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PowerscourtEstate,Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow,Ireland


P owerscourt Hotel Resort Spa

owerscourt Hotel in Wicklow was recently crowned as Ireland’s

This floor is open for use by spa and hotel guests. Exclusive access to the

leading hotel, so it’s no surprise that their spa ESPA is one of

second level is given to spa guests receiving treatments.

the best in the country as well. The extensive spa takes up over

In this space, you can indulge in a true thermal experience. Guests

32,000 square feet and spans two floors—highly impressive by

are invited to journey through a crystal-lit steam room and sauna

any standard.

before cooling down with a shower experience that involves cold or

On the ground floor is a Hammam suite, which is set within a quartz

tropical rain options. Each space is punctuated with subtle hints of

crystal steam room. A Hammam is a heated seating area normally used

aromatherapy essences. After treatment, visitors can unwind on the

as an introduction to a thermal experience and a comfortable space to

heated tepidarium loungers which create a pleasant feeling of constant,

enjoy between treatments. Other noteworthy facilities are the sauna,

radiant heat.

a striking but beautiful Swarovski crystal-lit heated swimming pool, a

Guests can complete their experience with a lovely dip in the Vitality

hot tub, and a bucket shower that drenches you with invigorating cold

pool while admiring the mountain views. In addition, ESPA has an ice


fountain that produces ice flakes to be rubbed on the body to stimulate

The ground floor uses twinkling lights, slate stone interiors, and a

circulation while promoting cooling. END

wealth of thermal offerings to entice your senses. 176 Rare Luxury Living

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