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Belly Dance - Middle Eastern

AF 02 $9.25 Multisized 8 -18 Azita’s Crocheted Bras & Girdles Five crocheted patterns for crocheted bras. Coins, chain, beads, or fringe may be added for trim.

AF 03 $9.50 Multisized 8-18 Nagwa’s Bra-Tops Includes 3 lined bra top variations; a halter, criss-cross halter, and a fitted band with elastic casings.

AF 04 $8.25 Multisized Tahia Alibeck’s Bras A bra top pattern with instructions to decorate it with beads, fringe, chains, and tassels.

AF 05 $10.25 Multisized 8-18 Tahia Alibeck’s Belts 5 belt variations with directions to decorate them in a variety of ways to coordinate with the bra-tops

AF 06 $10.25 Multisized 8-18 Inalame’s Halter Bra & Tie Girdle Excellent for full figures. 2 bra variations and 3 girdle variations

AF 07 $10.25 Multisized 8-18 Alviyah’s Turkish-Macedonian Vest Form fitting vest with tab trim at keyhole neckline. 3 sleeve variations

AF 08 $10.25 Multisized 8-18 Bahar’s Boleros Five variations of the bolero. Includes instructions for decorations

AF 09 $10.25 Multisized 8-18 Saadia’s Vest Form-fitting over-the-bust vest worn with or without a bra 3 sleeve & 3 neckline variations.

AF 10 $10.25 Multisized 8-18 Parie’s Peasant Blouse Versatile little blouses worn alone or under a bolero or vest. Three sleeve variations.



Belly Dance - Middle Eastern

AF 11 $10.25 Multisized 8-18 Marhvash’s Turkish-Arab Vest Form fitting, lined vest with keyhole neckline and 3 sleeve options.

AF 12 $11.25 One size fits all Suzanna’s Swirl Skirt Pattern Eight paneled skirt originating on the French Riviera. One size fits with minor adjustments.

AF 13 $11.25 One size fits all Najla’s Accent Skirt This over skirt may be worn with harem pants or a circle skirt. Pattern for circle skirt not included

AF 14 $13.00 One size fits all Sirane’s Skirts & Salome’s Veils Special directions given for ruffled edging. One size fits all with minor adjustments.

AF 15 $12.50 One size fits all Hathaya’s Harem Pants Two variations. Excellent for practicing or performing.

AF 16 $12.50 One size fits all Khariya’s Skirts Egyptian style skirts that are ideal for border print fabrics. One size fits all with minor adjustments

AF 17 $11.25 One size fits all Sharreh’s Skirts Two seductive skirts that require much less fabric than a regular skirt and show a hint of leg.

AF 18 $11.25 Farasha’s Accessories Includes a gauntlet with 4 sleeve variations, a beaded head band, necklace & upper arm band, 2 head covers, a zil bag & trim tab

AF 19 $11.25 Parveneh’s Panels A versatile costume accessory to compliment your harem pants or circle skirts. Nine variations included.



Belly Dance - Middle Eastern

AF 20 $11.25 One size fits all Cikira’s Jacket This simple little jacket makes a great jacket to your cabaret wardrobe.

AF 23 $11.25 Multisized 6-18 Elena’s Beledi Dress Versatile cover up dress popular in Egypt. 2 styles with 3 neckline & 3 sleeve options.

AF 26 $11.25 Multisized 6-18 Etiya’s Etek Worn by Algerian dancers. Two length options.

AF 21 $11.25 Multisized 6-18 Shirin’s Farrajiyah Modern version of the cloak of the African desert worn by the Tuaregs. Cutout shoulder option.

AF 24 $11.25 One size fits all Alesandre’s Abayeh Traditionally a primitive Muslim garment of Africa, Turkey, and Persia.

AF 27 $11.25 One size fits all Bahiga’s Blouse 2 length options and 3 sleeve variations.

AF 22 $15.75 Multisized 6-18 Al-Zahra’s Ghawazee Coat Worn by the famous Ghawazee dancers of Egypt. 3 Length, 3 sleeve, & 3 neckline options.

AF 25 $11.25 One size fits all Phhaedra’s Egyptian Caftan This Egyptian caftan is a fulllength garment with wide long, draped sleeve.

AF 28 $11.25 Multisized 6-18 Farida’s Folk Chemise Traditional robe of the Middle East and N. Africa.



Belly Dance - Middle Eastern

AF 29 $11.25 Multisized 6-18 Cemiyeh’s Caftan This traditional caftan is a long, coat-like garment with long sleeves worn throughout the Eastern Mediterranean.

AF 34 $11.25 Multisized S-L Ahmed’s Chalwar Draped pantaloons worn by men in North Africa and the Middle East. The chalwar has a tight fit around the ankle with a wide lower leg.

AF 30 $15.25 Multisized 6-18 Duriyya’s Djellaba Moroccan caftan-like robe. Wonderful cover-up for your belly dance costume.

AF 35 $11.25 Multisized S-L Irahim’s Cepken Bolero-like vest or jacket worn by men over a white shirt and with a sash. Three sleeve variations.

AF 32 $11.25 Multisized S-L Abdul’s Gallibiya Usually made of white cotton, this pattern comes in two lengths with three neckline options and two sleeve variations

AF 36 $10.00 Multisized Hanida’s & Hadhi’s Headdresses 6 traditional men’s headdresses and 4 women’s in addition to instruction on how to wrap a turban. In addition three cabaret style headdresses.

FW 144 $21.00 Multisized 10-2XL Tribal Style Belly Dancer Most pieces can be sized to fit any Includes pieces for choli, cutting diagrams for other garments, and complete instructions for garments SEE BACK OF CATALOG FOR ORDERING AND SHIPPING INFORMATION



Her kan du købe Tøjmærker online til de laveste priser på nettet - samler udvalget og giver dig Tøjmærker billigt Hvis ikke du f...


Her kan du købe Tøjmærker online til de laveste priser på nettet - samler udvalget og giver dig Tøjmærker billigt Hvis ikke du f...