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20 FOODSERVICE december 2011




SERVES 4 IngREDIEntS • Parts belonging to lamb • 1 breast • 4 tenderloins • 1 heart • 4 kidneys • 4 tongues yOghuRt • Sheep milk yoghurt seasoned with mirin and soy bEEtROOt/StaLkS • 1 beetroot peeled and grated on mandolin • 8 stalks peeled • 20g sugar • 10ml rice wine vinegar • Salt and pepper


• Beetroot leaves, picked and washed • Pan juices • Bones from breast • 1 brown onion • 1 clove of garlic • 1 chopped ripe tomato • Grape seed oil • Bay leaf • 150ml Cabernet Sauvignon Brine • 1L water • 60g kosher salt • 30g caster sugar • 1 sprig thyme • 4 juniper berries • Lemon peel • 2 sliced cloves of garlic • Liquorice powder

• 50g dehydrated black olives • 3g ground star anise • 20g pine nuts • 10g brown sugar • Salt • Pepper • Mustard cress • Burnt butter • 10g butter • 2 slices garlic • 12 parsley stalks method Make the brine by bringing water to a boil then adding all the ingredients. Chill and then add all the parts of the lamb; keep the offal separate to the breast and tenderloin. Soak for 24 hours. Discard the

brine, rinse the meat and pat dry with kitchen paper. Remove the bones from the breast, then season the breast with salt and pepper in a cast iron pan. Cook skin side down with Glad bake sheet and a weight on top, on a low heat for 40 minutes. This should give you succulent tender meat with a crisp skin. Cook the tongue in salted water and a little lemon juice, garlic and thyme on a very low heat for three hours. When cooked, peel off the outer skin, chill and slice. Halve the kidneys and trim away white sinews. Blanch the heart, peel, refresh in iced water, dry, cut in half and trim off fat.

Season the offal in a hot pan and grape seed oil. Quickly saute the heart, kidney and tongue, caramelising the outside but leave everything pink in the centre. Trim the tenderloins, season with olive oil, salt and pepper, wrap in Glad wrap and cook at 68°C for three minutes. For the liquorice powder, blend all the ingredient in a Thermomix, then roast in a hot oven to toast the pine nuts and caramelise the sugar. Roast the bones and trimmings from the breast and tenderloin with onions, add garlic, tomato, thyme, bay leaf and wine, cover with water and cook for two hours, skim, pass though filter paper and reduce. Saute the beetroot leaves in a little hot oil, and season. Caramelise 20g of caster sugar in a pan, carefully add the grated beetroot and stalks, rice wine vinegar and a little salt. Cook for two minutes, strain the syrup and add this to the pan juices, check and adjust the acid level, seasoning and consistency. It should be like a syrup. Fry the parsley stalks till crisp and a little garlic in burnt butter and lemon, pick the mustard cress. The dish is now ready to be plated. Arrange on plate per photography.

Dec 2011 masterclass lamb breast & offal beetroot stalks & yoghurt  
Dec 2011 masterclass lamb breast & offal beetroot stalks & yoghurt