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Jyotish Shastra

Jyotisa Shastra is the learning discipline of natural sciences enumerated in the domain of Indian Knowledge and wisdom. 'Jyotish' is Hindi term for astrology, and ' Jyotishi ' for Astrologer. Our ancient sages have invented ayurveda & Jyotish shastra with the motive to human development and to fulfill of the human requirements. Jyotish Shastra is also known as "Jyoti Shastra", which means giver of light. Under Jyotish shastra, the subjects like Astronomy, Atmospherical Astrology or Astro-Meteorology, Botany, Geo-water Divination and Geophysics, Crop-Science, Animal-Birds Science, Physiology, Zoology etc. have been examined in a detailed manner.

The astrologer must be clean, efficient, bold, eloquent, possessed of genius, sincere, not timid in ass not to be overpowered by fellow students, expert, well versed in the art of performing rituals of both curative and preventive types and suggesting remedial measures." (From Sage Varahamihira in the Brihat Samhita)

The Janam Kundali based on Jyotish Shastras have many secrets in it. With the help of an Expert astrologer man's financial, social and religious development is possible.

A man without the Janampatri which can tell him good and bad happenings in life is like night without a lamp.

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