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-Page. 07.-The Jonas Brothers announce their separation -Page. 08. - PSY, Macklemore and Lewis Byan, YouTube favorites for awards -Page. 10. - "I can marry my best friend," says Kim Kardashian after commitment -Page. 11. - Granddaughter of Elvis Presley Starring Justin Timberlake's new video -Page. 13. -How, when and why it is celebratedon Thanksgiving -Page. 16. - Discover a new asteroid weeks after passing close to Earth -Page. 17. - The most addictive applications -Page. 19. - A style for every day of the week -Page. 22. - The 10 films that will fight for the Oscar -Page. 26. - Myths about the benefits of water -Page. 27. - Events November -Page. 32.- Captive tourist sites Queretaro -Page. 35.- Maradona celebrates 53 years and no one takes away the

November 2013



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The Jonas Brothers announced their separation: "It's the end of a chapter"


The U.S. group announced that Jonas Brothers decided " unanimously " to separate. "It's over now," Kevin Jonas told People magazine . "It's really hard to say 'forever' " said Nick . " We're closing a chapter , that's for sure ," he added . The band made the decision during a meeting that took on 3 October, when Nick Jonas expressed his concerns about the future of the group . Just a few weeks ago the band canceled their tour due to internal division , as announced at the time. The brothers shot to fame with the film Camp Rock on Disney Channel. In 2007, Disney signed with Hollywood Records and have sold over 20 million albums worldwide , according to information on its official Web site . Nick sang Broadway plays from six years and in 2005 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes , so growing up was involved with campaigns to prevent and control this disease. In 2010 released a solo album.


PSY and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, favorites Prizes for YouTube

The Korean PSY and British duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are the most nominated artist at the first YouTube Awards , which opened to the public Tuesday a final vote. The list of winners will be announced on November 3rd through the Internet video platform , during a live broadcast from New York with contributions from Seoul , Moscow and London. Artists like Lady Gaga , Eminem , Arcade Fire , Stirling and CDZA Lindset already confirmed their participation . The nominees were chosen based on the number of times your videos have been seen in recent months and were divided into six categories. Compete year in video Miley Cyrus , with We can not stop ; Lady Gaga with Applause ; Demi Lovato with Heart attack ; Girls Generation with I got a boy , and Selena Gomez with Come & get it . On that list are the aforementioned artists like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ( Same love ) , Justin Bieber (Beauty and a beat) , One Direction ( Best song ever) and PSY ( Gentleman ) and the piece titled Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney , from the series Epic Rap Battles of History.

The song I knew you were trouble , Taylor Swift unleashed a wave of remixes , parodies and responses from users more creative , so this is one of the YouTube phenomenon nominees , alongside Rihanna Diamonds , Gangnam style PSY , Harlem Shake Baauer and Thrift shop Macklemore & Ryan Lews . The choral version I knew ... starring the channel group responsible Walk off the Earth is nominated in the category of " reaction of the Year" along with those made by Boyce Avenue (from Mirrors ) Jayesslee (Gangnam style) , Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix ( Radioactive ) and ThePianoGuys ( Titanium / Pavane ) . YouTube awards distinguished artists who have experienced a greater increase in followers and subscribers to their channels , award might fall on Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis , Naughty Boy , Passenger or Rudimental . Finally , there will be an award for Innovation of the Year , in which competing Anamanaguchi ( Endless fantasy ) , Atoms for peace ( Ingenue ) , Bat for lashes ( Lilies ) DeStorm ( See me standing ) and Toro y Moi (Say that) .

These past five candidates are also nominated in the category Artist of the Year , with Eminem , Katy Perry , Nicki Minaj , Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

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"I can marry my best friend," says Kim Kardashian after commitment

For Kim Kardashian, the third time 's the charm really committed . The reality star , 33 said the father of her daughter and now her fiance , Kanye West , made a proposal this week that completely fell in love . "I'm the luckiest girl in the world! " Kardashian told E! , Which conveys the reality series of her family, Keeping Up with the Kardashians . "I can marry my best friend " . West and Kardashian were known for years , as West told the Kardashian matriarch , Kris Jenner, on her talk show in August , and the Grammy winning rapper was love at first sight. "I was in love with her before she could talk ," said West , 36 . " Being in the spotlight , you have to have someone like , or someone equally engaged. It is difficult, because there are people that would come out and try to take you out to be perhaps most famous , or people who want you to be less famous than you are and just do not accept who you are in life. And when I was on the phone with ( Kim ) , even in my darkest moments

, I felt energy and reminded me who I was " . After coming out publicly for a little over a year and receive their first child together , North , in June , West asked marriage Kardashian 33rd birthday Monday. The artist arranged a surprise developed at AT & T Park in San Francisco , which he rented to ask her to marry and filled with family and close friends of Kardashian. Kardashian 's mother knew what was up , and that he had asked his blessing . So on Monday , the artist knelt and asked the question marriage as appeared on the giant screen of the sand: "BY FAVOOOR CONMIGOOO WED ! " . And that was not all : an orchestra of 50 members played Young and Beautiful Lana Del Rey song itself followed by West featuring Keri Hilson, Knock You Down , with the whole show ended with fireworks. In accepting the 15 -carat ring by Lorraine Schwartz West , Kardashian responded to your request with an enthusiastic "YES!

Starring Elvis Presley's Granddaughter new video of Justin Timberlake

For his new video, Justin Timberlake turned to the company model and actress Riley Keough, who is none other than the eldest granddaughter of Elvis Presley, the result of the relationship between Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough.

Riley is 24 and just got engaged to actor Alex Pettyfer, who met on the set of the film 'Magic Mike'. In July this year was linked to former Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson, however, rumors were never confirmed.

This time, she plays Justin's partner, who lives a stormy affair reaches sickly violent ends.

Sounds like Timberlake's videos, 'TKO' lasts just over 7 minutes, where an angry Riley knocks the singer and ties in his van, dragging through the desert with an unexpected ending.

The subject is the new single from the album "The 20/20 Experience - Part 2" of the former member of N'Sync.




How, when and why it is celebrated on Thanksgiving

Why is held : In 1620 the Pilgrims traveled from England to America on the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth . They escaped from the constraints of the Church of England and also of poverty . Could be considered the first North American immigrants . Massachusetts native Indians received them amicably and shared their knowledge pilgrims in this land crops and taught to hunt and cure meat of animals in the area. To celebrate that had survived a very harsh winter and had a bumper crop that would help them face the next , the Pilgrims held a great dinner. Native invited to acknowledge their help. The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted several days . Both the Indians and the Pilgrims shared food, drink and fun

Today is a day of thanks for the harvest and for all that one has in life. When is it held : The first U.S. president , George Washington declared the first Thanksgiving Day on February 19, 1795 . Later, Abraham Lincoln chose the October 3, 1863 as a day of reflection and gratitude. President Theodore Roosevelt in 1941 changed the day of Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday in November , which is still the day that the holiday is celebrated .

How is Thanksgiving celebrated in the United States : It's a family celebration in which people even travel to another state to meet his family . As in the United States are more independent of each other that Latino families , make the effort to meet at least once a year . It is one of the most important celebrations in the United States and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season . The next day, Friday , is called Black Friday , when there's a sale at a store in preparation for the season ahead gifts . Now there are also reductions in the virtual stores on the Internet that day. The Thanksgiving menu The traditional menu is roast turkey , mashed potatoes , candied sweet potatoes and glazed carrots, green beans and rolls or accompaniment . The typical dessert is pumpkin pie or pecan . In many restaurants serve a special menu that day , and some supermarkets and delis sell cooked and traditional menus . I can order a few days before and picked up on the morning of Thanksgiving Day .

If you cook at home, you can customize the Thanksgiving menu as you want and give it a Latin twist . Ideas for Thanksgiving Day Get together with family and friends and if possible, invite people who have no relatives in this country. Try to help others less fortunate. Make a donation to an organization that helps people without resources or volunteer at a shelter. Make with your children a list of blessings. Actually this is something you can do throughout the year to raise children respectful and grateful. Organise a meal in which each attendee bring a dish typical of his country. Need not follow the traditional menu. The important thing is to share a special day with friends and family. Many families decorate your tree this Christmas day or put the birth.


They discover a new asteroid weeks after passing close to Earth The asteroid 2013 TV135 , discovered last October 8 by astronomers working at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in Ukraine , it turns out weeks before its discovery happened quite close to Earth . The September 16, 2013 , the asteroid came to 6.7 million kilometers (4.2 million miles ) away from our planet . Preliminary estimates of its size , it measures 400 meters ( 1,300 feet) and its orbit takes it as far as three-quarters of the distance of Jupiter's orbit , and so close to the Sun as the distance separating it from Earth orbit. The asteroid 2013 TV135 thus joins the group of more than ten thousand known celestial bodies able to pass near Earth .

The new asteroid orbital period is nearly four years. As has been observed in its orbital path as only a tiny part of that fouryear period , the future orbital path is still not clear , especially given that so small celestial bodies are very influenced by the gravity of other stars and therefore their direction can undergo significant changes . As you know, 2013 TV135 could return to the vicinity of Earth in 2032 . No one should be alarmed at the visit, as the science team Program Near Earth Objects ( NEOs for its acronym in English ) under the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena , California , has calculated that the chance that this asteroid colliding with Earth is just one among 63,000 .


The most addictive applications The App is short term we use on a daily basis referred certain programs with special features. Applications can be identified as being more dynamic than traditional programs, as well as being aimed at mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Currently, the market for apps has grown globally due to the large facilities that give users, especially those that can be downloaded for free. In fact, many of the apps we usually download can become an addiction, either by the user or by the challenges they impose, especially in For games ... Draw Something : This is one of the most addictive games due to the interaction between players. Drawings is to guess your playing partner does and get the highest score possible . Candy Crush: This game became popular thanks to Facebook , and consists in matching candy series to disappear them and fulfill missions or scores the same game gives you . Definitely an addictive puzzle adventure . Facebook : This is definitely the most addictive social network in recent years , therefore, your app has become one of the most downloaded due to addiction caused . Angry Birds: Who does not know this game? This app has more than one billion downloads and has endless varieties , it has become so popular that the company responsible for the app decided to market products with their characters . Twitter : Another social network that has become an addiction , especially for those who like to read short news instantly.

WhatsApp : This application messaging has become one of the most addictive , so even their " double check " has caused many problems in relationships and friendships. Where's My Water : Disney was the company responsible for developing this addictive game. Is to help the fun character by guiding water to his shower broken. Cut the Rope: Feed him a little monster is what you should do in this app , however , the ropes holding his food must be cut at the right time to keep the food ... Do you dare ? Waze : Unlike others , this application can be very useful , as it discusses the real-time traffic , but as you drive and use the app , you can make your user grows. Plants vs Zombies : No doubt , the zombies are very popular in recent years , so this app takes the undead as you must destroy some plantes "destroy - zombies " .


Moda Fashion A style for every day of the week Open your closet can be a new world of possibilities at your fingertips if you can combine the same old things differently, if you mix the basic wardrobe with the latest trend clothes and if you let yourself be inspired by the posts of Jared, for example, these ideas to wear each day of the week. Monday Let's start the week off right. It seems that autumn is already here to stay and we have to get the coat closet , even one light to withstand the cold morning . Tuesday Although we have a formal job , we can wear a trend this season as complicated as a dress lingerie with heels and a sweater over that gives a more sober and formal. Wednesday The jeans are the garment over all terrain . No more is needed to mix with jewelry and heels so we can bring even to work and to look professional and sophisticated. Thursday Thursday is the new Friday. I've been hearing that phrase years , but hey, if you're extending the work on Thursdays from some snack after working out , road wearing clothes , and comfortable shoes. Neither your boss nor your friends will hit a black and striped look . The long vest is elegant for day and hat we can leave for the evening.

Friday If your office prevails casual friday , you can combine a suit with running shoes with no problem. Comfortable , stylish and the latest fashion .

Saturday Dinner with friends, and a subsequent copeo by bars . Not a bad plan. Show your musical tastes rescuing your favorite rock shirt , conjĂşntala with a leather pencil skirt and heels and you're ready for a great night . Sunday On Sunday, one pound will not go home to eat his parents . Leave to rest the feet of heels from the night before , but please cute with a skirt and display your best smile but what you really would like to do is sleep all day .

Tijuana, B. C. Phone(664) 615 80 13 Fax (664)615 80 03



The 10 films fight for the Oscar

Since the year is ending, but we're still waiting for some film premieres, then give way to the tapes that will surely be top contenders to win an Oscar. Of all the films we can say that one of the favorites is directed by a Mexican, by the famous Alfonso Cuaron, and it is likely that Guillermo del Toro has also entered the race for Pacific Titans, a film that will surely be among the nominees for special effects. However, leaving aside the tapes that are on the special effects, there are several that may be candidates to take the statuette for best picture, or principal, they touch on issues that appeal to the academy and in addition each has a star cast. GQ sites, you some of the films that will be the talk of the Oscar awards ceremony 2014.

Gravity . Alfonso Cuaron , nominated for three Oscars for his work as a screenwriter in Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men , writes ( with his son Jonah) and directs Gravity , Space and claustrophobic thriller that features only two performers , George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Favorite by having two large . Although science fiction is not one of the favorite genres of voters , the Mexican space epic contains the dramatic force necessary to compete for the "gold" . Moreover, coupled with this photography is by Emmanuel Lubesky . The Wolf of Wall Street. Scorsese , DiCaprio , McConaughey are warranty, and the plot is inspired by the life of stockbroker Jordan Belfort written by Terrence Winter (The Sopranos , Boardwalk Empire) and filmed by Mexican photographer Rodrigo Prieto are reason enough to consider one of pointers . Captain Phillips . Paul Greengrass , director of the aftermath of Jason Bourne and Oscar nominee for the leadership of United 93 ,

directed Captain Phillips , a thriller based on actual events : the kidnapping in 2009 of an American ship by Somali pirates . As if today 's context and Greengrass path were not enough, the title role lies with Tom Hanks. The Butler . It is one of those films that seem designed to sweep awards season . The film tells the true story of Cecil Gains, White House butler who came to serve eight different presidents in a time when blacks were still fighting for their rights. Oscar winner Forest Whitaker leads a cast that also included names such as Terrence Howard , Oprah Winfrey , Alan Rickman , John Cusack , Robin Williams , among others. August: Osage county . This drama , about a Southern family adversity , is based on a famous play Pulitzer Prize winning author , Tracy Letts, adapted for the big screen . Production has George Clooney , not least the film has a great cast , Julia Roberts , Meryl Streep , Chris Cooper , Benedict Cumberbatch , Ewan McGregor , Abigail Breslin , Juliette Lewis and others.

The Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew McConaughey lost all his muscles to play the AIDS patient protagonist of this story , and Jared Leto did the same , and also travisti贸 for the occasion . This could be the year of McConaughey .

The Counselor . A story about drug trafficking jeans and written for the screen by Cormac McCarthy , directed by Ridley Scott and starring Brad Pitt , Michael Fassbender , Javier Bardem , Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz .

American Hustle . The new film from the director of Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and The Fighter (2010 ) screamsOscar ! everywhere. Looks eccentric performances butt , scams master the style of the 70s and an ensemble class that can steal all the prizes. Added to this , the film features performances by Christian Bale, Amy Adams , Bradley Cooper , Jennifer Lawrence , Jeremy Renner and Robert DeNiro .

The Monuments Men. Clooney takes to film the novel The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves , and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History, an enigmatic that takes us to the end World War II.

12 Years a Slave . Like Django Unchained (2012 ) , this film based on the life of Solomon Northup , forcefully addresses African American slavery . The difference , a more emotional and less violent , which can translate into more attention from the more conservative sectors of the Academy. The film was directed by Steve McQueen and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender , Brad Pitt , Paul Giamatti , Lupita Nyong'o and Paul Dano .

The impressive cast led by Daniel Craig , Cate Blanchett , Bill Murray , John Goodman , Matt Damon , Jean Dujardin and Clooney himself , give life to a select group of historians , museum directors and art experts who are the important and dangerous mission to recover artworks stolen by the Nazis during the war. Inside Llewyn Davis. The Coen Brothers movies never go unnoticed by members of the Academy. And while this story about folk and country singers , runs a lower profile than its recent successes , we bet you will be among the favorites.




Myths about the benefits of water We've always known that drinking water is essential for our body to function properly, but recently, this has become a fashion, whether in the park for a walk, in the gym or just on the desk in your office, we always have a water bottle right? On the water, they say many things but they are all true?

Myth 1 : The water helps you lose weight . This is a half- myth , as drinking water can help you lose weight as long as you follow a weight loss plan , it alone does not work miracles . Myth 2 : If the water looks crystal is suitable for consumption Actually , microorganisms can not be seen with the naked eye and therefore do not produce bad appearance in the water , so these features are not quality assurance of water. Myth 3 : You HAVE to drink 8 glasses of water a day . The amount of water you should consume each day depends on your diet, weight and metabolism, you can start taking 8 glasses a day and titrated with help of your nutritionist. Myth 4 : The filters are a guarantee of the quality of water in the home. These commercial filters require maintenance frequently and usually users do not know, why can become severe water pollutants . Myth 5 : You should ONLY drink water when you are thirsty . Actually this myth might work for someone completely sedentary , but for whom , albeit occasionally, working out, in any way, because your body loses large amounts of water . Myth 6 : Water quality is better the longer you boil. Boil the water for more than a minute can cause changes in taste , and this time you only need to kill microorganisms that are in it.


Sarah Brightman in Concert, Los Angeles, CA 2013 The soprano, actress and dancer, with the best sales of all time, presents his concert in the city of Los Angeles, California Dolby Theatre (formerly Kodak Theatre) on Friday, November 1, 2013 at 8:15 PM. Sarah is the only artist who has been in the 1st place in the Billboard and Billboard Classical Dance Chart simultaneously; among his subjects have, "A Whiter Shade Of Pale "," Deliver Me "and" Time To Say Goodbye ".

Father John Misty in concert in Los Angeles, CA 2013. Joshua Tillman is a popular American singer and songwriter indie and folk rock, to be presented in concert on Saturday 2 November 2013 in the city of Los Angeles California in the famous The Wiltern from 8:00 pm to delight your audience present us with some hit songs such as "Nancy From Now On "," Young Lady "," I'm Writing a Novel ", and others of their musical hits. Do not miss this great show!

Selena Gomez in concert, Los Angeles, CA 2013 The popular American singer Selena Gomez presents her new Stars Dance Tour 2013 tour with a concert in the city of Los Angeles, CA on November 6, 2013 at 7:00 pm in the town Staples Center promoting her first album with the Come and Get It hit some of his best known songs are Love You Like a Love Song, Who Says, and Hit the Lights with has successes have earned certified Platinum and Gold

Nine Inch Nails concert in Los Angeles, CA 2013 U.S. The industrial rock band known as "Nine Inch Nails "will be in concert on Friday November 8, 2013 in the famous Staples Center in Los Angeles California, the time has not yet been defined. The band will delight your audience with some of his musical hits such as "Lights In The Sky", "Demon seed" "Letting You", among others of his hits ... Do not miss it.

Zoe in concert, Los Angeles, CA 2013 Mexican rock band ZoĂŠ, the current members, Leon Larregui, Sergio Acosta, Jesus Baez, Angel Mosqueda, Rodrigo Guardiola; interpreters of the issues, "Dream", "Labios Rotos" and "Nothing". the band will be presenting a concert in the city of Los Angeles, California at Club Nokia on Friday, November 8, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Justin Timberlake in concert, Los Angeles, CA 2013 The multifaceted Justin Timberlake, known as singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actor and entrepreneur; this time we presents her "20/20 Experience World Tour" where construed "Pusher Love Girl", "Suit & Tie", "Do not Hold the Wall" among others, in the city of Los Angeles, California, Staples Center on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 at 8:00 PM


Captive tourist sites Queretaro Mexico offers many destinations that are full of life, history, fun, tradition, culture and so on ... If one chooses a state of the Republic will always find you need to enjoy your surroundings, and that is that every place has its charm, those special features that makes it unique. Make a count of the best tourist destinations would be very difficult, however, we can focus on a single state and show all the things that need to be done on it. Traveling to the Midwest we ran into Queretaro, joint state with colonial modernity, and also provides a wide variety of sites that tourists can walk among them the most famous vineyards: the Cavas Freixenet.

Cavas Freixenet. The house wine of the largest in America, is located in the estate Do単a Dolores, just 10 minutes from the Pe単a de Bernal. Freixenet is known for producing wines through the champagne method (called sparkling wine).

Pe単a de Bernal. It is known for its huge solid rock monolith, the Pe単a de Bernal, the third highest in the world after the Rock of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean and the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro.

Great Pyramid Cue. Is located 8 kilometers south of the state capital, is very similar to the Crescent pyramid of Tula, Hidalgo. Its architecture is marked Teotihuacan influence. Ideal for travel.

Derramadero . It is one of the natural attractions Tolimán Township . This is a camping area that has excellent vegetation of oak and pinion ideal for extreme sports

Querétaro Semi - desert . Less than an hour from Santiago de Querétaro , is the semi desert. In this area you can visit the vineyards and learn about the winemaking process and discover how to produce the different cheeses.

Sierra Gorda . In this area you know the way of the five Franciscan missions , perfect samples of baroque and World Heritage Site by Unesco . Ecotourism camps are also nestled between green living .

Ballooning . Tequisquiapan Come and enjoy the experience of flying in a balloon , to see the sights Queretaro , watch the sunrise , and eat delicious when you return.

Caves the Herrera . They are located in the community of Los Herrera , at km 30 of the road Vizarrón -San Joaquin , just five minutes from the county seat , were discovered in June 1968.




Maradona celebrates 53 years and no one takes away what bailao

The October 30, 1961 was born in Argentina , Diego Armando Maradona. Considered by critics as the best player of recent times , noted for his skill with the ball and his trademark technique . From humble family, Maradona started playing football with his friends in a suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires . Nicknamed The Kid and Golden Fluff , being very small landed a starting job on a child and at age 12 was already ninth division champion . In two years totaled eight divisions , from ninth to first . In 1977 he debuted with the Argentina national team in a match against Hungary in which he played only a few minutes. Two years later he won the World Youth Cup with argentin selection . It was named the best player, the top scorer and, achieve success both made the leap to European football. In 1982 Maradona signed a contract with Barcelona for 1,200 million pesetas. He played 39 games and was the top scorer with 27 goals . In 1984 he signed a contract with the Naples for 1,300 million pesetas and in which he undertook to remain until 1989 . They managed the league title in 1986-87 and the Italian Cup . Shortly before, in 1986 , Maradona had won the world title with the selection Argentina in the World Championship held in Mexico . The scandal also accompanied him almost as much as the success . In February 1991, Diego Maradona was accused of being linked to drug trafficking and prostitution , the April 2, 1991 , the Discipline Committee of the Italian Football Federation imposed a sanction injunction to play for testing positive for cocaine after the match Napoli- Bari , was suspended by the committee , and the Appeals Committee upheld the penalty. Poc odespuĂŠs was arrested in Buenos Aires in a police raid drug . The April 28, 1992 was released and had to face prosecution for drug supply free of charge and possession of drugs .

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