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CV + Portfolio



Education 2013 - 2016

Architect | Designer

Manchester School of Architecture

FIRST CLASS HONOURS in BA (Hons) Architecture

2011 - 2013

Jamnabai Narsee School - IBDP

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - 38/42

Higher Level: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Standard Level: Economics , English Language & Literature, French

2010 - 2011

Podar International School - IGCSE

Post Applying For:

Junior Architect


First Class Honours Degree BA (hons) Architecture Manchester School of Architecture

601, Shimmer Apts. Plot No. 9, N.S. 8th Rd. JVPD Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai 49, India. M (India): +91 9167068940 H (india): (022) 26281313

Having completed and Work Experience at Sanjay Puri Architects and RIBA Part 1 BA (Hons) Architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture, I find that my enthusiasm lies in creative experimentation & technical learning with a strong passion for situationally appropriate design. I enjoy rich use of Materiality, particularly Timber, and manipulations of Light by model-making. With an immense interest in Technology & design, I also delve in exploring the intersection of the two and their influence on society and built environments. Furthermore, my experience in Performing Arts Management and as Societal Collaboration at University enhanced my communication, presentation and collaborative qualities and I discovered how I enjoy working with clients while being a keen team player.

International General Certificate Secondary Education (94.6%)

Work Experience 2017 - Present Junior Architect | Currently Employed

Sanjay Puri Architects

| Ar. Ruchika Gupta

Current Work Profile : Planning, Design Development, Facade design, Interior Working Drawings, Structural, MEP & Municipal Drawings for: (i) Seasons by Rustomjee, Bandra (Interiors, Residential Complex) (ii) Vijay Enclave Towers & Clubhouse, Thane (Residential Compex) (iii) Happy Benchmark Textile Hub, Surat (Commercial Project) (iv) Namoh Residential Complex, Jodhpur (Vaastu Shastra Planning) (v) WA Awards - Isckon Temple Ahemedabad (Competition Proposal)

2015 Architectural Intern | 3 Months

Vivek Bhole Architects

| Ar. Vivek Bhole

Work profile: Concept Design, Facade & Skin design, Planning and Detailing of numerous project types and competitions namely: (i) MADC Nagpur International Airport, India; (ii) National Cultural Center Design Competition, Gurgaon, India, (iii) SGI International School, Pune. Experience in Residential, Commercial, Educational, SRA projects

2014 Architectural Intern | 3 months ZZ Architects | Ar. Zubin Zainudin

Work Profile: Conceptual Representation, Working & Detail drawings (residential, commercial, leisure and educational projects) Independantly planned & designed Dormitory Building of Bodhi International School complex, Jodhpur, India. I handled general drawing sets and briefly managed office documentation.

2012 Design Intern | 1 month

VP Architects

| Ar. Vinay Patil

Work Profile: Planning (Bungalow Terrace Garden, Kitchen & Dining room detailing) Website Layout Design, Architectural Project Analyst (Architectural Details: Case Studies)

Professional Skills Novice


Academic Honours Pro

First Class Honours Degree

BA (Hons) Architecture - Manchester School of Architecture 2016

Rank: 5th in Maharashtra | NATA

(National Aptitude Test for Architecture, India) 2013

Exhibition Curator - MSA Degree Show


Head of Performing Arts & Societal Collaboration

Indian Society of Manchester, University of Manchester 2014 - 2015

Student Representative

Manchester School of Architecture 2013 - 2015

Manchester School of Architecture 2016

Certified Adolescent Mentor

Jamnabai Narsee School - International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme 2013

Captain - Football Team u/18

Award For Excellence: Physics

Maharashtra State Drawing Intermediate Exams: Grade A

Jamnabai Adolescent Mentor - JAM 2011 - 2013 All India Liga Football Tournament 2011 - 2012

(State / National Drawing Examinations, India) 2012 SD Sets

Study Trips

Model Making

Barcelona, Spain Lyon, France Rome, Italy Budapest, Hungary Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hand Drawing

Personal Skills Novice Communication Creativity




Principal Architect, Vivek Bhole Architects +91 9820749516

Languages English Hindi

Principal Architects, ZZ Architects +91 9820225638

Head of Year 3 Manchester School of Architecture


Interests Dance Tech Music

Krupa Zubin & Zubin Zainudin

Amy Hanley

Albena Yaneva

Tutor at University of Manchester

Ambitious Leader

Professional + Academic Vivek Bhole

Team Work Aimable



Food Travelling

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio




Gurgaon Cultural Centre Internship - Neo Modern Architects


MADC Nagpur Airport Internship - Neo Modern Architects


Vijay Enclave, Work Experience - Sanjay Puri Architects


Centre for Acoustic Experimentation Bachelors: Final Year Project - Dissertation


Model Making + Photography Building Envelope Model 3D Printing Travel Photography Structural Hierarchy Model Cantilever Frames Model


Fitness and Cultural Centre Year 2 Project: Bachelors


Creative Constructs: Cantilever Frames and Outdoor Rooms Year 2 Project: Bachelors


RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Internship Projects

Neo Modern Architects | Work Samples

Gurgaon Cultural Centre, Gurgaon, India - Competition Proposal

Birds Eye View | Showing proximity to Golf Cour se Road, Gurgaon & Accessibility

Day View | Entrance | Str ucture

Night View Worked under : Ar. Vivek Bhole & Associate Ar. Azhar Bhati Team: Azhar Bhati, Zaid Sheikh, Vijay Raghavan, Rashi Vijan

I designed / planned / modeled this option for Form and Exterior Skin for the Gurgaon Cultural Centre Competition Proposal, using Rhino’s panelling tools and a little bit of Grasshopper. I also photoshopped the plans and presentation boards to fit the company’s style while maintinaing the clear and appealing look for the competition. The initial proposals were quite rectangular and I was asked to do something different, so by breaking the pattern, yet keeping it simple and buildable , I designed a parametric alloy Skin with availability for ample natural light. I reorganised the circulation and planning to fit the internal daylighting programmes in congr uence with the new forms too. *I did NOT render these images completely myself, I modelled them entirely, however.

Presentation Board | My proposal for Ground Floor Plan, Concept, Exterior Circulation

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Internship Projects

Neo Modern Architects | Work Samples

MADC International Terminal, Nagpur Airport, India - Option 1 with Feature Roof Element

Worked under : Principal Ar. Vivek Bhole & Associate Ar. Azhar Bhati Team: Azhar Bhati, Zaid Sheikh, Vijay Raghavan, Rashi Vijan

Again, I produced various options for the Form of the Airpor t. The clients wanted a Fluidic form for which I wor kd in Rhino, using Panelling Tools extensively and Rendering it in Cinema 4D after which I added the contextual details using Photoshop.

Option 2 with Additonal Glazing + Proposed Hangar

Ground Floor Master Plan / Zoning Scheme

The biggest concern in Nagpur was the Area usage , square footage and the Position and Height of the Terminal, ATC and the Hangar s in relation to the context and to each other. We overcame this problem by transforming the plan to incorporate many felxible plan spaces and modified circulation to allow for the requested formal styles. I then produced Presentation Boards to present to the clients and Vendor s to negotiate what str uctural solutions will be feasible .

*NOTE* I was not allowed to take copies of my wor k on other projects from this firm or the other s I have wor ked at due to Confidentiality Criterion.

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Work Experience

Sanjay Puri Architects | Work Samples

Vijay Enclave Clubhouse - Angular manipulation of planes.

Vijay Enclave - Residential Tower s (Elevation Option 1)

Worked under : Ar. Roopa Iyer & Associate Ar. Ruchika Gupta Team: Roopa Iyer, Riddhesh Sanghvi, Rashi Vijan

Worked under : Ar. Roopa Iyer & Associate Ar. Ruchika Gupta Team: Roopa Iyer, Riddhesh Sanghvi, Rashi Vijan

Floor Plans

I planned and modeled this option for proposal, using clean lines and clear profiles. I also photoshopped the plans and presentation boards to fit the company’s style while maintinaing the clear and appealing look for the Clients. The initial proposals were quite curvilinear and I was asked to detail this option differently, I reorganised the circulation and planning to fit the internal daylighting programmes in congr uence with the new forms too.

Conceptual Sketch

*I did NOT render these images completely myself, I modelled them entirely, however. Floor Plans

I planned and modeled these options as per clients requirements to stick to municipal requirements and give a sophisticated look to the facade which is aimed at a cer tain audience of potential buyer s. We incorporated the client requirements and cost restraints to produce a high rise option with frame walls and punctures while angling the chajjas to give optical variation and another option by manipulating, alternating and framing the views into and out of the building. *I did NOT render these images completely myself, I modelled them, however.

Residential Tower s Elevation Option 2

View from Main Road

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


B.Arch: Final Year Project

Centre for Acoustic Experimentation

Interior View - Acoustic Atrium

A polyhedron Sound Tunnel leaks sound into the atrium through specialized apertures to create a reverberant acoustic ambiance. Sound Rooms are located at important vector points around the Sound Tunnel and are externally clad with acoustic reflective surfaces (wood) that add to the Atrium’s sound quality. A flight of stairs wraps around the sound tunnel to allow people to be as close to the experience as possible and at varied levels.

Analogy | Formal & Acoustic Concept

The Universe, the Human Body and All Matter are vibrating at certain frequencies. Exposing Internal Organs to different musical frequencies encourages healing from within. The Centre for Acoustic Experimentation uses Sound and its Resonance / Reverberations as Therapy which aims to aid patients with Mental Illnesses at NHS and Researchers at Manchester Science Park to help the advancement of Sound Therapy, while public from the University area, Hulme, Moss Side, etc... can use the building to Experience and help experiment with Sound and indirectly become part of the research and observation. Research has proven that Sound & Music Directly affect different parts of the brain and can very well be used as Therapy. Therefore it started with the idea of:

Analogy: Woodwind in a box. Sound amplifies as it’s guided upwards but no external sound can enter. Controlled Leakages allow the sound to reverberate in the box.

Geometry: Important vector points for sound leakage are made the locations of Acoustic Experimentation Rooms. They all are arranged in a way to provide the users a journey through Sound. The Red Sound Tunnel’s geometry enhances that of the woodwind.

Listening Rooms Producing Rooms Hearing Rooms / Labs

WHY DO PEOPLE SING IN THE SHOWER? Because they can feel the sound Resonate and Reverberate, they can feel it on their skin. I wanted to replicate this effect by using various Geometries and Materiality. I designed what I like to call the ‘Polyhedron of Hedonism’ - a Sound Tunnel that can replicate and enhance this experience. The Building also allows sound to be experienced in multiple different ways such as Hearing, Listening and Producing Sound in the various Sound Rooms and Labs. The beauty of delving into these experiences comes from Regular Rooms but Irregular Surfaces.

Room Typologies

Programme: The sound tunnel in the Atrium acts as the woodwind in a box (Glazed envelope) and the rooms have specific programmes of Listening, Hearing and Producing sound. As one goes up the building, the experience becomes more advanced. Reverberations

Resonance and Materials

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio

9 External Views

Approach from Cecil Street



Approach from Lloyd St. North


Approach from Outdoor Amphitheatre into the Building

Journey Through the Building


The acoustic experience of the building is completed through a journey that people take with the aim of eventually reaching the top of the Sound Tunnel, the highest level of the acoustic experience in the Polyhedron of Hedonism - One can enter the bottom-most dome of the sound tunnel and produce music / sounds while people can enter the top dome of the tunnel where they can be the audience to the performance happening at the bottom but they cannot see it. Here, its purely about sound and its experience. 1. The Exploration

- Being overwhelmed with the sounds and materials affecting it.

2. The Ascent - Going up the exterior of the sound tunnel on a cantilevered staircase.

3. The Delving - Experimenting with sound rooms (listening, producing, hearing)

4. The Transition - The freedom of movement accross the building on non-zero levels is via ramps


5. The Destination - Finally users reach the Polyhedron of Hedonism to become the sound tunnel’s audience.

A multi-faceted Glass skin angled in elliptical geomtery with an Outdoor Performance Area creates external acoustic Focal Zones while adding to the internal reflective and reverberent Acoustic Atrium.

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Roof Plan

Location Plan

Site Model Lloyd street North

Mansfield Cooper Building

Centre for Acoustic Experimentation

Grove House

Ellen Wilkinson Building

AQA Building

Contact Theatre

Whitworth Halls

Oxford Road

Horniman House


Plans | Sections | Elevations |Details

Lloyd Street North Elevation

South Elevation

North Elevation

Cecil Street Elevation

Ground Floor Plan




Section B

Section A

Hand-drawn Sketches | Internal Building Functions

Section Detail of Connection between Acoustic Room and Glazed Envelope

First Floor

Envelope Glazing Detail Envelope Primary Structure


Transparent Glazing Panels

Openable Window

Overslung Glazing Facet Siesmic Support Steel

Drainage Gutter

Underfloor Heating System

Reflective Glazing Panels

Envelope Secondary Structure Horizontal Support Members

Translucent Glazing Panels Siphonic Drainage System

Second Floor Finish Ceiling

Steel Joint for Glazing Support & Concealing

Vertical Cladded Glazing Aluminium Mullions Gravity Support Steel

Gutter Underslung Glazing Facet

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Sectional Perspective | Varied Acoustic Rooms & Internal/External Programmes

Exploded Axo | Anechoic Chamber Tectonics Controlling Space Through Detail External Wooden Cladding Cladding Support Structure Vapour Barrier DPM

Acoustic Boarding Primary Structure Steel Frame

Gypsum Board Internal Cladding Support Structure

Insulation Wedged Foam Interior Cladding

Envelope to Roof Junction Detail Aluminium Rood Profile 120mm Insulation Vapor Barrier 60mm Acoustic Panel Underside Steel Sheet

Sphonic Roof Drain System Aluminium Gutter Waterproof Membrane Steel Support Structure

Aluminium Drip

Interiors | Acoustic Rooms

Waterproof Membrane

Aluminium Gutter Siphonic Drain Pipe

Envelope Glazing

Anechoic Chamber

Envelope Glazing Structure

Underside Ceiling Profile

Air Duct Sprinkler Pipes

Sound Dispersal Room

Advanced Sound Production & Testing Chamber

Acoustic Reflection Lab

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Model Making + Photography Facade Structural Model - Laser Cut Wood + Black Acetate

Physical Models / 3D Printing / Travel Photography

Study Trips + Personal Travels Travel Photography Inspiration | Analysis | Conglomeration Urban Planning Analysis of Barcelona, Rome & Budapest

Powder 3D Print - Sound Tunnel

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Model Making

Physical Models

Cantilever Frames Testing Materiality, Cantilever Span, Connection Joint for multiple frames & Str uctural Hierarchy

Structural Model Testing Materiality, Geometr y, Connections & Hierarchy

Modelling the Cantilever frames had to be done purely by hand - sanding, car ving and sawing, as the shape is tapered 3-dimensionally and cannot be easily laser-cut / semi-digitally modelled with wood. This model was designed with 3 star ting points of Dance , a Giraffe and the Nothern British Culture (Etihad Stadium). The frame was designed in a pair fir st, and then multiplied to be able to be habited and used as a frame str ucture in repetition to create spaces. Primary Structure Model Scaffolding Secondary Structure Glazing Cladding Interior Finishes Services

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Year 2 Project

Fitness & Cultural Centre

The rooms are organised in a way that circulation takes places like a ballerina’s pirouette , in a spiral-like manner. The user s approach the building via a ramp / or the grass around and go up and around or stay on the ground level to enter other rooms. The central exterior void has been transformed into a natural amphitheatre to extend the programme outdoor s and allow access into rooms from beneath the ramp. The outdoor mar ket extends the shape of the cafeteria stalls outside .

Day View | Approach to the Building Via Ramp

In the r un-down area of Manchester - Levensulme , sur veys and statistical data shows how multicultural yet segregated their community is. My proposal was to integrate Health (due to Levenshulme’s low health quotient) and Culture (due to its Multicultural Locality) and create a place where Levenshulme can flourish economically, financially, socially and culturally. The design was inspired by the ‘Pirouette’ and the circulation and planning accordingly encourages user s to go around & upwards as they become more advanced at what they are learning. The building offer s Gymnasiums, Dance Studios, Consultancy Rooms, Commercial Auditorium, Fusion Health food Cafeteria and an Outdoor Food Mar ket for the evenings. This is an attempt to attract more people into Levenshulme and make it a safe space for people to interact and learn. Evening View | Outdoor Food Market


RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Dance Studio

Feature Staircase | Health Fusion Foods Cafeteria


South Elevation

East Elevation

West Elevation

North Elevation


Section Through Auditorium & Studio

Section Through Studios and Cafeteria

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio


Year 2 Project

Creative Constructs | Cantilever Frames & Outdoor Rooms Cantilever Kiosk | Inhabited

Cantilever Kiosk | Inhabited

The brief was to use some abstract extant plans and via diagramming, producing outdoor community spaces (Outdoor Rooms). By abstracting square plans of a librar y and adding an element of water I created a water fountain par k that turns into a spor ts viewing arena during game seasons. Combining this brief with experimentation of Cantilever Frames, I designed this cantilever str ucture (inspired by Dance , again) that acts as an entrance into the Par k and also ser ves as a kiosk (above). This was aided by my research into Heavy and Light Constr uction. These frames, at a different scale also ser ve as ‘Stadium Lighting’ for the Fountain Par k / Arena (Inspired by Manchester’s Old Trafford Stadium)

Outdoor Rooms Water Fountain Park / Sports Viewing Arena

The Cantilever Frames were meant to be inhaited, so I arranged them in a way to add shelves and extra stands. Section 1:50

Structural Section (Not to scale)

RASHI VIJAN - M.Arch II Portfolio

Thank You RASHI VIJAN RIBA Part 1 Architect rashivijan

Rashi Vijan - Architectural Portfolio  

Curriculum Vitae + Work Samples // Work Experience & University

Rashi Vijan - Architectural Portfolio  

Curriculum Vitae + Work Samples // Work Experience & University