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Drawings Rashidbek Muydinov Master of Architecture Candidate Boston Architectural College Semester 1 [Academic Only Program] Instructor: Michael Daniels

Drawing is my favorite pastime: it allows me to see and interpret the world in my own terms and tell my own story. It doesn’t require logic. It liberates me to draw how I see things, rather than what I see. When I am drawing, I am fascinated by the light and dark. Challenged by the form. Intimidated by textures. The following few pages include my works in graphite, charcoal and pastel from the class of Mr. Daniels as well as outside the curriculum. The drawing on the opposite page [“Bathing Girl“ by Leonardo] starts my recreations of the great Masters’ sketches, which helped me tremendously to acquire the technique and an artistic eye to look at things.

Thank you for your time!

Portfolio: Drawings  

Sample of my works in graphite, charcoal and pastel

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