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Preparedness Services One of the many benefits of contracting Oil Spill Response is knowing that a fully integrated preparedness and response service will be provided, where all elements are dovetailed to ensure a seamless and effective capability is developed.

Oil Spill Response Limited is the world’s largest international oil spill preparedness and response organisation. Oil Spill Response has responded swiftly and professionally to a multitude of marine and inland oil spills worldwide and has been involved in nearly all of the world’s major incidents. It is this unique wealth of practical experience that allows Oil Spill Response to offer unrivalled preparedness services. It has long been understood that preparedness is key to an effective response. The success of a response can be severely compromised if any of the core elements of preparedness is found to be missing or inadequate. Oil Spill Response offers a full suite of preparedness services that ensures a client’s response readiness should an oil spill incident occur. Only through a continual cycle of reviewing, updating and testing all elements of preparedness can a client guarantee they are truly response ready. Each of the core oil spill preparedness services offered by Oil Spill Response fully complements the globally adopted approach to Tiered Preparedness and Response. These services include: Oil Spill Capability Reviews

Tier 1 Capability Support

Contingency Planning

Tier 2 Arrangements

Exercises and Drills

Tier 3 Arrangements


Maintaining Preparedness

Tiered Capability Tier 1 Capability Support Having a robust and well-prepared onsite response capability is paramount for an effective Tier 1 response. We can assist you to develop and maintain such capabilities through the following services: Secondment of specialist personnel/ expert services Equipment hire/ provision Establishing equipment maintenance programmes All Tier 1 capability support services that we offer are tailored to your specific setting and requirements,

be it the secondment of technical experts to manage oil spill response issues, or the provision of response equipment for either long or short term hire. Only by having a robust onsite capability commensurate to the risk faced can you be sure that Tier 1 incidents are effectively mitigated and a strong initial response be mounted for more severe incidents. Tier 2 Arrangements In some regions of the world, Tier 2 response capabilities are limited or nonexistent. In light of this, we have worked with our Members to address

these issues and provide response options for industry and governments. These notably include: A dedicated aerial surveillance and dispersant application service covering the oil activity in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS Service) A dedicated aerial surveillance and dispersant application service covering oil activities in West and Central Africa (WACAF Service) We are also exploring further areas where gaps in regional capabilities


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Recommendations can be provided, in line with international best practice, so that any limitations or gaps can be addressed utilising our support and expertise. Only by undertaking such recommendations can you truly be response ready.






Capability Reviews are the first steps in assessing the level of oil spill preparedness for your operations and would typically focus on: Oil Spill Management Framework Contingency Planning Tier 1 Capability Tier 2 and 3 Arrangements Training and Exercise Programmes


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Oil Spill Capability Reviews


Only through contingency planning can all your elements of preparedness be captured and combined into an efficient and manageable framework. In addition, we offer a suite of complementary services including oil spill computer modelling, environmental services and sensitivity mapping using GIS tools.


With unrivalled experience in spill response around the world, we offer the best quality advisory services for a range of contingency planning assignments including: Oil Spill Contingency Plans Oiled Wildlife Response Plans Marine Emergency Response Plans










Training Training is the essential thread that binds all preparedness activities and ensures performance at any level. With this understanding, we have developed a suite of courses that provides the underpinning knowledge and competencies to perform response duties safely and effectively using best practice. As an accredited training provider, we are able to deliver internationally recognised benchmark learning experiences, either through our suite of open courses or via bespoke training packages tailored to fulfil your exact requirements, in any location and in any language. Our strength lies in the knowledge and experience of our trainers, all of whom are fresh from the field having acquired invaluable managerial and operational spill response experience. Our training courses distil these manifold experiences into comprehensive case studies which illustrate lessons learnt amid the realities


exist and are working closely with our Members to address their response needs through establishing regional presence and specialist services. Through the existing services and future initiatives, we are able to offer you access to robust Tier 2 options operated by highly trained and experienced response specialists. Tier 3 Arrangements Being the world’s leading oil spill response organisation we offer an unrivalled global service. We have extensive stockpiles of equipment


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and a large multi-skilled workforce that is highly experienced in oil spill response operations in a diverse range of environments. To guarantee this capability can be mobilised rapidly and effectively to anywhere in the world, we ensure a constant high level of response readiness through regular maintenance, training and exercise programmes. Being members of Oil Spill Response will give you numerous benefits including: Guaranteed response and advice 24 hours 365 days per year Access to Tier 3 capability

worldwide In the event of an incident or potential incident, access to technical advice free of charge Initial complementary assessment and annual spill preparedness review Ability to quote Oil Spill Response in contingency plans Preferential rates for training and call-out fees

Exercises and Drills




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Exercising response capabilities is a fundamental component of oil spill preparedness. We offer numerous learning opportunities that test all elements of preparedness, including: Notification Exercises Table Top Exercises Equipment Deployment Exercises Incident Management Drills

Only through testing response arrangements and feeding any lessons learnt back into contingency planning can you ensure that capabilities are effective and response ready. Exercises also bring together those people likely to be involved in a real incident, serving to develop working relationships and engender good team spirit.

Maintaining Preparedness A regular review programme encompassing all elements of preparedness, from planning through to tiered capabilities, training and exercises will ensure a maximum state of response readiness is continuously maintained. We can assist you with such reviews and by working together ensure your operations are suitably prepared to respond.

of oil spills at all levels, from Senior Management to Equipment Operatives. This raw knowledge, along with a blend of modern educational techniques and fully equipped facilities, provides the best learning environment for you and your team through an interactive experience, which is key to effective learning and enjoyment. Delegates can now undertake competency-based training where they learn, apply and are then assessed against occupational standards under Oil Spill Response’s Approved Competency Management System. Aligned with industry requirements and leading this paradigm shift, Oil Spill Response training will help to ensure your staff are competent in managing and responding to oil spills safely and effectively.

Preparedness Services By working closely with you, our highly trained, experienced and competent personnel can provide a range of services to improve your preparedness. Having a truly global presence allows us to provide the best and most effective solutions possible. For further information on any of our services or to discuss any of your requirements, please contact your local office listed below.

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