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Inspiration from Anne Lamott by Tracy Wood page 36 All written work in Rathalla Review remains copyright of its respective author and may not be reproduced in any form, printed or digital, without express permission of the author.


Jackie O’Brien


Everything Named by Travis Taylor page 22

The Deadliest Four Letter Word by Richard King Perkins II page 12 Philosophies by Ed Krizek page 13 Happening Again by Grant Clauser page 14 Between L and N by John Timpane page 21 White Azaleas by Jeanne Obbard page 34 Love Lingers on the Chaise by David P. Kozinski page 35

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True Jews and Other Living Dreams by Terry Barr

Bess Tells All by Cynthia McGroarty page 15

page 11


Re-Gifted by Tom Gumbert page 7


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Truce by Allison Whittenberg page 5 Roar of the Girl in the Room by Elizabeth Bodien

Rathalla Review Spring 2013 issue  

In this issue of Rathalla Review, check out the art of Jackie O'Brien, excellent fiction, poetry from writers such as Allison Whittenberg an...

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