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what do you do on a daily basis to focus on your “mind and body?” CONNIE: Photography, painting and coaching are my passions, and I always make time for them. I surround myself with creative and passionate people who enjoy life and its beauty. I stay inspired by appreciating art and the people who create it. I exercise daily and eat healthy.

Rules to live by in life to be happy, healthy and well balanced: CONNIE: It is so important to be truly passionate about what you do and to be around people that bring out the best in you. Try to find the humor in life and its challenges. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. Love your friends and family, and love yourself. ROY: Thoughts become Things. Flow. Be Kind, not Right. Interested, not Interesting. Love is the purest energy. Love yourself, your environment and your friends and family unconditionally. Make choices that reflect your values. Laugh. Travel.

what efforts are Austinites making to focus more on their “mind and body?” CONNIE: In Austin, we make a sincere effort to care for the world we live in. We recycle, and we fight for political change in environmental issues. We are supporters of animal rights and the children of Austin. We are an athletic community, and we eat healthy.

Use the words “mind and body” in a sentence to describe how your business fits in this category. ROY: Avant recognizes that true beauty is a holistic reflection of mind and body. We have always realized the importance of nurturing the mind and body connection in our team, guests and the environment.



ownERS AVAnt SALon

As the owners of a local salon, what trends are you seeing in this industry that focus more on relaxation and health? CONNIE: People live hectic lives, yet they are finding time to take care of themselves at the salon more frequently. Clients are also catching on to the importance of using quality products at home and the residual benefits that they will gain from them. ROY: The trend is about the customer experience and commitment to natural/organic products that support the environment. You see it reflected in the growth of the spa industry and the green companies that support it.

Explain the total “mind and body” experience that a customer expects to receive when they enter your salon. ROY: As a team of “day-makers,” our highly educated staff is dedicated to providing you with superior service. We have the latest state-of-the-art salon and spa treatments. This enables us to focus on beauty regimen, while also putting an emphasis on your mind and body experience.

Avant Salon/Day Spa 9901 Capital of TX Hwy. 512-502-8268 Avant Salon 318 Colorado 512-472-6357

Photos By: Cameron Jordan


Rare Magazine: January 2008 - Mind & Body Issue  

Rare Magazine Austin, Texas January 2008 The Mind & Body Issue Cover Artist: Tim Raines

Rare Magazine: January 2008 - Mind & Body Issue  

Rare Magazine Austin, Texas January 2008 The Mind & Body Issue Cover Artist: Tim Raines