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We started getting inquries to do projects in cities all around the country...it occurred to me that this might be a way we could deliver our product on a broader scale. chris krager, principal, krdb “We have a base set of modules, 15’x36’ and 15’x60’,” he says. “There are three versions of each of these, for a total of six potential building blocks. Depending on your program needs, site condition, and budget, we can accommodate just about any homeowner’s needs with these modules, from a 500 square foot studio or guest house, to a 2,000 square foot home.” According to Krager, ma modular is ready to provide quality design and construction, competitive prices, and a quick lead time to just about anywhere



in the country. And at a starting price of $125 per square foot, their standard eco-friendly options—like reflective metal roofs, low-E windows, and responsibly harvested materials—are the icing on the cake. Their first modular project, the 1,500 square foot Luna House, features KRDB’s signature sleek lines and stunning materials, and certainly delivers on their promise of killer design. And though from certain angles the structure hints at its building block origins, it stands as another example of

the creative, innovative and affordable future of modular architecture. The alluring cost level, eco-friendly aspects, and aesthetics of the Luna House agree perfectly with its first owners, a local Austin filmmaker and actress, and with all the customizable options ma modular offers, it just might fit your budget and aesthetics, too. – KRDB 1101 East 6th Street, Suite A www.krdb.com www.mamodular.com

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Rare Magazine :: January 2010 :: Up and Comers  

Rare Magazine :: January 2010 :: Up and Comers

Rare Magazine :: January 2010 :: Up and Comers  

Rare Magazine :: January 2010 :: Up and Comers