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BIOGRAPHY (LEO ARREDONDO) He was born on September 7. 1981 in a small town in Jalisco, is the 4th child in a family of 5, very humble. Edgar Leonel Jose Arredondo Arredondo very young leaned the art of music, singing for the first time at age 6 in front of his family who came from U.S. "Leo Arredondo" always had a dream of being an artist, but sometimes I had no lunch for your school if your hunger artist triumphed. At 10 he worked at a gas station window cleaner to help parents with the cost of school, that's where it starts to interact with people, that he was opening a path to your dream. In high school, brides wore serenade their friends, but for economic reasons truncates their higher studies in normal, apart from being a teacher. Start working in a company, where her friends encourage him to resume his dream of becoming a singer. It is at this stage of his life where his friends driven to cast decides to join a band. His ability to speak and to sing the songs, even though she never studied singing, does accept it. This group became popular, however decided to leave the band because economic problems forced him to seek more revenue. Over time he matured and his voice, with a unique style and unique offer to be lead singer in another pool, this is where he began to study music, leaning wind instrument, the trumpet.

Your safety when interpreting, joy and romance characterize it. For work travels to Europe, Russia, Spain and Germany, which leverages opportunity to fulfill his dream, invest your money in a short demo, it was his idea to be soloist. Seeing their potential, studio manager decides to make an entire CD at half price. So go on Leo Arredondo an immense talent. With the CD entitled "Little by little," he opened the door for her songs sounded on local radio stations. Leo was climbing stairs, for his song "Slowly" found its way, its increased popularity, dances entertained and shared the stage with Saul scene jaguar, Banda Maguey, carnival band among others. With that desire to succeed that characterize "Leo Arredondo" recorded her second album with Norte単o Band, titled "The Chameleon". Disk on which he composed the themes "the pericazo", "accelerated" and "honest", his songs have been a trancazo and to date his dream come true today. Arredondo humbly Leo people and for the people, with the boots on securely and unique voice on impulse has established nonstop Mexican talent

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BIOGRAFÍA (LEO ARREDONDO) Nació el 7 sept. de 1981 en un poblado pequeño de Jalisco, es el 4º hijo de una familia de 5, muy humilde. José Ed...