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Admin department is main department which is handling all the matters of company. It is responsible for rules and regulations, security attendance of employees and other facilities to workers. Employees can enjoy different types of leaves. Permanent employees can enjoy casual 30 leaves and medical leave up to doctor’s advice and they are paid for these, but, seasonal or temporary employees are not paid for leaves. In case of misconduct management takes action against guilty person. Sugar industry is giving different incentives or benefits to employees to improve the production. ACTIVITIES OF ADIMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT The main function of this department is to handle all the administrative matters and maintaining discipline. The main goal of this department is to provide easy working environment. This is very important department of the organization as the name shows; this department has to administrate all the operations of the organization. Admin department is the department, which is dealing matters about administration. This department plays very important role for maintaining discipline in the mills. Admin department is working under Admin Officer, who has much more experience about administration matters. Sections of this department are divided into offices as under: • • • •

Gate Office Time Office Security Guard Office Labor Office

GATE OFFICE: This office has been made to keep the record of each and every thing coming into and going out of the mills gate .For this purpose gate office clerk maintains two types of registers are: • Outward going pass register • Inward going pass register. When everything including raw material, stores supplies, or any other thing comes into the mills premises a document named as I.G.P is made in which information like date of supplier, description, quantity of the material and any other remarks are written. In the same way, O.G.P is prepared for outgoing things etc. TIME OFFICE: This office keeps and maintains the time record of all the workers on time cards and pay register for the final costing of the workers’ salaries.

It keeps the attendance records, which is then used to calculate the salary to be paid to the workers on monthly basis. It keeps the records of the over time, leaves, number of days worked of all the Workers and then calculate their over time on the basis of the basic salary of each worker. It keeps the records of Social Security, EOBI, and Education Cases etc. of each Employee / worker payable to government treasury. It keeps the records of Gratuity, Bonus, Pensions and other benefits including CPL (Cash Paid Leave) to each employee / worker of the organization. SECURITY GUARD OFFICE: The main objectives of the security office are to safe handling of the goods from / to the mill premises. For the achievement of such objective a team of security guards has been employed by the company. All the keys relating to the mills office, labor colony, (quarters) are lying into the responsibility of the security officer. No outside visitor can come into the mills premises without the permission of the security guard. Whenever any visitor wants to enter into the mill, security guards firstly contact with the authority in the mill to grant the permission to enter into the mill premises. Security guards can check each and every person before coming in or going out of the company gate for the security purposes. They see and check the Outward going pass of the certain things when these ought to bring out of the mill premises. They are in uniforms of dark blue color. They are the guardians of everything of the company. Functions of Administrative Department • Recruitment, Selection, Economizing of Employees. • Maintenance of Personal Record • Time Office Management • Interactions with following govt. department • Social security Employee old age benefit • Labor department • Relationship with local administration • Worker welfare program

• • • • • • •

programmed arrangement for company executives Mail receiving and distribution Legal matters Supervision of faire price shops Authorizing Dispatch Sales Possess the transfer orders. Leave procedure

TYPES of LEAVES: The following leaves are allowed to the employees of the sugar mill: • Casual Leave • Medical Leave • Leave Without Pay There are special rules and regulations for leaves made by the factory. These rules are applied to each employee of the mill. The explanations of above leaves are as followed; CASUAL LEAVE: The project manager grants the casual leave. The leave is allowed only to the permanent employees of the project. Every employee has the right to avail thirty (30) days casual leave per annum. MEDICAL LEAVE: This leave is also allowed to the permanent employees. This leave can be granted on the basis of medical certificate issued by any authorized medical officer. In the case of one day no medical certificate is necessary, every employee is allowed ten days medical leave per annum. If the disease of the employee is such that it requires more than a day then the approval of the project manager is necessary. LEAVE WITHOUT PAY: This leave is granted to the employees when leave without pay is tired and none of the type of leave is available at his credit, leave without pay is granted by the management of the projection special cases this leave cannot be more than one month at a time. But can be extended in special cases. PUNISHMENTS to EMPLOYEES: Any employee who is found guilty of the above miss conducts, action is liable to be taken against which it leads to the following punishments: •

The management will issue a warning to the employee to be careful for future and not to repeat this action or otherwise he will be punished.

Some time the management makes deduction from the salary. • Some time the management will hold increments or promotions for a certain period of time. They not give them increment and promotion during that a period of time. • Some time he his demoted to the lower post • In case of serious miss conduct the management will dismiss him from the services. Benefits to Employees of Sugar Mills •

Workman compensation: In this project compensation is paid to the workers when they receive injuries in the cause of work during accident. If the worker has violated the safety precaution the management is not bound to pay compensation. The management also pays compensation for any kind of diseases, which are caused as a result of the type of duty. Also in this case he must prove that he has suffered disease during the employment. If the diseases affect to preposition period, compensations cannot be claimed. FUNDS: The project maintain a provident fund for the employee under the rule of provident fund every permanent employee of factory who have completed six month continue service in the factory is eligible subscribe towards the fund. Provident fund consists of deductions from the monthly wages of the employees as equal amount is also contributed toward the provident fund by the mills. The total amount of provident fund is deposited in the account of provident fund and separate account is maintained for every employee in the account office of the factory. The total amount alongside interest is paid to the employee in lump sum upon completion of office tenure. During the employment an employee can take loan from the provident fund for the urgent needs. The management authorized the required loan upon 50% of the total loan is recovered in easy installment from the monthly salaries. HOUSE RENT: The employees are also paid house rent at the basic pay. MEDICAL ALLOWANCE: Every employee and his family are given free medical facilities. Whenever any employee or any of his family member fall ill, the management is responsible for their medical allowances, payment made as a result of medical treatment are disbursed later on. The medical officer prepares the bills of medicine, and these bills are offered to the finance manager for payment.

FACED WASHING ALLOWANCE: Washing allowance is given to all the employees per month. BONUSES: In this mill employees are given bonuses also. The number of bonus usually is divided between the management and workers unions on production basis. The amount of one bonus is equal to one basic pay of the employee. E.O.B.I (EMPLOYEES OLD AGE BENEFITS INSTITUTION): This is an important deduction from the salaries of the workers for the regular income in the old age / post retirement age so that workers have a thought of relief that there would be no financial problem after the expiry of his employment. EOBI is an institution where this deducted amount is accumulated for the future use when these people will not be able for employment. ADMINISTRATIVE / MANAGEMENT STYLES: Success or failure of any organization largely depends on the management. Mangers have following four major roles to perform. • Planning • Organizing • Leading • Controlling For effective performance of the above mentioned functions the managers need different skills. Like, effective managers require communication skills, in written, oral and non verbal form. They should be creative and innovative, Should be able to manage time. Motivate and influence the others. They should be able to manage the conflicts etc. There are two major sections of the organization: • Plant • Head office Plant related administration is only up to plant, and head office administers only the head office. Here in head office people are very well discipline’s there is no chain of strike or dispute in head office. Same is the case with the plant. Here both in head office and in plant administrator are very strict by the rules and regulation. Otherwise the here is very friendly. People feel free to talk with each other. Here the administrative style is democratic not the autocratic.

These things are really affecting the efficiency of the people performance. There are a bundle of incentives like hajj tickets, allowances, really encouraged the employee to show their best and they are showing their best here, because all these activities encouraged the people.

Activities of adiministration department  

Activities of adiministration department