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Content: -Page 05. - Top Ten Music -Page. 07. - Remember to Chavela Vargas a year after his death -Page. 09. - What does Jennifer Aniston without makeup? -Page. 11. - Zooey Deschanel, a beautiful defending his intelligence -Page. 12. - Principles to be happy -Page. 15. - Film Consentidos -Page. 18. - Honey and cinnamon to ght diseases -Page. 20. - Apple will sell $ 10 chargers in one pirate -Page. 22. - Amazon launches a portal for buying and selling works of art -Page. 23. - Announcing the most spectacular meteor shower of the year -Page. 25 - They carry Uruguay scene in The Little Prince -Page. 26. - The cleanest beaches Mexico ... -Page. 30. - How do celebrities carry their handkerchiefs? -Page. 32. - Events August -Page. 36. - Sports: The First Mexican to nish the Badwater Marathon



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Artists Remember to Chavela Vargas a year after his death A tribute was organized between countries Mexico and Spain, two nations reminding the singer Chavela Vargas to a year of his departure to the afterlife. It was a very special night at the National Auditorium Lunario, where he shared his talent composers: Edgar Winter, Mario Avila, the singers: Maria Elena 'La Negra' Chagra and Tontxu, along with singer Fernando del Castillo, alias "El Chino 'and the Macorinos: Miguel PeĂąa and Juan Carlos Allende, both guitarists particular presentations Chavela Vargas. The singer known as 'The Voice Mexico' admitted to hospital in Cuernavaca, Morelos July 30 last year, this was due to bronchial pneumonia that was complicated. Chavela Vargas left his audience without his singing after respiratory failure on 5 August 2012. A Mexican artisanal equipal chair on stage was empty and at the next table, a drink with tequila that was always full. He did not look physically Chavela Vargas, but all perceived their spirit sitting there with his red poncho, silver hair and dark skin, as ever describe, accurately, JoaquĂ­n Sabina.

PRESENCE. A Mexican artisanal equipal chair on stage was empty and at the next table, a drink with tequila that was always full. He did not look physically Chavela Vargas, but all there sitting perceived their spirit.

It truly was a concert emotive songs were heard 'cross oblivion', 'I'll wait a lifetime' Inma Serrano, 'Where are you going dove?', 'I woke up in your arms', 'Think of me', 'Tepoxteca cute', 'from the pit', 'I'm not from here and I'm not there', 'the simple things', 'Macorina' and ended with 'I will' in this show of one hour and 45 minutes including the toast to the health of Chavela Vargas where you are now.




What does Jennifer Aniston without makeup? Jennifer Aniston was spotted in a picture without makeup on but it surprised appearance care. Unlike other celebrities who have been the talk of the "transformation" suffering without being massaged, Aniston - 44 years-appeared with a very natural look. It was Chris McMillan, Aniston's hair stylist, who shared on Instagram pictured with the actress. Aniston gave just to talk about a few days ago to share their "secrets" to give life to a stripper in the movie We're The Millers. He also told the host Chelsea Handler that contrary to rumors spread, not nudists.

Natur a appea l. He recei ve rance . (Pho d good co m to: Ta ken fr ments ab o om In stagra ut her m



Zooey Deschanel, a beautiful defending his intelligence


Although he has achieved success with his role in New Girl, Zooey Deschanel has to endure criticism of her wardrobe are her way of speaking, which seems strange, as it is considered an intelligent person. The actress, 33, who often appear on lists of the most beautiful in Hollywood, is the protagonist of the September issue of Marie Claire magazine, for which he talked about his way to face criticism. "I became aware that people were criticizing the way I talk, what I ďŹ nd strange. Speak as I speak and I am an intelligent, sometimes I lean toward the California way of speaking more for the entertainment value. Not can not live in a world without the word 'like,' "said Zoey, who is also an actress has a band called She & Him and created a website (Hello Giggles) for young women to express themselves. Deschanel also explained that the reviews are in the sense that no matter what you have done if one day carried the wrong clothes or speak in a way regarded as too feminine. "And I think that is rubbish and the smart people are doing and that surprises me. Thought you were smart, but they are shortsighted." “It's just who I am attacking, often has nothing to do with what I paid but with the 'oh, stupid." Even I overwhelmed with the negative that can be internet ... it's a shock how when you give the anonymous people are the worst of human nature. "


Welfare Principles to be happy

What is happiness? Does having a late model car, a super house, a sculpted body or live in a constant state of permanent joy, where there is no room for pain or for being embarrassed? For Paul Flores Laymuns, UC Industrial Civil Engineer, astrologer and therapist, the person seeking these definitions of happiness is always far less reach and sustain it over time. Is that to the therapist, the glorious state is simpler and is related to an inner tranquility, calm and free. "What happens outside in my life is a reflection of what is going on inside me ..." he explains. If you want joy and happiness would not be found by changing the "around", but causing an internal change that will transform the reality of life. Getting Started He points out that to be happy, a key element is to discover what are the limiting beliefs that I have and I away from the road to happiness. Other keys to start the process, in his view, are in giving up being right, control, load faults and stop having obsessive inner dialogues. But in doing so ask yourself: why do I want to be right? Why I want to control? Why I can not free myself from my sins? Why can not I stop thinking?

The 12 principles To get out of unhappiness, take charge of life and be happy, Pablo Flores proposes 12 principles that one should continue to live in calm and in harmony with the vagaries of life. 1. Out into the world to show who you really are, not to be seen. Involves acting from the inside out and upside down. Two. All the material you have, keep that because you use it and it gives you pleasure, but it gives you pleasure, throw it away or Gift. That is, not material objects accumulate and enjoy things because many times we have stayed in and our closets are full, but do not use much of anything. Three. All you know communicate it. Save your knowledge and learning, through timidity or meanness is something that takes you away from the path to happiness and discover yourself. Knowledge is like a relay race, passing from one person to another. If you do not cut off the flow share. April. Heal your lineage, healthy family, healthy relationships in your core. There must be at peace with your family. May. Discover what you love to do and do it, not to be seen, but to light his way to the other. Most people do not even know what he wants to do with his life. We come to this world and our gifts are for them at the service of others.

July. Healthy relationships involve partner allowing me to be and allow the other to be. Not control the other to act as I will neither allow the other to control me to act as he or she wants. This involves finding out what I really care about and respect. The important thing is to share with the other. August. Discover myself, to turn into what I really am. This involves seeing what I like about myself and accept it. See my patterns and my unconscious behaviors and take responsibility for them, putting blame others. 9. Branch out, leaving the known, familiar and safe. If you always stay in the know, on learning, I would not learn new things. It is in this scan, I opening myself to new points of view and this allows me to discover who I really am. 10. What do I leave as mark on this world?. My contribution to society, that contribution I want to make the world in which I live. 11. Share my ideals and dreams with others. Join other, form teams, working with more people to make a change in society. 12. Visit your soul. Take time to be with yourself and find the answer to spiritual questions who am I? What do I do here? Leave time for spirituality in life, for the internal connection.

June. Do the things you love with discipline. If you do not have discipline, you have no love for you. Because love often means giving up our own gratification. If you can not strive for what you love to do, then you do not really love.

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The Donkey, Shrek. Casting is a character that steals the limelight. Since 2001 in its appearance stole the hearts of all. Much of its charm has to do with performing Eugenio Derbez Dobale

Carl Fredricksen from UP. An old man can not shake renegón of nostalgia that produces the absence of his wife. His latest venture is driven by her, but her love life is reborn when he learns to discard it

Wall-e. It's a robot that goes back to this part of the world after it was abandoned by humans when made uninhabitable by pollution. He does not speak and do not need to do to move us when he falls for EVA

Puss in Boots, Shrek. His look of tenderness, capable of melting hearts, first appeared in the second installment of "Shrek". It was not long before he had his own movie

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. is one of the monsters "lorna" of "Monsters Inc", has an appearance that would not scare anyone, is one of the most requested characters from fiction.It's adorable!

Lotso from Toy Story 3. His appearance is fragile, a fat jolly, but turns out to be the manipulator of all who are part of the Sunnyside Daycare. Although bad, we want, is not it?

The Penguins of Madagascar. They are presented as the geniuses of Central Park Zoo New York. Mathematicians, engineers, hackers. Everyone wants them, but do not have their movie, they have a TV series

The minions. Not only are they fashionable, they have managed to win the audience with his unique language of food and their adventures in Despicable Me and do not doubt that soon have his own movie

Dory, from Finding Nemo. Remember this character? Well, if she would've met you, I would not know your name. The first hook to connect with her was her anterograde amnesia and his ability to see the positive things

Scrat, from the Ice Age. It is the central character in the movies, but still we associate first. Does anyone sees the adventures of Mani, Sid and Scrat Diego without milling around looking for his nut?


Health Honey and cinnamon to fight diseases

The common thing with these products is the heat effect they have on the body, according to Dr. Andrew Ogino account. The anthroposophic medicine specialist herbal medicine says that these natural products have been studied by Chinese medicine, ayurveda and anthroposophic and indicates that together, contribute and stimulate the production of heat, to treat as a complement, pathologies generated by cold and some chronic diseases by wear. "Honey has solar forces of light and heat, and cinnamon is a bark that has a powerful heat, antioxidant and diuretic," he says. In this way, details that taking honey and cinnamon together, what they do is expel cold from the body, it would be a very frequent colds and when devitalize organs. As an example, that in diabetes is the pancreas which is weakened and be revitalized with this mixture. Dr. Ogino, also mentions arthritis and osteoarthritis is aging cartilage from wear and cooling joints. On cinnamon, speciďŹ es that its power be given because it stimulates insulin production and acts to improve the resistance to it, being effective to work overweight, diabetes and insulin resistance. Although caution must be taken because by enhancing blood circulation is contraindicated for people with bleeding tendency or anti coagulated and pregnant. "When there is a cinnamon consume more effective use of the body's natural insulin. Therefore, you need to produce less and have less fat deposits, "says Andrew Ogino. No miracles Despite the beneďŹ ts of taking honey with cinnamon or powdered branches, speciďŹ cally Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum rerum), Dr. Ogino says it is not miraculous and must be accompanied with a healthy lifestyle, "not only make this combination your problems go away," he stresses. But, concurs, that is perfect as an adjunct therapy to treat cholesterol problems, bladder, kidney, and the latter are sensitive to cold and if so, would also serve to pathologies in the ear by the direct relationship they have. E lists it voluntary and involuntary muscles, which are abdominal cramps, renal colic, spasms and muscle contractions bronqueales. Also, gas in the digestive system. "Is that heat is a regulating force and if you use herbs or this mixture of cinnamon and honey are calling these forces" details.

The potions 1. Hearing: Only eat honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on a daily basis. Two. Arthritis: take daily, morning and night, one cup of hot water with 2 tablespoons of honey and a little cinnamon. Three. Lose weight: Cinnamon is diuretic, antioxidant and prevents fat accumulation in the body. In fasting, half an hour before breakfast and before bedtime, take 1 cup of water with honey and cinnamon powder. April. Cholesterol: 2 tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder mixed with half a liter of tea reduces it. Take at least 3 times a day. May. Heart: Make a paste of honey and cinnamon to eat with bread at breakfast, help prevent diseases of this organ, as it strengthens the muscle and the rhythmic motion of the heart. June. Digestion: Before eating, mix two tablespoons of honey and cinnamon powder. It would help to reduce the acidity of the digestive system. July. Halitosis: Create a mouthwash that is made with hot water plus 1 tablespoon of honey and a cinnamon. August. Imperfections in your skin: 3 tablespoons of honey and cinnamon powder. Create a mask that will be used to apply on pimples before sleeping. If you do need further treatment for two weeks straight. 9. Rejuvenation: To reduce tissue damage and improve the functioning of the organs. Mix 4 tablespoons of honey, cinnamon powder and three cups of freshly boiled water, add tea optional. Take a quarter cup, 3-4 times a day. 10. Immune system: Take this mixture daily in warm water strengthens the system and protects the body from bacteria and viruses.



Apple sold chargers $ 10 USD by one pirate Apple releases an exchange program, after learning that two cases of people were electrocuted in China to use unof cial iPhone chargers, which, until October 18 you can purchase an of cial Apple USB charger for only $ 10 or equivalent in local currency at any Apple Store or authorized retailer if you give both a charger from a third party or imitation, the company reported in a statement. The initiative represents a reduction of about $ 9 compared to current Apple chargers. The company suggests that some third and imitation chargers may not be designed correctly and result in security problems. "While not all third-party adapters are problematic, we announced an exchange program to allow consumers to purchase adapters designed correctly." mentioned in comuicado. The program will of cially begin from August 16 worldwide. The price of $ 10 will be limited to an adapter that holds for every iPhone, iPad or iPod. Apple makes it clear that in their stores can advise whether third-party adapters are defective or not.



Amazon launches a portal for buying and sale of works of art

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and executive following the announcement of the purchase of The Washington Post for $ 250 million, today announced the launch of Amazon Art ( / art), the result of a partnership with more than 150 galleries display their paintings in the e-commerce giant said in a statement. In this space are paintings, drawings and photographs, sorted by size, price and themes, have more than 40 000 pieces by artists from across the United States, in this first version. Amazon and showcases the work of over 500 artists 4000, new professionals interested in being part of this directory may contact via / fineart.contactus.html to negotiate details of the association of time necessary make contact from a gallery, do not accept individual artists. The digital gallery includes unique artwork, photographs by Clifford Ross, Andy Warhol works that reach $ 45,000 or works of Claude Monet, as "L'Enfant a la tasse, portrait of Jean Monet" by a million 450 000 dollars. And much more affordable work, but the goal is to expand all categories, including those that reach the 5 million dollars a piece.



Announcing the most spectacular meteor shower of the year

The most famous meteor shower of the year, known popularly as the "Tears of St. Lawrence", the Perseids, they will light up the sky this August. The rain of shooting stars can be seen in the sky the night of 12 to August 13 and will be one of the most amazing events that take place in the ďŹ rmament. This show like no other are also called "Tears of St. Lawrence", to coincide with the festival almost saint, which is August 10. The phenomenon of meteors begin during the late hours of August 12, will last until dawn and will be appreciated by celestial observers marvel at one of the most spectacular astronomical phenomena. This year the Moon will be a crescent and not block the brightness of the fainter meteors, which will increase the visibility of the phenomenon.

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Culture They take to the stage The Little Prince in Uruguay From this Saturday at the Teatro Stella can see The Little Prince, classic Antoine de Saint Exupéry who has stage version of Sebastian and address Silvera, who spoke about the peculiarities of this colorful assembly. The show was born in 2008, and its effectiveness was such that that year Florencio won the Best children's show, as well as being nominated for best scenography. Then, over the functions in several seasons, grew to eight thousand spectators. Now, given the success he had in the winter break, returns in search of more viewers. "It is a fully theatrical version, in which it sought to cover a wide spectrum of audience. Because the work has a more conceptual and poetic, without losing too much that we wanted to give color and movement, for the kids," says Silvera . Thus, characters, costumes, scenery and lighting seek to streamline the scene, which includes oversized puppets and other attractions. The scenery, simple, working on fabrics and lighting, while a mirror ball create the magic of a starry night. "This well-known phrase, 'what is essential is invisible to the eye', is definitely the key. Believe that the work seeks to convey how the human being is often blind to the love, the affections, and that's what stresses the author, "says the director. To communicate through the fun that message, the artist team goes through different climates, from excitement and laughter


to the sad parts. Silvera account the reactions of children are many and diverse, and that people like the aviator usually awaken many comments. Also fox, snake, or planets, are elements that trigger many reactions, as a hen, which doubles as narrator meets, coordinating the action and the story. "The reception of children varies by age, but all are enthusiastic about something. Most guys have so much fun with the situations: at one point we also break the fourth wall, and that will cause a lot of thanks. But we have been amazed that older people have come to see her, no kids, which at bottom is not as rare as the text is a classic. " Indeed, The Little Prince is a classic that children and adults moved through generations, since it combines the solidarity, friendship and enthusiasm for knowledge. The role of the Prince is run by Rodrigo Carlero while giving life the aviator Emiliano C. Martinez. Natalia Rodríguez, Eliana Gonzalez Mauricio Fernandez and complete the cast, the costumes and scenery are Sierra and Florence Irene Lopardo, Robert Bitzera lights and music selection by the director himself. The play is on Saturdays at 15.30 pm in Room Theatre Stella largest in Italy, in Mercedes and Tristan Narvaja. Tickets are 200, and the box office is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 16-20 hours.



The cleanest beaches in Mexico ... Sort by state! No doubt our country's beaches are beautiful, the millions of tourists each year visit reaffirm it. However, not all are very hygienic. According to the environmental group NRDC, some contaminants are seawater drainage discharges and industrial waste, the amount of swimmers converge on the same beach and hauled debris after a hurricane or storm. In Mexico, the most important indicator of water quality is the level containing streptococci. These parasites cause digestive system diseases (gastroenteritis), skin (dermatitis) and even the eyes (conjunctivitis). The most vulnerable are young children, the elderly,

pregnant women and people in general with a weakened immune system. Monitors COFEPRIS Mexican beaches, classified as unfit for vacationers if they exceed 200 streptococci per 100 milliliters of water. In this list only consider the beaches in the most recent report of the unit did not exceed 30 streptococci. Join us to learn the cleanest beaches in each of our coastal states ..

Baja California. No State Beach streptococci exceeded 20 according to Baja California Sur. The beaches and Santa MarĂ­a El Medano in Cabo San Lucas and Cabo del Sol and San Carlos, are some of the the latest report, the beaches of Rosarito and Monalisa (Ensenada) most hygienic in this beautiful state. were the cleanest.

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Campeche. Almost all beaches, including Champotón, San Lorenzo, Palm and Puerto Real managed levels of excellence, except the beach Manigua, which reached high levels of contamination.

Chiapas. The agency monitored the five major tourist beaches, and all had adequate results. The best were Puerto Arista and Playa Linda (Tapachula).

Colima. Some of the beaches on the Bay of Manzanillo, as Miramar, Santiago, Salahua, Las Brisas and Windows are best qualified by COFEPRIS.

Guerrero is one of the states with the most polluted beaches in the country. Only 3 beaches in Acapulco (Copacabana, El Morro and Puerto Marqués) had an adequate assessment, the rest of the more than 20 beaches were not so lucky.

Jalisco beaches are generally clean, except Mismaloya. The most hygienic were Yelapa and Puerto Vallarta, Quimixto and Las Animas.

In Michoacán the beaches of San Juan de Alima, Chuquiapan and La Soledad are some of the best qualified by the agency.




How do celebrities carry their handkerchiefs? Although his first task is to take shelter, the scarves have become a must have that can not miss in your accessories section. The neck has always been the part of the body where we put our scarves giving that special touch to a look. Now the head has gained positions and showed us a thousand ways to wear our favorite scarves. It was announced by Dolce & Gabbana with Italian-inspired summer and showing headscarves for different occasions. The supplement may be true for any look and you can wear it in any way, as a turban, folded and with a knot or tie askew, pirate style bandana or as a simple headband. On the other hand, the way you put the scarf on your neck will have different styles. The most glamorous divas of the past decades such as Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn can inspire us to go from the retro. Choose the shape of your handkerchief place you based on your style, your face and haircut. Whether you have short hair and long hair, this accessory is for you! Play with the volume of your hair and the collected that suit you. This add will handle your looks smooth rockers or the finishing touch to your outfits more lady. Want to discover how celebrities wear their scarves?




The indie rock band, originally from Oxford England known as "Foals", will be in concert on Friday August 9, 2013 in the Famous The Wiltern in Los Angeles California, beginning at 8:00 pm to delight your audience with some of his successes musicals such as "Total Life Forever", "This Orient", "What Remains ", among others of his hits ... Do not miss it.

One Direction is a British group of pop rock began his career in 2010 by signing a contract with the record label Syco Records, the band consists of: Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. Will be performing at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. On Wednesday, August 7 2013 at 7:30 pm Come and enjoy topics such as "What makes you beatiful "," One thing, "" Gotta Be You ", among others! The singer and American country music guitarist Willie Nelson, will be in concert on Saturday August 10, 2013 in the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles California, beginning at 8:00 pm, for his audience complaser with some of his successes musicals such as "On The Road Again", "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain "," Always On My Mind ", among other successes. Do not miss it.

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran will perform at the Staples Center in the Los Angeles, CA. On Monday August 19, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. Come and enjoy this great concert!

Dave Koz will perform at the City Montalvo in Saratoga, CA. On Saturday August 25, 2012 at 7:30 pm Come and enjoy this great concert!

Concert brothers Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas best known as "Jonas Brothers" this American boy band presents his last tour 2013 Jonas Brothers Live Tour in Universal City City, CA on August 2, 2013 at 7:15 pm in the town of Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk, the Jonas Brothers sing hits like: When You Look Me in the Eyes, Give Love a Try, SOS among other successes, this group has gained great popularity in the Disney Channel performances by Camp Rock ďŹ lms, and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. Do not miss this great concert of your favorite band!




The first Mexican to finish the Badwater marathon Nahila Hernandez is the first Mexican to

and second overall to realize women's

complete the Badwater Ultra Marathon. He

place in 40 hours.

ran 217 miles in a time of 36:17:13 hours from Badwater Basin in Death Valley in

Badwater is definitely Nahila Graduation

California, USA. UU., To Mount Whitney,

Hernandez, who has been renqueada

with temperatures above 50 degrees

within the best ultra marathon in the world,


specializing in 160 kilometers or more, it

Nahila met this challenge and his dream

has participated in major ultra marathons in

with the help of Denis Rivera, Sandra

the world like Rocky Racoon 160 km, 80 km

Nunez, Marisol Delgado, Jesus Ayala,

Sunmart , Himalayan 100 miles Stage Race,

Christian Sieveking, Juantorena and Algiers

Marathon de Sables 245 km, among others.

Dimas Ruiz, who formed the multinational crew that followed and supported at all

Recently became the first Latin American

times by Mexico to supply it to necessary.

woman to complete the serial of the 4 Deserts (Racing the Planet), which consists

And remember that Badwater is a

of four ultra marathons in the world's most

legendary career that puts compete at 100

extreme deserts.

of the world's toughest athletes, and Nahila highlighted by winning one of 45 places awarded after winning the race Brazil 135 (217 km) in less than 48 hours, and where women's won first place in its category

























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