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How Microsoft is Reinventing Azure for the Enterprise?

More and more enterprises are adopting cloud for specific applications with an intention to reduce IT-costs and launch new cloud intensive business models. As per recent market research report, many enterprises are prioritizing cloud over on-premise workload deployments. They are looking forward to a single global cloud platform to facilitate deploying and managing of applications for faster app innovation and Microsoft is redefining Azure to suit the needs of enterprises. Let us find out some of the ways Azure is operating and emerging as a leader:

Enterprises as collaborators

Microsoft is helping their customers’ senior management teams to realize their app roadmap by giving enterprises the options to buy Cloud Services thus making enterprises partners in new app creation.

Extend enterprises’ existing IT It enables you to use both the cloud and your datacenter by bringing Azure model development and deployment to your own datacenter. Mostly enterprises have standardized their IT infrastructure on Microsoft architectures years before and therefore, they are enjoying and choosing Azure more than other cloud platforms.

Pay-as-you-go services Azure’s services quickly match your demand by scaling up and down because they operate on payas-you-go mode. Therefore, you need to pay for only what you use. Azure has made a commitment to match competitor prices for cloud infrastructure services like bandwidth, storage and compute at a per-minute billing rate inferring that you would always get an unbeatable price for services.

Data privacy and protection Azure has established itself as the industry leader by making a commitment for protection of your data. They were the first of all the cloud providers to be recognized by the European Union’s data protection authority for their commitment to stringent EU privacy laws. They were also the first to adopt ISO 27018, the new International cloud privacy standard.

Worldwide network Microsoft Azure helps you to run your apps anywhere around the world and achieve greater performance as it run on a global network of datacenters managed by Microsoft across 30 regions that is much more regions and countries covered by Google cloud and Amazon Web services combined.

Now, you know how Microsoft Azure is scaling itself globally to support the enterprises’ vision of exceptional cloud app system development.

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