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Standardization, your route to more profits

KEE Consultants : The Best Experts at your Service

Standardization is often misunderstood. Many agencies find it expensive, time consuming, and many printers consider it hard to put into practice.

KEE Consultants is an International Network of Graphic Industry Leading Consultants and Experts founded by Elie Khoury, an internationally recognized French expert committed to implementing ISO standards in the Graphic Arts Industry since more than ten years.

However, standardization is simply about complying with some set rules between different actors and partners in a production network. Complying with these rules allows each party to bring its contribution in a framework that will ensure a final product beyond reproach. A matching product is accepted and reflects the image of a Quality company : it increases your profits. A non-compliant product must be reprinted or invoiced with a discount : it makes you lose money.

ISO Standards and ICC Specifications

KEE Consultants is the first network of International consultants to have adopted, adapted and implemented ISO standards and ICC specifications to the graphic arts industry. KEE Consultants is a member of international organizations. Over ten years’ experience and contribution in this field enable us to help you in your quest to improve your products, your working practices and your profitability as well. Moreover, KEE is an approved partner cooperating with several standardization organizations, such as UGRA and Fogra.

KEE Consultants’ objectives are to promote, contribute to the development and to the implementation of the Graphic Arts Industry Standards. KEE Consultants also aims to provide the industry with a reference platform and resource center for global consultancy, training and services. KEE Consultants offers end-users, corporations and OEMs a wide range of on-line and on-site services including training, seminars, audits, preparation for certification, methodology and technical services related to color and color reproduction. Choosing the standardization services and solutions of KEE Consultants is not just about giving your company high quality services and hi-tech solutions, it is about putting your business on track for a better process control and mastership, and more, much more profits.

► Full satisfaction and guaranteed results, this is the challenge that KEE Consultants have always met with success!

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ISO 12647 Standardization and Certification

Improve the Quality of your Prints and the Profitability of your company through Standardization File Standardization

Proof Standardization

Print Standardization

Producing a digital file includes two steps : design of the content and its preparation for reproduction.

Once the file is ready for print, you need to predict the final output colors.

Content creation and design is the artistic part of the job. It should be done in a controlled envioronment which is compliant to ISO 12646 in terms of softproofing and ISO 3664 for ambient lighting. Moreover, software color settings should reflect standard choices and working spaces, be it RGB, CMYK or other…

The printer’s job is to print his client’s products in accordance with the client’s expectations as well as with his production tool.

The proof of an advertisement sent to several printers should reflect the rendering of a standard printing process.

File Standardization should include the compliancy with the printer technical specification and especially with press printability related parameters : color separation, dot gain, black generation... and TAC (Total Area or ink Coverage) which is «the first reason generating printability and production problems» according to recent surveys.

► Thanks to the solutions and to the expertise of KEE Consultants network, your workflows and your files will be made compliant and certified according to the technical specifications and standards such as PDF/X and PDF/X Ready®.

The proof of an ad sent to a specific printer can reflect the actual rendering of the optimized printing press. Your proofing system should hence be able to adapt to your workflows, to your expectations and to the intended use of the proof. Your proofs should be compliant with a standard or a specific printing process and in all cases be certified to match the destination process.

► With KEE Consultants solutions and expertise, your proofs will be compliant and certified according to ISO 12647 specifications for the different proofing papers used.

KEE Consultants Commitment

Error free files, easier and faster make-ready, decreased paper waste, better match between proof and print, and an optimized ink consumption.

A good balance between the objective (client expectation) and the means (industrial tool) leads to an optimal profitability. Any inadquacy in this relation leads to poor profits or even financial losses. Key factor of success for the printer is to maintain this balance which is served from both sides by Standardization :

• Standardization of the objective can be achieved with documented specifications that are made available to the client. • Standardization of the printing process can be achieved by making it compliant with ISO 12647 standard specifications.

► With KEE Consultants solutions and expertise, your printing processes can be made compliant and certified in accordance with ISO 12647.

KEE Consultants Commitment

KEE Consultants Commitment

Matching proofs for designers, agencies, repro and printers. Proofs that are easily reproducible on the press.

■ Stable prints that match proofs more easily, faster make-ready time, minimum paper waste and ink consumption.

KEE Consultants : The International Network of Experts for the Graphic Industry Standardization

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KEE Consultants is an International Network of Graphic Industry Leading Consultants and Experts founded by Elie Khoury, an internationally r...