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in Leading Innovation and Change

The Master’s degree for leading innovators offered by York St John University delivered in partnership with Robert Kennedy College, Zürich

“innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” Steve Jobs, Founder and CEO, Apple


“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it� Albert Einstein


Welcome from the Dean

A very warm welcome to York St John Business School which we proudly launched in May 2008 where we deliver undergraduate programmes in Business Management, Information Technology, Tourism and English Language and Linguistics. We also offer post graduate degrees in Leadership and Management, Leading Innovation and Change, English Language and Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL). We have successfully launched in September 2010 an innovative suite of programmes including Global Marketing, International

Business and the York St John MBA. York St John Business School is working closely with our partners in Zurich at Robert Kennedy College in providing an innovative and exciting programme of delivery in the MA Leading Innovation and Change. We enjoy successful recruitment of a strong and diverse international student group bringing a rich cultural base to our programmes of study. Support and expertise can be found through York St John International, accredited by the British Council ensuring quality in all aspects of teaching, accommodation and welfare. The Business School promotes a global perspective across all subject areas through curriculum development, staff and student mobility, assessment and learning experiences. Currently we benefit from hosting approximately 300 students from 28 different countries in York. Many students are also studying overseas for all or part of their programme providing a diverse cultural experience and promoting global citizenship. E-Learning technologies have been developed by staff to support students through a range of diverse learning opportunities worldwide.

Our academic staff possess a breadth of skills, knowledge and experience to support teaching activities. Varied research interests of Staff underpin teaching of the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum within all subject areas. We are justly proud of our excellent PhD students across all areas, our achievement of 10 University Teaching Fellows, a National Teaching Fellow, countless books and journals and the impressive number of research conference papers presented nationally and internationally by staff, and students with staff. We encourage professional accreditation across all areas and enhanced qualifications through additional certification, improving employment opportunities. Our Business School programmes are validated to provide a variety of entrance and progression routes to enhance lifelong learning opportunities regionally, nationally and internationally. We believe you will find our approach very professional and we pride ourselves on our warm and welcoming manner. Jackie Mathers


York St John University MA in Leading Innovation and Change

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.“ Steve Jobs, Founder and CEO, APPLE Inc.

“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.”

Professor Michael Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School In partnership with Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland, York St John University is now offering one of the most innovative postgraduate programmes available – the MA in Leading Innovation and Change – to managers and leaders throughout the world. The programme, which includes a compulsory one-week residency in Zürich, can be completed in 12 months. Innovation and change are more than just words; they are critical challenges in today’s workplace. Leadership of innovation and change can make the difference between success and failure. The MA in Leading Innovation and Change (MALIC) programme is designed to support experienced managers for whom the opportunity to network with other leaders will contribute to widening and developing


career and personal leadership qualities. It is intended for those who already hold a position of influence in managing innovation and change, or those whose current role will include leadership in the future. Doing ‘the business’ is much more challenging than talking about it, which is why commentators note how ‘innovative and transforming’ is the way things are done at York St John University. The executive-style delivery provides master classes from established and knowledgeable academics, wisdom from experienced change managers, and lessons from innovators. You will also get a chance to meet other leaders from the public and private sectors who are facing similar challenges, and to work on facilitated real life / action-based projects.

Duration: Minimum 12 months, maximum 5 years Delivery Method: Mostly online via OnlineCampus (an excellent interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration, plus a one-week compulsory residency. The residency is held at Robert Kennedy College in Z端rich and taught by York St John University faculty. Places: Strictly limited to 50 per term. Tuition Fees: 9,500 CHF (Swiss Francs). This includes library access, OnlineCampus access, graduation fees, and York St John matriculation fees. Fees are payable in instalments with no interest charged. The fees are for the full programme all modules and personal supervision of the final dissertation OR 1,300 CHF (Swiss Francs) for the one module entry route. Not included in these fees: Residency costs such as airfare and accommodation. Some textbooks are also not included (approximate cost 450600 CHF).

Terms: Four terms per year: Winter, Spring, Summer (on campus Residency) and Autumn. Accreditation: This programme is approved and validated by York St John University. After successfully completing your studies at Robert Kennedy College, you will receive a degree from York St John University which is duly accredited by the British

Government. York St John University degrees are recognised worldwide. The Residency The MA in Leading Innovation and Change provides you with the best of both online and conventional studies. For the majority of your studies you enjoy the flexibility of online learning at your own pace from anywhere in the world through the Robert Kennedy College OnlineCampus state-of-the-


art course delivery system. But you also benefit from face-to-face lectures during the compulsory residency week. The residency, of 5 days in Zürich, is a key part of the programme. Here, you will work face to face with colleagues from the programme. The residency will cover aspects of research methods, leadership skills and team skills. This is a crucial and very valuable element of the programme, and all students are required to attend and to take part in the activities. The residency gives you the opportunity to complement your flexible online learning programme with a learning experience that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. Zürich, the business capital of Switzerland, has been ranked for seven successive years as the first city in the world in terms of standard of living. The College campus, at just 10 minutes from the vibrant centre of Zürich, will give you the opportunity to experience outstanding lectures from York St John University teaching staff in a unique setting. With students from every continent, it will be a truly international experience and an opportunity to network with fellow leaders from all over the world.


About Robert Kennedy College Robert Kennedy College was founded in 1998 as a private educational institution. The College is owned and operated by Robert Kennedy College & Co. Mission and quality Our mission is to provide academic excellence in distance education for students worldwide, through appropriate application of leading edge technologies. Under the supervision of a Board of Governors, we offer rigorous but flexible learning programmes, enhanced by state-of-the-art online e-learning technology. With instructors having graduated from some of the best universities worldwide, and students from 105 different countries, we are a truly international establishment, offering Swiss quality education at distance, judiciously combined with short residencies. Ranking: Robert Kennedy College (RKC) has been consistently listed among the top 20 MBAs in the world in the Financial Times 2007, 2008 and 2009 Distance Learning Surveys.

Student-Centred Philosophy For RKC you are not just a student ID. You are part of our learning community – online. Whatever you are called - Richard, Douglas, Karin, Ahmed, Ajay or Francis – we’ll know you by your name. You and all other students and teaching staff are members of the RKC family engaged in the adult learning process. Together we are a team. An overriding objective of this team is to enable our College to consistently improve the quality of education it offers – your education. Small and Big All our students benefit from something very important: our personal attention. We are small enough to find the time for our students. Always. And small enough to improve and change the content of our courses quickly, following the latest education trends. Yet we are big enough to offer you access to an electronic library with over 1,500,000 current articles from the top 400 business publications. With your laptop you can access them from the comfort of your home or while travelling. Wherever you have a computer and Internet ac-


cess, the class is open for you. State of the Art Technology In pursuit of its commitment to provide exemplary services to its students, Robert Kennedy College uses OnlineCampus, a tailor-made software application for online course delivery. It is an allencompassing, interactive and easy-touse application, which makes studying online a truly enjoyable experience. World Class Faculty RKC employs highly qualified teaching staff who have graduated from leading Universities like Harvard Business


School, Stanford University, Oxford University, New York University, and Wharton... to name just a few. Degree Recognition The MA in Leading Innovation and Change at RKC is validated and awarded by York St John University and recognised worldwide. Validation and Accreditation After successfully completing your studies for an academic degree at Robert Kennedy College, you will receive your degree from York St John University, which is an institution fully accredited

by the British Government. Your degree will be recognised worldwide as one of quality. More information is available at the RKC website: About York St John University York St John is a prestigious civic university with roots going back to the 1840’s. York Diocesan Training School, for teacher education, opened in May 1841 with one pupil on the register, 16-year-old Edward Preston Cordukes. (The current Students’ Union building is named in his honour). 1846 saw the foundation of the Female Training School which moved to Ripon in Yorkshire in 1862. The college in York was described as St John’s College from the late 1890s. By 1904 St John’s was the largest Diocesan college in the country with 112 students (today it has almost 6,000 students). After rapid development of its subject base and student numbers both institutions merged in 1974 to become the College of Ripon & York St John. The University has also had a long and productive relationship with the University of Leeds dating back to 1920. In 1999 the College’s Board of Governors de-

cided to relocate all taught courses to the York campus, and by the end of 2001 all students and staff had transferred across to York and a new name was chosen: York St John. In September 2005 York St John was officially granted taught degree awarding powers. Following this, it received approval from the Privy Council of the United Kingdom to become a University and adopted the full title of York St John University on the 1st October 2006. This was followed by the installation of its first Chancellor, Archbishop Sentamu, in March 2007. Today the University is based on an award-winning campus in the centre of the ancient city of York with its 6,000 students studying a very broad range of subjects. It has a highly recognised reputation for its teaching and learning, and a wide network of regional, national and international partnerships which now includes Robert Kennedy College. More information is available at the York St John University website: Admission Requirements All candidates entering this programme MUST have significant work and ideally management experience, and be in

a position to influence their organisations. In addition, they will normally possess: EITHER

A Bachelor degree in any subject from an approved University or Institution in accordance with the York St John University requirements for MA programmes (a first degree achieved at class 2:2 or above); OR

An equivalent qualification acceptable to the York St John University; OR

A professional qualification, or its equivalent, which is considered to be relevant and appropriate for advanced study OR

Be able to show evidence of personal, team or organisational influence or leadership. Applicants will normally have appropriate professional or academic qualifications in fields such as finance, accountancy, personnel or human resources management, marketing, psychology, sociology, medicine, business administration or law. If an applicant’s first language is not English, he/she must be able to

demonstrate oral and written fluency in English. Working or studying in an English-speaking environment will usually be sufficient to demonstrate an acceptable competence. Otherwise, a student whose first language is not English will be required to achieve IELTS 6 or above with no less than Band 6 in writing, or equivalents acceptable to the University of York St John and Robert Kennedy College.. Each qualified applicant will be interviewed by the Dean of Robert Kennedy College or his nominee in person or by telephone. The main purpose of the interview is to select motivated applicants with the ability to benefit from a solid commitment to the programme. In its efforts to create and support widening participation, York St John University and Robert Kennedy College actively encourage applications from all ages, of any gender, ethnic and/or social background and from students with disabilities. Aim of the Programme The programme aims to provide a wideranging, informed and systematic approach to management and leadership so that both organisational and individual potential are enhanced. As a participant, you will choose particular issues


that you identify for resolution and development in your own organisation. The course will provide frameworks and opportunities for supervised reflection, skill development and networking. It will also provide an opportunity for leaders of innovation and change to work together on issues that will have significant impact within their organisations. Programme Outline Innovation is built into the design of this programme, which allows busy managers to achieve a Master’s degree in 12 months. The programme consists of the following modules: Introductory Module (not-for-credit module) Power Learning for Managers Taught Modules Leading Innovation & Change (30 Credits) Essence of Leadership (30 Credits) Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership (30 Credits) Culture and Innovation in Organizations (30 Credits) Residential week in Zßrich, Switzerland - Compulsory Research Methods and Dissertation


(60 Credits) Supervised dissertation work ONLINE COURSES

There are no average courses within our MA programme. We aim to provide an exceptional learning experience, and there is no better way to achieve this aim than with outstanding courses. They have been carefully crafted by experienced professors and are all meant to make you a more successful and efficient manager. Each module includes six video lectures recorded by York St John University members of faculty. There are no old-fashioned exams. Instead you are given real-life case studies and essays which allow you to think critically about your company and your own career. All this might seem glossy but there is one catch: we do not accept average candidates. Only individuals as outstanding as our values can find their way toward admission on this programme.

journey, this module provides you with the essential skills for success in the MA with a wide array of power learning tools for today’s business managers. The course differs slightly from the others within the programme in that in preparation for the first credit-bearing module, you have more flexibility on your assignment and schedule. This

module starts every month and lasts four to six weeks. Among the unique set of outcomes provided during this module we can count writing for business, managing your time and career effectively, becoming a successful manager, solving business problems and achieving superior performance in a virtual team.

Course Descriptions  Power Learning For Managers PLM (not-for-credit module) The prelude to your MA programme is our PLM module. As a roadmap to your


In addition to these managerial concepts we will also gently introduce you to the assessment system and the case-study method. You will have access to sample assignments with clear do’s and don’ts to ensure your personal success in the MA.


Leading Innovation and Change This module explores leadership theory and practice in relation to theories and processes of innovation and change. It includes the opportunity to explore leadership techniques relevant to change management, entrepreneur-

ship and innovation. You will be encouraged to use your own experience in leadership roles to inform discussion, enquiry, critical thinking and reflection. Essence of Leadership The aim of this module is critically to appraise theories of personal and organisational leadership and models of organisational behaviour, in order to understand how to influence them as a leader. The module includes the opportunity to use diagnostic processes for assessing personal leadership abilities and organisational effectiveness. In addition to sharing personal experiences, you will evaluate the strategic behaviours of others. Indicative content: perspectives of leaders and leadership in organisations, eg traits and styles; diagnosing and leading organisational effectiveness; theories of group and team behaviour and team development; collaborative working; participative and shared leadership.   Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership The aim of this module is to build awareness and understanding of strategic thinking and strategic leadership and its contribution to business performance by reviewing relevant theo-

ries, models and concepts. You will develop an appreciation of the complexity of relationships and tensions associated with designing and leading strategy. Indicative content: strategic thinking and strategic leadership: theory, process and practice; skills of strategic leadership; the role of the executive in strategy formulation; forging links between leadership, strategy, change and innovation; approaches to embedding strategy within the organisation.  Culture and Innovation in Organisations This module reviews the cultural context of organisations and its impact on leadership. The politics of organisations and of people working within organisations are explored in relation to beliefs, values and norms within groups, social systems, personal preferences, styles and behaviour. Why are some teams more responsive and how do we overcome resistance? Indicative content: organisational culture: shared beliefs, values, norms behaviours, group processes, organisational politics, shadow side influences in organisations, leadership.   Dissertation The dissertation provides you with an opportunity to undertake research into

a significant aspect of leading innovation and change within your organisation. This independent research exercise will demonstrate your ability to explore and examine a complex issue that is relevant to your organisation (or one that you know), define a re-

search question, research this situation using appropriate tools, and produce conclusions and recommendations specifically relevant to leading innovation and change. Indicative content: approaches to research and framing the research ques-


tions, aims and objectives, ethical and professional considerations, identification of resources required for the research, approaches to collection and analysing qualitative and quantitative data, writing a proposal (2,000 words) and presenting research data and findings in the form of a 12,000 word dissertation. Assessments All work is assessed through written coursework. This may be presented as an academic paper, project, presentation or a combination of such things, equivalent to 6,000 words of text. Overview of the Programme This programme leads to a qualification awarded by York St John University. It is provided by tutors from both Robert Kennedy College of Zßrich and the University. The programme’s aims and learning outcomes have been developed by tutors at the University, and all aspects of structure, progression, assessment and quality assurance are governed by the University of York St John regulations. Tutors from the Robert Kennedy College lead online tutorials and discussion groups, facilitate learning, and provide


support for students, and mark assignments. Some tutorials are provided directly by teaching staff from York St John University during the residential element of the programme. Students on the programme have access to all the online resources at the University and at Rober Kennedy College. Together, Robert Kennedy College and York St John University have a very substantial range of management texts and access to electronic journals, available remotely via the internet. An excellent range of student support and welfare services are also available.

demonstrate leadership of innovation and change as part of strategic development in an organisation;   identify and evaluate culture in an organisation;   evaluate leadership styles appropriate to specific situations;   reflect critically on ethical dilemmas within the decision-making processes in organisations;   systematically reflect upon learning, practice and experience.

Learning Outcomes By the end of the programme you will be able to: examine the contributions of various theoretical models and approaches to leadership, innovation and change within organisations;   explore the different facets of effective leadership;   assess personal and professional strengths and areas for development as leaders;   design and implement a research project relating to leading innovation and change within an organisation;


Jackie Mathers MBA, ACIPD, CMI, FHEA Dean, York St John Business School Following 10 years in the commercial financial sector and 10 years delivering business studies in a further and higher education college Jackie joined York St John University in 2001 as a specialist in Strategy and Finance contributing to all programmes within the business management arena. Jackie brings to the Business School extensive experience within higher education and management of a diverse range of programmes and associated staff combined with long term engagement with industry. Emphasis on the student experience to enhance the time spent at University and increase employment opportunities following gradu-


ation has been an important aspect of her teaching philosophy. Jackie embraces the opportunity to bring students from overseas to York to benefit from the rich educational experience within York St John Business School and to enjoy the beautiful surroundings within the centre of York, sharing experiences with both international and UK students and professional partners. As Dean, Jackie is responsible for strategic management of York St John Business School working across all areas and building partnerships regionally, national and internationally. Jackie

influences both the direction of the Business School and the University through membership of a wide variety of University and external committees. Jackie is passionate about personal and professional development whether this be for herself, her staff or students within the Business School and this is demonstrated by her membership of and engagement with the Higher Education Academy and Chartered Management Institute, Associate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and work undertaken with the Association of Business Schools along with her directorship of York Professionals to broaden staff, student and external experiences. Much of Jackie’s work is focused around International Higher Education and among other things she has researched ways in which the undergraduate student experience can be enhanced through collaborative learning and development of emotional intelligence. Working closely with International students both in the UK and overseas Jackie has developed a diverse and valued community to share and engage in multiple global agendas. Jackie continues to work closely with

local and regional employers to develop innovative curriculum which delivers employer objectives and yet is interesting and enabling for participants. Work continues with employers to establish links to enhance student employability on completion of the programme and to bring relevance to skills and concepts learned in University. Core Course Team Head of Programme Dr Tina Harness Tina Harness has 10 years’ postgraduate and undergraduate university teaching experience both in the UK and overseas. Her specialist teaching areas include HR Management, Organisational Behaviour and Research Methods. Her industrial experience was gained in the energy industry and the NHS working in HR management roles. Tina has undertaken consultancy for the IT industry to facilitate the development of web-based HR management support packages. Her PhD (Huddersfield University) explored the implementation of strategic human resource management in a cross section of UK businesses. Currently her research interests comprise Strategic HR Management and

Relationship Marketing. She has publications in the Service Industries Journal, Journal of Product and Brand Management, and the Journal of Financial Services Marketing. Programme Tutors Professor David Costa, Dean, Robert Kennedy College BA Business Studies (University of Derby), LL.M International Trade Law (University of Northumbria at Newcastle), MBA eCommerce (Queen Margaret University), Ph.D Strategy, Program

and Project Management. (Skema Business School, France) David Costa is Dean of Faculty and one of the founders of Robert Kennedy College. In his capacity as Dean, he oversees the faculty review process and several of the academic programmes of the college. He is a Fellow of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Society of Statistics. He read law at the School of Law of the University of Northumbria, Newcastle, and graduated with an LL.M degree. He complemented his legal studies with the Advanced Project Management Program, Stanford University, from which he graduated with the


widely respected title of Stanford Certified Project Manager. He then expanded his knowledge of business through the Entrepreneurship Development Programme of the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dean Costa also holds a BA in Business Studies from the University of Derby, an MBA in eCommerce from the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland and a Ph.D. in Strategy, Programme and Project Management from the Skema Business School (ESC Lille) with a thesis that dealt with indexbased commodity investments. Prof. Costa lectures in the area of Investment and Money Management and is a frequent guest on several business television channels such as CNBC Europe and Bloomberg Television. His recent research on risk adjusted portfolios with both stocks and commodities has been used for the creation of a Swiss publicly traded investment certificate issued by the second largest German Bank, Commerzbank AG.


Professor David Duffill, Deputy Dean, Robert Kennedy College MA Engineering Science (Pembroke College, Oxford University), MBA (Harvard Business School), Member of the British Institute of Marketing With his Oxford MA and his Harvard MBA Prof. David Duffill had been a professional consultant for almost 20 years when in 1997 the company in which he was a partner was sold to Renaissance Solutions of the USA. Two years later, he and three colleagues left Renaissance to start TCI Consulting, a “virtual� consultancy specializing in helping clients by providing strategy inputs and business intelligence for their strategic planning process. While Prof. Duffill’s main industrial recent focus has been in the healthcare, automotive and construction materials markets, his experience covers a broad range of industrial and service organisations. A substantial part of his current consulting activity is in competitive intelligence, including helping

clients to benchmark their cost position against key competitors. Professor Roy G.C. Damary, Head of Business Studies, Robert Kennedy College MA Engineering Science (Pembro-ke College, Oxford University), MBA Baker Scholar (Harvard Business School), Ph.D. Business Management (University of Lausanne) Prof. Damary holds an M.A. in Engineering Science with First Class Honours from Oxford University and MBA with High Distinction from Harvard Business School. While pursuing his full-time career as a business consultant (Technomic Consultants SA, Geneva), he achieved his Ph.D. from Lausanne University in 2000 (his thesis dealt with the reforms in Russia and the emergence of modern business practice there). Prof. Damary combines a long experience in practical consultancy and running his own business with academic management and teaching experience in marketing, accounting and finance, and entrepre-

neurship. This dual nature of his professional experience and his pluri-disciplinary academic background, combined with his personal experience of preparing a doctorate while working full time allows him to marry the academic and pragmatic aspects of business and research as they apply to doctoral studies. Over the period 1986 to 1994, Prof. Damary was engaged in university teaching and programme management at Webster University, Geneva. He ran the MBA and other business programmes, and taught business, marketing, accounting and finance courses. His business consultancy has been built around industrial marketing consultancy, with more recent responsibilities in financial market analysis and the creation of business enterprises. He is Economic Adviser to Bridport Investor Services, a Geneva-based, fixed-income broker and consultancy. Benedicta Lusk, Adjunct Professor of Management B.Sc. in Management and Organizational Behaviour (University of La Verne), MBA (Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School, Claremont Graduate University) Benedicta Lusk, founding member of Lusk,

Paul & Associates, L.L.C., is an entrepreneur, strategist and executive coach. She is recognised for her exceptional facilitation and relationship-building skills at all levels of organisations, especially the executive branch. She brings over fifteen years of executive experience championing real lasting business improvement by changing how people view and run their business. Her experience, international and national, spans the defence, industrial and commercial business sectors with significant accomplishments in organizational behaviour, programme management, strategic planning, business and marketing management, executive coaching, and profitability turnaround. She also has significant expertise in information technology both from a strategic as well as an operational standpoint. Ms. Lusk’s strategic partners include economic development agencies, elected officials, chambers of commerce and federal departments and agencies. She has received numerous awards for her contribution to the success of economic development agencies in creating and retaining business in the Southern California region. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Inland Valley Economic Development Agency. As well as her executive MBA and her

BSc she has a teaching credential from the Los Angeles County Office of Education. Emeritus Professor Gabriel Jacobs, Member of the Board of Academic Governors and Research Coordinator, Robert Kennedy College BA (University of London), Ph.D. (University of Wales) Before retiring from his Chair of Business Information Technology at Swansea University, Professor Jacobs’s primary teaching interests were in multimedia applications, business telematics and computer-assisted learning. In 1993, he helped found the Association for Learning Technology and for nine years was Editor then Executive Editor of its journal, ALT-J. Before that, he was Joint Editor of the journal Interactive Multimedia. Professor Jacobs has directed several major European-funded projects related to small businesses, multimedia and e-learning. He has researched and published very extensively in the areas of IT and general business management.



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