though lines of bare-and-spare clothing are simple, it’s OK to punch up style with a bit of texture. • Try wearing shoes or a handbag with accents of bright color if your clothing is in a neutral color palette. • Wear simple metallic jewelry to keep the look minimal.

May: White & Light Fashion

All white, all ivory, or a combination of the two is appropriate for any occasion. • Add fashion interest to an all-white or all-ivory ensemble with different fabric textures. • Try wearing shoes or a handbag with accents of bright color if your clothing is in a light neutral color palette. • Mix your jewelry metals for a stylish statement or wear bold colored jewelry with a white day dress.

June: Back to the Beach

• •

Choose a swimsuit in a color that makes you happy. Add fashion interest to any swimsuit by wearing jewelry that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Leave your fine jewelry at home when you head to the beach and opt for costume jewelry instead. • Flat sandals are far more practical for the beach than high-heeled sandals. • Although a beach bag may be larger than your normal day bag, it too is practical for carrying towels and other extras. • A swimsuit coverup can do double fashion duty. Depending on the style you choose, a coverup could also be worn as a casual shirt, skirt, or dress.

July: Natural Summer Style

Choose clothing that’s white or light in color to reflect the sun’s rays. • Opt for cotton or linen fabrics to keep cool. • To keep wrinkles at a minimum, choose cotton or linen blends. • Accessorize with jewelry, shoes, and bags made from natural materials that don’t break the bank because these types of accessories are seasonal.

August: Colour-Block Fashion

Choose clothing that has a darker panel over an area you want to minimize to make it recede. • Experiment with several neutral colors in a colorblocked fashion scheme. • Don’t go overboard on colorblocking--just one item of clothing that’s colorblocked or one colorblock accessory may be enough. • Avoid wide horizontal colorblock stripes on clothing because it will make a short woman look even shorter. Tall models, such as the one pictured here at left from the Marc Jacobs 2011 Fall Fashion Show can get away with it, but petite women can’t.

September: Lady In Red

Wear red clothing when you want to be noticed, and avoid it when you’d prefer not to be noticed. • Monochrome looks can be very flattering on petite women, but I wouldn’t normally choose red as the monochrome color. However, for fall 2011 bold, all-out red fashion statements are actually “in,” so if you’re feeling the drama, don’t worry about being matchy-matchy. • If you want to wear red, but it isn’t an especially flattering color for you, keep the red clothing or accessories away from your face, and try wearing a red skirt or pants.

October: Menswear

• Head-to-toe menswear really doesn’t work well for most petite women because it’s just too much of a serious and mannish appearance, but I think a stylish twenty-something can probably look quite cute in it if she wants to. • For just a tiny infusion of menswear, try a shoe, such as the one shown above, that combines a feature of menswear--in this case the Oxford style-with a feature of women’s wear, such as the high heel on the shoe pictured above. • Dress up a mannish jacket with an outrageously bold, colorful, and sparkling brooch or a floral silk scarf to bring a touch of femininity to what could otherwise be a staid fashion statement. • Wear a crisp white shirt, a menswear staple, with jeans, a pencil skirt, or under a suit jacket; it’s very versatile

November: Lovely in Lace

When choosing a lace dress, select one in a flattering style that works well for your petite body type. • If a lace dress seems too fussy for your personal style, add just a touch of lace with a lace shoe, scarf, or clutch. • Avoid very large lace motifs because they may look out of proportion on a petite woman. • Check to make sure that sheer lace is properly lined or add appropriate undergarments to avoid a totally bare look.

December: Snow Princess

When choosing a white or winter white dress, select one in a flattering style that works well for your petite body type. • If an all-white look isn’t your cup of tea, mix it up and create a classic black and white ensemble instead. • Carry a small clutch, rather than an oversized clutch, so that the proportion is in keeping to your petite size. • Wear a faux fur topper, such as a short jacket or a little shrug, to emphasize the wintery nature of your outfit. • Wear jewelry accessories that convey an icy look and feel.

A Year In Review 2011: Fashion  
A Year In Review 2011: Fashion  

A year in review of 2011's monthly trends.