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September - October 2013

Newsletter • Manama Toastmasters Club • CLUB 2916, DISTRICT 20

Editorial Manama Toastmasters Club has always had a rich history, called the mother club of Bahrain it has always been at the forefront of the events, achieving various milestones and

accolades in the process. End of August saw as loose someone who had contributed to the legacy of MTC, a member for more than 30 years, DTM Mohammed Iqbal Butt was a true leader and a person admired and loved by everyone who met him, I consider myself lucky to have meet him twice during regular MTC meetings, he will be truly missed. Part of being MTC member is like being part of history, as we made our own by putting forward for the first time team of runners to participate in the Bahrain Marathon Relay, another milestone achieved by the club. As the year comes to an end, we should start look at ourselves and reflect on what we have achieved and what we

missed on, so next year we will be ready for it as the finish line is far far away.

The Horizon Team Editor In Chief TM Rashid Maymoon


Proof Reader TM Claire Cosgrove

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The Finish Line


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President’s desk

TM Thuraya Juma

"Running a business is like running a marathon" What distinguishes great leaders from just good ones? Is it their IQ number or their technical skills such as business

planning or their cognitive skills like analytical reasoning? or maybe their determination, toughness and vision? No and I am sure all of you will agree with me. Any important big step we take in our life is just like a marathon. Marathon is not something we do every day. We don’t just get up in the morning and say ok I will run in a marathon. It needs planning, commitment, training and making adjustment to our plan according to the events along the way. It needs actually long hours of training and sometimes following a specific restricted schedule to be fit and to be ready for it.


It is the same in life; we want to change or purse a good

career, getting promotion, getting married or any other goals. These are really big things which need planning, re-planning and commitment. Even joining a Toastmasters club needs a plan and commitment if we truly want to develop our skills and get the best out of the experience. To achieve our goals, we need to commit ourselves to the process whether it is running in a marathon or pursing any other goal. It will not happen unless you make the first move and focus on it and remember that a Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

Fellow toastmasters words cannot describe what you will feel when you cross the finish line and succeed in accomplishing your goals and dreams. 4

Eulogy of DTM Mohammad Iqbal Butt Presented in Meeting #2427, August 31 2013 by Khalid Amin, CC, ALB

Fellow Toastmasters, It is with great sadness that I stand before you today to talk about our loss, the loss of our dear friend DTM Mohommad Iqbal Butt.

Having known DTM Mohd Iqbal for some time, I am sure that he would not want us to dwell on his departure. Rather, he would like us to celebrate and rejoice in his life, remembering the good things and the good times that we shared. DTM Mohd Iqbal was kind, caring, cooperative, considerate, helpful, forgiving and generous. Certainly, he was a true gentleman, but above all he had a unique sense of humor!


DTM Mohd Iqbal and I met in this room in the year 2005. I was new to Toastmasters. That day, he had given a speech and I remember walking up to him during the break to tell him how much I enjoyed his speech. His speech was about Einstein and the atom. We bonded instantly and remained good friends since then. Some weeks later, I listened to another speech given by him in which I learned how happy his childhood was.

Then there was this period that he stopped coming to our meetings. When I asked about him, I found out that he had been ill. A few days later, I knew that he was in Salmanya Hospital. I and Toastmaster Chandra Lyanarrachi visited him in the hospital. I will always remember what DTM Mohd Iqbal told me during that visit. He said, “Khalid,

what do you think are the most important things in life?” Being a toastmaster, I thought he was giving me a table topic to comment on. He quickly realized the puzzlement on my face and said, “After your own family, it is your good

friends!” .


On one occasion, I remember we were holding our Manama Toastmasters club meeting in the Bahrain Medical Society in Juffair. He called me asking where the place was. I told him that I knew the place and that we could go there together. He followed me in his car but I lost my way. Well, you know men! They only ask for directions when they are drunk and I certainly wasn’t drunk. After circling the buildings many times, we eventually arrived at the place half an hour late. I expected him to be mad at me but he wasn’t mad at all. As he was getting out of his car, he simply smiled and said, “Good job, Khalid. You really got us here! Thank you!”

The last time we spoke closely was when he was sitting next to me during our Tall Tale Contest. After I finished and went back to my seat, he patted me on my shoulder, and said, “That was a real tall tale! Well done!”


Like any good toastmaster, DTM Mohd Iqbal was a positive person, and I am sure he would not want us to be sad. If he were here, he would tell us to cheer up, smile and cherish the great moments we shared. However, you know that is not that easy. But I hope you will allow me to share these words with you all:

DTM Mohd Iqbal Butt Many good things about you we can recall We are sad you will not be with us anymore in this hall Physically you were not but in your roles you always stood tall You made us feel you had it all When you spoke you could turn this place into a dancing hall Unfortunately this week we were struck with appall We were hit by news that was not small Your loss caused our hearts to come to a temporary stall But the good memories you left will always be with us all We will miss you DTM Mohd Iqbal!


I Have a Dream… ACB/ALB Claire Cosgrove

“I Have a Dream” that Presenters … Will not have loads of text on their slides that I can neither read nor do I want to.

Will speak with their audiences, rather than at them.

Will involve their audiences by asking questions, telling stories, or getting them to “imagine this…”


Will use an expressive voice that reflects their inner passion that the speaker has for the topic.

Will face the audience instead of having the audience stare at their back as they read from their PowerPoint.

Will smile more and show emotion reflective of their materials and enthusiasm for being there.

Will use specific gestures that reinforce the message instead of rubbing hands or gesturing wildly


Will lure me in by telling me, in the introduction, how their presentation will benefit ME

Will not drive me crazy by using “um” or “like” every third word

Will not attempt to tell me everything they know about a topic, but condense, structure and highlight their message

Will not start a presentation telling me how great they are or their company is 11

New Members

Welcome to the Club TM Ali Hassan

Welcome to the Club TM Reshmi Sudha


September Meetings


07 September

14 September

21 September

28 September

Meeting No.

2428 Marathon


2430 Life

2423 I have a‌.dream

Master of Ceremonies

TM Edmore Mleya

TM Sayam Kumar

TM Bharat Patil

TM May Abdul Aziz

Best Speaker

TM Chris Noronha

TM Khalid Amin

TM Kishore Babu

TM Edmore Mleya

Best Evaluator

TM Hannah Karanja

DTM Joel Indrupati

TM Guraz Wankadia

TM Claire Cosgrove

Best Commentator

TM Rashid Maymoon

TM Amina AlHajri

Guest: TM Jaber

TM Reshmi Sudha


Meeting No. 2428 07 September 2013

Theme: Marathon

MC of the evening TM Edmore Mleya

TM Chris Noronha receives best speaker award from President TM Thuraya Juma

TM Rashid Maymoon receives best commentator award from President TM Thuraya Juma

TM Hannah Karanja receives best Evaluator award from President TM Thuraya Juma


Meeting No. 2429 14 September 2013

TM Khalid Amin receives best speaker award from President TM Thuraya Juma

MC of the evening TM Syam Kumar Kuttan

TM Amina AlHajiri receives best commentator award from President TM Thuraya Juma

DTM Joel Indrupati receives best Evaluator award from President TM Thuraya Juma


Meeting 2430 21 September 2013

Theme: Life

TM Kishore Babu receives best speaker award from President TM Thuraya Juma

MC of the evening TM Bharat Patil

TM Guraz Wankadia receives best Evaluator award from President TM Thuraya Juma

Our guest TM Jaber receives best commentator award from President TM Thuraya Juma


Meeting 2431 28 September 2013

Theme: I have a.....Dream

TM Edmore Mleya receives best speaker award from President TM Thuraya Juma

MC of the evening TM May Abdul Aziz

TM Reshmi receives best commentator award from President TM Thuraya Juma

TM Claire Cosgrove receives best Evaluator award from President TM Thuraya Juma


ACB/ALB Claire Cosgrove

Tell me a story walk the audience through the entire experience “Tell me a story, tell me a story!”

A story activates the imagination of the audience and makes your speech memorable. A story takes both the teller and the listeners on a journey. But it is how you tell your story that determines whether your audience enjoys your speech. And it determines whether your audience will remember your message. SO what makes a great story, a memorable story? The story, no matter, how simple or how short should be based on the ‘perfect story’ model. These are the stories that keep the audience sitting on the edge of their seat, engaged and excited, can’t wait for the end of the story. These are the stories that are remembered for years.

Let’s see what the ‘perfect story’ model is then so we can all use it in our next speech. Opening descriptive introduction The ‘perfect story’ begins with the introduction. Nothing new to public speakers. Here the story teller sets the stage by stating where and when the action takes place.


The main character(s) are introduced by name and by description of their physique. The setting or location may also be described. This detail in the introduction allows your audience to draw a visual scene in their mind. Then a mental or imaginary movie can ensue as the story unfolds. Conflict establishes intrigue The conflict needs to be introduced very near the beginning of the telling of the story so as to arouse the curiosity of your listeners. Conflict creates suspense and intrigue. Conflict raises questions. Conflict creates suspense. The questions might be:

“What will happen next? What will the main character do next? How will this conflict be resolved?�

If your story has conflict, the audience will be with you all the way. They will be excited to learn what happens next in your story. Their attention will be yours during your entire speech. Conflict escalates Once the conflict is introduced, it should escalate, increasing tension in your story until you reach the climax. The audience should suffer along with the main character. The audience should feel the frustration and anxiety of the main character. Then the audience will be eager to learn of the resolution to the conflict and will remember your story for a very long time.


Climax The climax scene is the most exciting part of any story. It’s the critical part of the story because it shows how the conflict eventually is resolved. So the climax scene should be given in vivid detail so that the audience can clearly see the story in their imagination. Conclusion The goal of every story is to illustrate the speaker’s main message. A strong conclusion or concluding message are crucial. The speaker’s take-home message should be tied into your story. And then, it will be remembered for a very long time.

them take home your message. The gift of the speaker, is the take home message. So let us all practice in our very next speech. Follow the ‘perfect story’ model. And very soon we will all enter the realm of the great storytellers. Not only will our speech be powerful, but our story will be memorable. Let us all have fun trying to excel. Now, tell me a story!

Your story may even change the lives of the audience for the better. People always remember best what they hear last. Therefore, the conclusion is the most important part of the speech. The conclusion gives value to the audience and lets


Manama Toastmasters

Birthdays 02 September 2013

TM Abdul Rahman Al Awadhi

12 October 2013 TM May Abdul Aziz TM Chris Noronha

Wedding Anniversaries 09 September 2013 TM Hannah Karnja


This summer our brave and experienced toastmasters Sheela Pai and Mariam Jacob went for a Safari in Kenya and from the looks of it they had a great time. Thank you TM Sheela and TM Mariam for sharing your memories



“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind� Maybe not as big as being the first man to the moon, but never the less it was an achievement that I am sure that will make those who took part as being on the top of the world.

It all started as our outgoing VP-Public Relations TM Edmore Mleya (Captain Ed Hereafter) in his last email inspired Manama Toastmasters Club members to participate in the Bahrain Marathon Relay, aided in that by his partner in crime TM Hannah Karanja, the idea caught fire and spread as bushfire through our members, many express their willingness to join in as runners, now for those who don’t know this, the emails were circulating during the month of June/July, three months before the event itself.

Months of training and hard work all paid out as MTC completed their first Marathon Relay in 4 hours and 50 minutes, 127 among 153 teams, not bad for first timers and to be honest

finishing the race was in its own right an achievement. Although the race has finished, but the memories will live on for sometime, as it will be remembered as the day when Toastmasters got rid of their suits and wore their runing shoes and did their talking on the race track.

Thank you to all the runners, Logistics team, those who funded us with Money and their beautiful encouraging words. Those who missed out, remember there is always next year.





October Meetings 12 October

19 October

26 October

Meeting No.

2433 The Art Of Overcoming Challenges

2434 Life

2435 Cheese

Master of Ceremonies

DTM Khalid AlQoud

TM Claire Cosgrove

TM Manal AlMatrook

TM Somaya AlJowder

TM Ali Hassan

TM May Abdul Aziz

Best Evaluator

TM Khalid Amin

TM Mariam Jacob

TM Chris Noronha

Best Commentator

TM Ali Hassan

TM Kishan Kumar

TM Maisa AlShaikh


Best Speaker

05 October



Meeting 2433 12 October 2013

Theme: The Art Of Overcoming Challenges

MC of the evening DTM Khalid AlQoud

TM Somya AlJowder receives best speaker award from President TM Thuraya Juma

TM Ali Hassan receives best commentator award from President TM Thuraya Juma

TM Khalid Amin receives best Evaluator award from President TM Thuraya Juma


Meeting 2434 19 October 2013

Theme: Count your Blessings

MC of the evening TM Claire Cosgrove

TM Ali Hassan receives best speaker award from President TM Thuraya Juma

TM Mariam Jacob won the best Evaluator award

TM Kishan Kumar receives best commentator award from President TM Thuraya Juma


Meeting 2435 25 October 2013

Theme of the meeting: Cheese

MC of the evening TM Manal AlMatrook

From Right to left: Best Speaker: May Abdul Aziz Best Commentator: Maisa Shaikh Best Evaluator: Chris Noronha Receiving their awards from the President TM Thuraya Juma

Winners of the special quiz competition TM Amina AlHajiri and TM Rashid Maymoon receiving the prize from TM Manal AlMatrook







organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members.

The first Toastmasters club was established in 1924 in Santa Ana, California by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley who

conceived and developed the idea of helping others to speak more effectively

Through its member clubs Toastmasters International with over

292,000 members attending one of 14,350 clubs in 122 countries helping men and women improve their communication and leadership skills.

Toastmasters International Headquarters are located in Rancho

Santa Margarita, California. Visit for more information. 32

Manama Toastmasters

Manama Toastmasters Club established in 1964, is the oldest in the Middle East. Our club is registered under the Ministry of Social Development (reg. no.74/C/C) and is affiliated to Toastmasters International.

Our mission is to provide a mutually supportive and positive environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills which, in turn, foster self-confidence and personal growth. Meetings: When? Every Saturday What time? 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Where? At the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Visit for more information. Contact: Vice President Public Relations: Rashed Ahmed Maymoon +973-39612914/ +973-32228575


Manama Toastmasters


TM Thuraya Juma President

TM May Abdul Aziz VP Membership

TM Laxman Rathore VP Education

TM Amina Al-Hajri Secretary

TM Rashid Maymoon VP Public Relations

TM Asrar Merchant Treasurer TM Chris Noronha Sergeant at Arms

Horizon Sept - October 2013  
Horizon Sept - October 2013