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FristClass Ben Nason Technology Integrator • March 10, 2011

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Page 2: Opening FirstClass, Logging On Page 3: FirstClass Desktop, Changing Password Page 4: FirstClass Mailbox, Organizing Mail Page 5: Creating New Mail

Opening FirstClass Find your FirstClass icon in your desktop doc. This is usually the second application icon

Logging On Using your personalized User ID and password, press Enter (Return on a Mac) or press the green arrow key. Remember: your User ID consists of the first five letters of your last name at most and the first three letters of your first name, followed by the two-digit number of the year you graduate.

Select the Advanced arrow. Once the User ID is inserted, click save to automatically save your User ID every time you login. NOTE: Do not save your password, so that no one else can gain access to your



FirstClass Desktop When your FirstClass opens, you will see your FirstClass Desktop consisting of several icons.

Changing Password Once your FristClass account is open from Collaborate in your top FristClass menu bar select Change Password.

From there enter the old password: pims1234. Then enter the new password in both New Password and Retype Password fields. Click OK. Your

FirstClass password will then be the same as your password


FirstClass Mailbox Your Mail Inbox is indicated by the Mailbox icon. Double-click on this icon to activate your Mailbox (or click once on “Mailbox� in the left-side Desktop Menu). From your MailBox screen, you can view and organize incoming and outgoing mail. All mail is defaulted to be listed in your Mailbox by date.

Organizing Mail You can sort your email by name, subject, email size, date modified, etc. You can add other labeled columns by clicking anywhere in the column bar and selecting

the label.


Creating New Mail To create a new email, simply click on the New button in the top toolbar. You can also create new folders and new contacts from this button by clicking on the down-arrow next to it.

Your new message will contain fields for Subject, To:, CC:, and the message body. When entering the name of the Sender, FirstClass will automatically search its directory for names similar to the one entered for easy access. Select the appropriate name from the drop-down list. In the message body tool bars similar to word processors allow customization of your message. When you message is complete and ready to send, simply click the Send button. You can clip attachments to your email by clicking Attach and selecting the

document from the drop-down menu


First Class Intro  

Document tutorial introducing students to First Class. How to access it, change password and access mail.

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