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Architect and Inventor Michael Reynolds to Teach Earthship Biotecture in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – February 3, 2012 – Philadelphia is one of the most toxic, blighted, and unemployed cities in America. In response to this growing crisis, Yeadon based nonprofit LoveLovingLove Inc. has been working for over three years to bring an “Earthship” to the ailing city. In April, they will be one step closer. Architect and Earthship inventor Michael Reynolds will be teaching three day seminar April 6-8th at the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. An Earthship is the design of the company Sustainable Solutions based in Taos, New Mexico. The Earthship is a solar passive home that is made of natural and recycled materials. The home can heat and cool itself, provide its own food and water, supply its own electricity, and maintain its own sewage. Earthship Biotecture, a term coined by the company, has been implemented in life changing projects all over the globe, including Haiti, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Africa, and a project looming in New York. Mr. Reynolds has been featured in dozens of media outlets including: CNN, Sundance Channel, BBC, and The Colbert Report. His “Earthship” design was featured on Bob the Builder, as well as a special episode of MTV Cribs. Michael Reynolds is also the focus of the award-winning documentary film, Garbage Warrior. The film chronicles the history of the Earthship, of which thousands have been built throughout the world. “In Philadelphia we have pollution, illegally dumped tires, abandoned buildings and vacant lots. These are the ingredients for change and the recipe for Earthship. If we take one vacant lot and show the city what it can be, I think people will respond all over the city. People are tired of living in these conditions. These homes will help. Further, if unemployed citizens can be taught to build these structures, we can create a booming sustainable economy in low income neighborhoods.” Rashida Ali-Campbell, Executive Director of LoveLovingLove Inc. said. “We reached out to this 40 year old company because they are solving so many problems with this one thing.” Campbell added. “When LoveLovingLove contacted Earthship Biotecture about building an Earthship in Philly, we responded enthusiastically and we are committed to this project” said Jonah Reynolds, Earthship Biotecture partner and builder. “An Earthship is a testament to humanity's potential of living ‘with’ the planet by recycling byproducts of our society into beautiful modern housing without fossil fuels; a testament that perfectly reflects ‘Brotherly Love.’”

Held at Penn Museum in Rainey Auditorium, the seminar is also a fundraiser to bring the first urban Earthship in the United States to Philadelphia. For more information visit: Earthship Biotecture ( is a global company offering proven, sustainable design. The company is led by Michael Reynolds, the sole biotech and creator of the Earthship concept. LoveLovingLove Inc. ( is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit based in Yeadon, PA. The organization primarily serves the Philadelphia region, and has a mission to heal impoverished communities with holistic health education and love.

For more information and press inquiries, Contact: Rashida Ali-Campbell 610-931-0826

Earthship Seminar In Philadelphia  
Earthship Seminar In Philadelphia  

press release for Earthship seminar