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Affleck receives doctorate Brown University

The actor and Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck received one of six honorary doctorates awarded this year by Brown University. Affleck was among the artists, writers, scientists and professors who received their degree from the prestigious American university graduation ceremony domingo.Affleck received a doctorate in arts.

Diaz college; retired bacteriologist Stanford University, Stanley Falkow, the president of Tougaloo College, Beverly Wade Hogan, the doctor and president of the Robert Wood Johnson, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, and the president of Miami Dade Cuban-born Eduardo Padrón. Brown University awarded more than two thousand 400 degrees on Sunday.

Massachusetts native actor directed, produced and starred in "Argo", winner of the Oscar for best picture this year. Others receiving honorary doctorates were Dominican author and MIT professor Junot

Goodbye to Chóforo, comic gamble and telenovelas


On May 24 the actor died Raul Padilla, Chóforo, who recently played the character of El Gorda with Chile in the TV series El Pantera. Chóforo died of a massive heart attack. He was treated at a hospital in Mexico City, which came to be held hemodialysis. Raul Padilla was the son of comedian Raul Padilla Chato and the first actress Lili Inclan. Among the soap operas in which he worked are Maria Mercedes, a shelter for love, Esmeralda, in addition to television shows like Chespirito, The Panther and The VIP schoolhouse, among others. However, his greatest eras of glory was in the 70s and 80s cinema ficheras. "I just got so bigs melons," Raul told Paudilla Chóforo to a voluptuous woman in one of the most memorable parliamentary ficheras film. The Agarratodo This is a character whose mission in the world was comforting widowed, divorced, single and married. That is, as its name indicated, all.

And to say melons, The Chóforo not referring to the fruit which he held in his chest exuberant woman body. Like all comedians who became famous with this film and popular alburero to Chóforo was criticized for a long time. "They said we could not do anything but albures" lamented in interviews. However, it was immediately noted that when the film is over ficheras, he had managed to make the leap to other projects in theater and television, including children's melodramas. Blood artist Inclan Raul Felipe Padilla was born in Mexico City in 1940. His first performance was at six months of age, when he played the baby Jesus in a play. The first actor from an early age, he decided to follow the path of their parents and pursue acting thanks to easily familiarized with the environment in which working parents, as accompanied tour. Padilla incurred ficheras cinema next to Carmen Salinas, Rafael Inclan, Luis de Alba, among others, filmed movies like The agarratodo, Burlesque (1980), The Thousand Uses (1981), The pulquería Strikes Again (1985) the ruletera (1987), the Day of the masons IV (1990), Mexican Mechanics (1995), among others. His body lay in an agency of the San Rafael, near the National Association of Actors, which confirmed the death of the histrionic.



Despite the wide range of museums we have in Mexico, cultural consumption survey 2010 revealed that 43% of Mexicans have never set foot in a museum. The causes are as diverse as there are people, however one of the factors that attracted the most attention is the disappointment at the lack of empathy with what is in the stands and on the walls. To alleviate this prejudice we present the most unusual museums and joyful

While SAR wikipedia and insists that a museum is a "Place where collections of objects are stored artistic, scientific or otherwise, and overall cultural value, conveniently placed for consideration", ordinary people standing seeks to find a real empathy with what is stated in the windows or walls. The concept of the formal institution exists and is exercised, of course, the idea of the museum is working to legitimize one above each other. But what happens in real life? What is the position of the visitor (not viewer) about what the museum is safeguarded? The conveniences have surpassed formalities, maybe that's why in recent years the emergence of appreciation and exhibition spaces have shifted to more playfulness in educational tourist sense. And we have to conclude that, because if I remember correctly,

you only learn apprehending what you see, what you hear, what you breathe and how it feels. But do not get into issues about what is exquisite museum worthy or not. Better take advantage of the rules have changed and that going to a museum not necessarily imply feel exquisite front of a painting, but an opportunity to blow you looked again everyday and dust to our past. Just under this premise, on Sundays we wanted to make a brief tour of the museums of the unthinkable, such that more than a measurable knowledge, we face a sensual experience which refers to the hidden memories. For this we choose the most unusual and enjoyable museums DF Piérdele experiences fear and win!

ANTIQUE TOY MUSEUM An original story WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: In this month will open a library and study center of popular culture. You can browse catalogs, books and other materials to know what happened in the past. TIP: Before you go, stop by the store, maybe you can get just the favorite toy of your childhood.


CHOCOLATE MUSEUM Dulce effort One of the most surprising things to the chocolate museum, MUCH, is its architectural space. Milan 45 was the building that the architect Ana Rita Garcia rescue Lascurain decided to go slowly putting together a site where converge the essence of chocolate in Mexico.

SHOE MUSEUM From step by step From its opening in 1991 to date, the shoe museum located in the historic center of Mexico City exhibits more than two thousand pieces of shoes, pondering the most extravagant, expensive and rare, as well as 15 000 miniatures, in different materials, this need has become an issue.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: You can enter the store without paying for the museum ticket. The restaurant service is only 2-4 in the afternoon and there are 3 types of menus ranging from 75 to 110 pesos per person.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This museum has the largest collection of miniature shoes and extravagant in Latin America. Also, keep the shoes important historical moments, as in the case of lunar boots Neil Armstrong wore in 1969.

TIP: All weekends are workshops. Today is "chocolate accessories" and next Saturday 18 will be "chocolate strawberries with texts". The cost is 100 pesos.

TIP: Since parking in the streets around the museum is very complicated, we recommend arriving by public transport.

MUSEUM OF OBJECT The jewels of the house WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The MODE has endeavored to bring other exhibitions as individuals realize the story. Currently available "Roma Condesa: 111 years of history." TIP: Take an extra in the wallet for sure want to bring something from their store, where you can ďŹ nd everything from unique ceramic pieces to the new design books.


The most widely read books in the world

What do you think is the most read book in the world? For this response, we conducted a research which took into account the texts sold in a period of 50 years, the last. Hence it makes the assumption that if the book was sold, also read, and that is how it has come to the following conclusion. According to in the list we can ďŹ nd titles of publications that have been successful in sales and we call to religious books Best Sellers

The fortunes of the world's richest celebrities


From creators of comic series to television presenters, who less you think are the most money they have.

can be millions! But yes, not everyone succeeds, you have to be good at what you do.

We know that their wages do not compare with the rest of us because they are stars.

Like who? Meet the celebrities who have managed to manage your career and grab a fortune that allowed easy and not work anymore. With information from hufďŹ

Yes, they are the stars of the middle of the show have not only won the empathy of the people, but also with lucrative contracts that can give a luxurious life. Sure many of us can not even imagine how much you can win by driving a program or writing a book,

George Lucas. Producer and director known worldwide for Star Wars, his fortune is estimated at 300 million 7000 dollars. Although, according to Forbes, his wealth reaches 3000 only $ 900 million because even though Disney bought LucasFilm, Lucas stated that the money would be donated as charity.

Oprah. TV presenter, producer, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist and book review, 2000 has $ 800 million.

The protagonist of the series The New Adventures of Old Christine, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is worth is U.S. $ 3 billion.

J. K. Rowling. It is the writer of one of the most read stories of the century: Harry Potter. His fortune is estimated at one billion dollars.


Larry David. He is the creator of Seinfeld and is estimated to be $ 800 million.

Madonna. The singer of 55 years is active in the charts. His wealth amounts to $ 650 million.

Bono. The U2 frontman, not only has the admiration of fans, also when they pay money to hear it. $ 600 million is believed to have in the bank.

P. Diddy is a monkey business case for not only a singer, is also a businessman in various ďŹ elds that have been accumulating $ 580 million.

Howard Stern. He has a career as a comedian, but stands out more for his work as a broadcaster, being highly recognized in the United States. His fortune seems to come to 500 million dollars.

Gloria Estefan. A Latina sneaks into the top 10 of the richest celebrities with 500 million dollars in your bank account.

18 For your health! Foods to prevent disease The food we eat every day we provide nutrients that help our body. Besides that take away hunger, every fruit, vegetable, meat or cereal has a unique quality that help our bodies stay strong and stable. Coupled with this, foods also assist us to prevent disease, something that is certainly very good for our health. Beyond medications, foods are those that provide the necessary for our body to work to perfection, and consequently, we are healthy and we suffer no future diseases that cause us a real problem. This requires that we put a lot of attention to what we eat, and include in our daily diet the best food, and to keep you better informed site tells you what they are. Send "Let food be your best medicine and your medicine be your food better." - Hippocrates.

Soursop. Elsewhere fruit called Graviola. The latest research has shown its effectiveness against cancer, is a great ally as it helps our body against bacteria, parasites, worms. This fruit should be eaten slowly at first, from least to most as the body adjusts.

The Onion. Onion properties have been known for hundreds of years. Help with breathing problems due to its germicidal qualities, helps cleanse the kidneys if consumed raw. It should be eaten immediately after starting the ingredients do not become ill, for those who do not like its strong flavor can marinate with lemon juice.

Papaya. It is known to help relieve colitis, is a great ally in the diet as it contains lots of water and less hungry. It is used to make masks and is rich in fresh water. It is inexpensive and goes a long way.

Garlic. It has many properties among which are: being anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, is a natural antibiotic and kills germs. It helps us to raise our natural defenses. It should be eaten raw or cooked, as their properties vary from one mode to another.

Blueberry. It is one of the most powerful antioxidant fruits and has no fat, is low in sodium and calories. Rich in flavonoids, a substance that produces the human body, which increases the production of glutathione and antioxidant enzymes called metabolic activity. The urologists recommend the juice for infections.

Let him know that is a Special Dad

Give him your artist, band or favorite band ask about our Father's Day deals ! Make your Father live a great experience! Hire It Now


Father's Day Father's Day or Fathers Day is a memorial day in which the father is celebrated within the family with the intention of honoring fatherhood and man's influence on the lives of their children. It complements Mother's Day to honor mothers. In predominantly Catholic countries this date is associated with the saints of San Jose, because this character is credited with being the Putative Father their main deity, Jesus Christ. Officially proclaiming holiday Solemn Mass and March 19 as the day of St. Joseph and Father's Day dates back to 1847 (Pontificate of Pius IX, resolution of December 10, 1847, when the party set and sponsorship rite of San Joseph III Sunday after Easter), but according to some traditions the practice existed long before venturing some authors signs of celebration in the Catholic world XV.2 century Other traditions point even further back, talking about a cult of San Jose and in the twelfth century, which will materialize in a major Church in Bologna with the same name, and looping the loop devotion even to the fourth century Coptic San Jose and parenthood, although celebrated on a different date (July 20) In most Protestant countries, and in America (even in predominantly Catholic countries), the holiday has other origins. The idea of celebrating Father's Day in the U.S. happened there. UU. in 1909, when a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington, proposed the idea of celebrating Father's Day. This woman wanted to honor his father, who was a Civil War veteran named Henry Jackson Smart, who was widowed when his wife died giving birth to their sixth child and, from there, took charge of raising their children fulfilling role of father and trying to meet the mother, and as Smart was born on June 5, her daughter proposed the day of his birthday as Father's Day. Mexico, like other Latin American countries adopted the third Sunday of June as Father official.


They look fancy! The 6 best islands in the world Travel to any destination? Or travel to a place that is away from everything, where there is only sun, sand and sea ... Where? On an island, but not everyone, but one that has beautiful scenery, worthy of any film, an exclusive island with great amenities and a turquoise sea make you want to admire, enjoy and relax. To find out which islands meet all these requirements, the newspaper ABC made a count of the best islands around the world, and each has a particular charm you'll love.

Ambergris Caye. It is the largest island of Belize. Located near the border with Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea, has an area of about 8 km ² and it is inhabited by about 2 thousand people. It has the second largest barrier reef in the world, which make him a first-class tourist destination World Heritage by UNESCO.

St. John is the smallest of the three main islands of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Located in the Caribbean Sea, has an area of 50 square kilometers and a population of over 4000 inhabitants. In it, it has no airport and is reached by ferry, ecotourism is very active, from observing wildlife to explore miles of trails or stroll along the white sandy beaches.

Bora Bora, part of French Polynesia, northwest of Tahiti. It has an area of 29 square kilometers and consists of an extinct volcano surrounded by a lagoon separated from the sea by a reef. It is a relatively small island, but it's a giant in terms of leisure activities.

San Juan is the second largest island in the archipelago located in the Strait of Georgia. They belong to the state of Washington. This is a very different destination of sun and sand, and certainly one of the most picturesque. The island has beautiful beaches, but is best known as the killer whale population.What a show!

Santorini and Santorini is actually a small, circular archipelago of volcanic islands located in southern Aegean and considered one of the jewels of the Cyclades.

Isla Mujeres, located in the Caribbean Sea, near the Yucatan Peninsula, is a privileged place with a unique natural and cultural wealth in Mexico. This beautiful island combines the beauty of the Caribbean, the dense tropical jungle and the legacy of the Mayan civilization.


Joshua Winslow Groban Concert is an American singer-songwriter have four of his solo productions that have been certified multi-platinum, and in 2007, he was named as one of the top-selling artists in the United States with over 21 million of albums sold achieved success as: Stay Away, All I know of love America but among others, songs to sing on his presentation in Los Angeles, CA on June 2, 2013 in the town of Hollywood Bowl. To date, it has sold more than 24 million copies worldwide.


Los Angeles Philharmonic will perform at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. From Friday July 6, 2012 to Sunday June 2, 2013 at 8:00 pm Come and enjoy this great event!

Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson are presented in concert in the city Universal City, CA on June 6, 2013 at 7:15 pm in the town of Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk. Alice Cooper was originally the name of a rock and roll band the shock rock genre known as attainment of its popularity in the sixties. Marilyn Manson is a composer, singer, actor, writer, painter and American film director, is known for his personality and controversial image also sang hits like: Poison, School's Out, I'm Eighteen, Sweet Dreams, The Beautiful People, This Is the New Shit among others. Andrea Bocelli, musician and producer of Italian nationality presents Live a concert in the city of Los Angeles, CA on 08 June 2013 in the village of Hollywood Bowl. Andrea Bocelli has various albums in English, Italian and Spanish classical music and pop. Also has Christmas songs, covers, and duets with artists like Marta Sanchez Vivo Por Ella, Jennifer Lopez might Perhaps Perhaps, Sarah Brightman Time To Say Goodbye, Laura Pausini to Vive Ya and The Prayer Celine Dion among others.



The popular singer Gloria Trevi, also known as La Trevi is presents concerts in the city of Universal City, CA on the 15th of June 2013 at 8:15 pm in the town of Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk. Mexican singer sang hits such as: All Me Miran, Today I'll go to Home, I Feel So Alone among others.


La Arrolladora Banda El Lim贸n De Ren茅 Camacho will be in concert at the city of Los Angeles, CA on June 15, 2013 in the town Nokia Theatre Live - LA this is a Mexican band ranchera music plays, ballad, run and cumbia. It was not until his first recording in 1998 that became known as "La Arrolladora Banda El Lim贸n de Ren茅 Camacho ".

Justin Drew Bieber better known artistically as Justin Bieber is Canadian born a singer who became famous worldwide with the song "Baby" which was the most watched video on YouTube more than 300 million visits. He has been awarded the Artist of the Year by the American Music Awards, has also received Grammy nominations Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Best Pop Album This artist is presented with her "Believe" on 24 June 2013 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California.

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Casual Friday How to dress for the o ce for the weekend.

They say that the clothes we wear is a reflection of who we are inside. And it's true. A good example is confirming as metaphorical reflection are the 'Casual Friday'. Some may not be familiar with this term as they read, but they sure have experienced it: it's Friday, have to go to work in the office, the weekend is just around the corner and we want to wear something comfortable and relaxed but without leaving the formality required by the job. In summary, we have attitude of 'weekend' but we can desvandarnos in office attire. Therefore, many companies with strict dress code have decided to implement in recent times the 'Casual Friday', a day in which the proposed 'sport' are accepted (if you're rubbing their hands thinking right now t , jeans and sneakers, stop doing it, because it is not). Perhaps the novelty of this proposal has caught you by surprise and still no controls too, but do not worry, that's what our guide to style: five looks that will help you successfully overcome, comfort and distinction given the desired Friday step at the weekend.


We begin with the more formal proposal. We do not forget the main star of the uniform of office, the suit, but on Friday we combine in a more casual. The first steps have no loss. Go to the closet and grabs his jacket. If you prefer, being Friday, you can opt for a lighter color, such as gray, black and escape from daily or blue. Then the matching pants. You could do it with my eyes closed. And now comes the first change. Forget the Remember when you were a kid and your mother would not stop wearing those sweaters itched but frets that you were tie and shirt, even the latter carry opengoing "so cute"? Rescue them. I do not bite, we promise, necked as the classic casual option. With and play with the classics is a truly winning in most cases. the arrival of autumn can start using How wise are mothers ... turtlenecks with your suit. Leave the Oxford in the closet, booty BrogueDo not get between urticaria, have evolucioando tissues and brands have realized the suffering that assumed those is an informal option, while not losing the rows of colors around the body. Cotton, cashmere, wool ... seriousness required office attire. All firms have their version of these mythical jerseys that can become the centerpiece of our 'Casual Friday'. White shirt. Basic, simple, never fails, it looks recharge. No more to explain. The cowboy is the wild card of the pants. To break with the classicism of the cardigan and shirt, choose a dark pattern. Another memory of our childhood, moccasins Corinth. We could consider crime you did not have a pair in your shoe, because they are perfect in both formal and casual occasions.

We relaxed a little more and put color to the matter, the 'weekend' is near. Chinese beige denim shirt and jersey. Since last winter lead us chasing and next also threaten to stay. The versatility of the eight sweaters makes them a good choice to open the weekend. We left the classic shirting of the week and choose more casual fabrics. The jersey will help us create a more formal look with the comfortable denim shirt. Do not want to wear pants? The Chinese beige infallible. The Americans were right. * Note: there are plenty of versions of this type of pants. If you want something different, look them up with tweezers and cut skinny. The day before the weekend lends itself to play more with color, looks more risky. For example, we break the warm colors Brogue shoes with green bottle.

The boys in blue and girls in pink. Never that statement helped us so much. Trust in the range of blue to set up your casual look. Again the eight, now in ecru. Blues conďŹ dent, but not on the jerseys. We are in the ofďŹ ce, do not lose your composure. A gingham shirt is an option. Like the Chinese beige, navy blues are another perfect basic for those casual days. It ends with one of the most comfortable shoes and most versatile recent seasons, the 'dessert boots'.

Paola Espinosa presents foundation for childhood

Olympic medalist has decided to return to Mexico how much he has given the sport through a foundation that aims to motivate children "I decided to give back to the sport with a little of what he has given me", were the words of Paola Espinosa in an exclusive interview, who has given the green light to start the Foundation that bears his name and which aims to promote physical activation in children of Mexico. Problems like obesity, overweight and even the bullying, are some of the main concerns for Paola, who seeks to motivate these children and parents to ďŹ nd a future in the sport to help them have a healthy life. The way to do that is sharing the same experience that Olympic diver lived since childhood, "My parents did not know what to do with me", Paola phrase that refers to his childhood when he was diagnosed with attention deďŹ cit hyperactivity disorder, what, to some extent, took her to channel all that energy into sports and became one of the most important athletes of our country. That's why despite the large commitments it has with respect to his own career, has decided to motivate younger Mexico is also part of its obligations.


"Believe me, I have many responsibilities as an athlete, and in my life too, but it's something I would love to do, I want to be active in my sport for all children realize that they can do things, create a motivation poderles to make the sport seriously a habit in their lives, "he said. Paola Espinosa Foundation A. C., seeks to promote the sport from a vision and motivation, through activation clinics taught by physical education specialists will be in different cities and municipalities, public and private schools, sports areas and almost anywhere in Mexico where children between 6 and 13 years who can direct Paola, for in each of these activations involved the diver sharing your success story, and to support them in learning basic movements and varied, in an environment healthy and fair play. And the program that the athlete is having, was composed of specialists in physical education from the International Athletics Federation (IAAF), which includes basic athletic movements such as jump racing, as it is to develop your skills and speed.

33 The clinics begin with a talk by Paola, who thanks to his effort has been medalist twice in the Olympics, then comes the physical activation and finally awards to all participants. Although, from the beginning, as key measures of the child are taken into account to make ongoing assessments of their development in the sports world. "What we do is a physical activation, teachers will have to continue to monitor and would love to go back and keep doing physical activations with them, but it is to let the habit of sport," said Espinosa. The project began with a first gave activation conducted in Mier y Pesado School in Mexico City, where hundreds of children as well as exercise, pronounced the name of the athlete again and again through clubs that kept lively. "This first activation that was the beginning, I want to let these children say," Paola Espinosa was with me and I want to stay in the game "and I think that was every child. Besides, I'm happy and glad that you were given here; Mier y Pesado for the opportunity to make the first activation here, my family was with me ", delivered to, Paola Espinosa.


Forget the extra kilos Swimming Aid

If you're looking to lose weight in the hand of a healthy plan in which you include good diet and exercise, then I recommend you to forget about the extra kilos, sign up a pool and have the help they can give you swimming.

Swimming: many benefits for your body We have heard many times that swimming is a very comprehensive, involving not only the cardiovascular system but also multiple muscles, therefore, with practice we can obtain many benefits for our body and find in it, an excellent strategy to lose weight . Swimming is ideal if you are looking for weight loss because the water training lightens our body, making it easier for our joint work and reducing the impact of exercise, therefore, if you are overweight, work out in the water will help prevent injuries. Moreover, effort sue heart and lungs, as well as several muscles located in both the lower body as the upper body. So to lose weight swimming is a great help, because not only promotes fat burning but also helps to tone muscles and gain muscle mass, which certainly helps prevent the dreaded rebound effect or sagging after loss weight. And one more advantage: we can achieve them all at any time of year, because the pool is available to us both warm months and in cold season.

Using swimming to lose weight To get rid of the extra kilos using mainly fat as fuel energy, we need the training meets certain conditions: Training of moderate intensity, ie 60-70% of your maximum heart rate and learned to make when it comes to the cardio burns more fat. Interval training to pay more and consume glycogen remains of how to use fat as a substrate after. For this we can swim to moderate intensity in the beginning, may be about 5 minutes, and then return to step faster for a short time (1 minute is sufficient) training. Fasting and after two hours or more after ingestion, so that as the glucose that is released after digestion has been consumed

then it will be easier to start using fat. If fasting glucose or glycogen is also stored in poor levels, therefore, the preferred fuel for our muscles is fat. Proper hydration but you should stop you to drink liquid, as water is essential to burn fat and if you are slightly dehydrated, the process will not be as effective. No intakes until after time after training in order to continue burning fat after a while stop moving. And always remember that the quality of the diet and the amount is adequate to forget the extra kilos Consistency and regularity in training way to get results over time are really noticeable. It involves daily train but two or three times a week but steadily over time. Remember that swimming can be a great help to forget about the extra kilos effectively, safely and without injury.



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