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MR.SIENG RATHA Group 13, Mondol 5, Sang Kat 4, Sihanouk Ville Cambodia.

June 14, 2013 Dear Sirs/Madam Your advertisement for Web Developer in website caught my attention. Currently I am working as a Web and Media & Communication of Sao Sary Foundation. I am interested after seeing such a great decoration of standard Company and I would like to apply to work as a Web Developer position in your Company. I am so proud and very interested about the plan of your Company with my experiences and capacities to work in yours. As above I have informed you, please get my respect as real highness of me. I hope that my name will enroll into your list for working as your staff. I would greatly appreciate if you would grant me an interview on any date convenient to you. Please feel free to contact me at 070 77 40 77 for any further information. I am looking forward to hear good news from you soon. Thank you for your attention and I am ready to join your office for any interview. Yours truly, Mr. Sieng Ratha Sihanoukville, Cambodia


: Curriculum Vitae.


: TV

Position Address Tel Website

: Web Developer : Phum Ou5, Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk Province : (855)70 77 40 77/078 303 204 :

& Radio Magazine E-mail


PERSONAL DATA Name Surname In Khmer

: Ratha : Sieng : សសស សសស សស

Given Name

: សសសស ស

Sex Marital Status Nationality Citizenship Date of Birth Place of Birth Health Height Weight

: Male : Single : Cambodian : Khmer : October 15, 1993 : Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia : Good : 1.73cm : 56 Kg

EDUCATION Present Journalism 2011-2013


10-12 Jan 2013 2010 -- 2011

: Has successfully completed two years of Social Communication and Section. : Social Communication and Journalism Section of the Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville, Cambodia. • Basic Program (Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Power Point….). • Social network (E-mail, Facebook, Twitter…). • Basic Website (Blogger, Word press, HTML…). • Basic Database MS. Access. • Design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flash and animation). • Program for Video (Basic Sonny Vegas, Camtasia, Cool 3D…). • Dynamic Website (Joomla, CSS Code, PHP, Database My SQL…). • Photograph (How to take Photos….). • Journalism (design Magazine, News Translate News from Website, Quote News… : Has successfully completed the training course on Key to Personal Empowerment for Success and Leadership in Don Bosco Sihanoukville. (Certificate) : Has successfully completed short course of Social communicate and Journalism. (Certificate) : Completed at Hun Sen Prey Nob High School. (Certificate)

2009 – 2010 2007 – 2008 2006 – 2008

: Has successfully complete in Headway Elementary. : Has successfully completed in Headway Elementary. : Completed at Beng Ta Prom Secondary School. (Certificate)

QUALIFICATION Social Communication and Journalism: Two years at the social communication and journalism section of the Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville, Cambodia, news, reports, interviews, photography, digital journalism (blogs, websites, videos, photography, free content) English: Good level (in the section with native English teachers, writing, listening, specking). Computer Program: Computer repairing, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Power point, Basic Access, Design (Photoshop 7.0, CS4, CS5, CS6) Flash & Animation. Web design: Design website with Joomla, Code(html, CSS, php), Database My SQL, Wordpress, Blogger, Wikipedia (in Khmer language), able to deal with social networks, Skype, Channels of conversation, News and information following in English and Khmer, Very Good in Khmer Unicode Typing (able to deal with Limon also). Audiovisual: Editing, Camera, Audio and Video mixer, Script making, Audio and visual studio management, lights. Public relations and organization communication: Intercommunication and external communication (bulletin design, board information, emails, letters, communicate, labor relations, contact with other organizations, seminary organization.) Khmer and English. HOBBIES Computer and Internet study, Reading book (history, novel, English) Travel, music…......... Very interested in development of modern technology.

WORK EXPERIECES In school 2011-2013: Computer Repairing and Maintenance, Building Website For For, news for Blog and Wordpress and other free web hosting ... Seminar about journalism and has practiced writing such as Newspaper, Magazine, TV and Radio Program. During I am studying we practiced to search information and do the report for the teachers. Jun/2012-Dec/2012: Volunteer Teacher

Part Time teacher in Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville Center (Ms.Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point, Access, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Internet&Email). (Certificate) Outside June/2013-Nov/2013: Worked as Web and Media & Communication in Sao Sary Foundation. Dec/2012-Jun/2013: Worked in a Receptionist at Rin Bunla Guest House. 2008 – 2009: Teacher English Class of Local English Class School. Special Skill Communication, Building website (Joomla, Blog, Wordpress), Code (HTML, CSS, BASIC PHP) Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and Indesign). LANGUAGES Khmer English

: Mother Tongue. : Good comprehension on speaking, listening and writing improving Daily by practicing directly with the foreign teacher.

REFERENCESE Fr. Albeiro Rodas Vice Rector of Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukvile, Cambodia. Dean of Social Communication and Journalism Section Phone: (855) 97 967 5042 E-mail:,, Mr. Ouch Sambo Manager of Social Communication and Journalism Section President of Social Comm Past Pupils. Phone: (855) 92 38 62 40, 98 44 33 76 Email:, Mr.Kong Mao Manager of Audio Visual Production of Social Communication and Journalism Section. Phone: (855) 90 33 47 46 E-mail:

Ratha good