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“Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger | ACF International saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs lifesaving programs in some 40 countries benefiting five million people each year.

ACF’s 4,600+ professionals work in over 40 countries to carry out innovative, lifesaving programs in nutrition, food security & livelihoods, and water, sanitation, & hygiene. ACF’s humanitarian programs directly assist some five million people each year, along with countless others through capacity building programs in collaboration with government ministries. Committed to principled humanitarian action, ACF restores dignity, selfsufficiency, and independence to vulnerable populations

To learn more about Action Against Hunger please visit

Rare Breed Magazine an independent quarterly magazine promoting upcoming artists of all medias. As action sports enthusiasts, we also aim to showcase the art, skill, and culture that make snowboarding, bmx, wakeboarding, and skateboarding a celebration of creativity. With These expressions of individuality and creativity, chill tones like yourself create the formula that is Rare Breed Magazine.

Team: Alec Castillo- founder/editor sebastien carpentier- editor carly castillo- editor carson talbert- editor

front cover: chelsea_swift

p, nick hall

3 RAREBREED Fellow chillers, Hello again, its great to see you. you look great. In this issue there is a focus on the charlotte skate scene and the photographers that immortalize it. you’ll also find several interviews, poems, and various other forms of expression created by people we grew up with in our hometown of Mooresville, nc. To each of these incredible artists, their art began as a hobby that developed into something amazing. we hope to give you insight into the lives of these people as they progress in their passions. we believe that it’s important to get as sick as you can once you pick your poison. we admire people that don’t half ass their craft. we hope you enjoy our good friend shaun couture’s full ass pictured below. So welcome to our second issue...we hope you laugh, cry, vomit, or all at the same time. sincerely,

The Rarest Breed

photo: zach_merrill

Look for


seb carpentier 5,6 luke mckaye 7,8 derek ingram 9, 15-18

bryan & jim janiczek interview 11-13

donnie welch 10,18 steven darden 14,31,39 alec castillo 19-20,33-34 andrew kolometz interview via trevor biggs 21-25 tomasz low 21-22,25 richie mccorkle 23-25,59-60 jacob mead 27 carson talbert 10,28 connor mikita 29-30,32-33,39,47 charlie hill 29 mike piotrowski 35,37 kelsey camacho 36 chelsea swift 37 jacob teer 38 ben pierce interview via quint noble 40 joseph toney 41-42 nick hall 2, interview 43-48 mike guerin 50 featured interview: cindy conrad via carly castillo 51-56 brooke nivens 57-58


photos: Seb_carpentier







jared_lee//switch blunt


There is no bitch cup, just the illusion of pride. Drink motherfucker! “noble truth”words by Donnie_Welch Left: derek_ingram above: carson_talbert


catchin’ a buzz with the janiczek’s Back in early july, jim and brian janiczek took me fly fishing, and I went not knowing a damn thing about it. i followed my two close friends as they took to the streams and rivers of boone, nc. Before that trip I wasn’t aware of just how much work and thinking actually went into fly fishing. This trip made me see fly fihing in a new light...its beautiful and complicated and without a doubt a form of art. The janiczek brothers shared their experiences and knowledge with Rarebreed. ~alec

photo: alec_castillo

What got you into fly-fishing? B: My family got me into fly fishing. It’s in my blood. From a young age I was an outdoorsman but my dad fly-fished, as well as my dad’s dad. I remember when my pops-who’s the coolest dude ever-used to teach me how to cast in my backyard in PA. I started out catching little panfish and bass on top water flies and I was hyped about it. I also grew up skateboarding…that was my first love. I wasn’t even that good and still found myself always getting hurt with little injuries that would prevent me from skating for weeks or months. So I’d fish. It gave me an excuse to do something outside-I always got fed up when I found myself sitting around not doing shit. My grandpa on my mom’s side got me my first fly rod as well.

I love this shit man. It’s in my blood.

We’ve been hearing a lot about your upcoming site, Can you tell us more about that? J: We wanted to have a place on the web to share North Carolina (and south east) fly-fishing media that could eventually morph into a guide/production service. It’s always been a hobby of ours to shoot videos and of course hit the river; southernfly is a place to share these moments with anyone who has the time to look. Recently there has been an influx of social media fishing blogs, content creators, and pages but nothing from North Carolina that we have found. We felt the need to bring some North Carolina fly fishing action to an internet flooded with Western and Northern fly fishing content. What ‘s the best thing that has come from southernfly so far? J: We have only been “live” for a few months but the best thing so far has been the positive feedback from friends and the interest generated. I have already taken four people fly fishing for the first time and all of them appear to be hooked. It’s a great thing to be proactive in someone’s progression through an activity they have found a spark of passion for.

Southernfly seams to cater to one type of fish and fishing. I am naturally a trout ‘bum’. To the casual observer that may not seem like an attractive label, however a trout bum is not considered a derogatory term in the fly-fishing world. It conjures images of someone who chooses the life of fishing and travel over college and a mortgage. Or the individual who has sat through one too many meetings, walks out of work one day to never return, instead emptying their life savings and moving to Alaska. The lifestyle is popularized by the book ‘Trout bum’ by the infamous John Geirach, a great book even if you have never wet a line. The trout is the fish most anglers cut their fly fishing teeth on, the fish that the Native Americans have idolized, the fish that many artists have memorialized. The effort and skill that is needed to catch trout on a regular basis and in different environments is a skill that is honed over a lifetime. The need to catch a bigger, more vibrant fish then the last keeps many religiously coming back to the river for more. There have been many global fishermen who have traveled the earth, caught exotic fish in the farthest corners of the world and yet they still prefer throwing hand tied bugs to rising trout on the local streams they grew up exploring. You could fill many books on the subject of trout, and thankfully many people have. We are very fortunate to be able to catch these creatures in the NC Mountains. We dabble in anything that swims, bass both large and small mouth. We’ll occasionally take trips to the coast and pretend like we know how to catch redfish. I have plans to do some Tarpon and bone fishing in the keys and hopefully a trip to Patagonia within the next year, who knows.

What is the “art” of fly fishing? B: Everything about fly-fishing is an art form. It’s just that there is so much that goes into it. The fly cast not only takes a lot of time to perfect, but it is truly beautiful. When you fly fish you can make something out of nothing, which is art to me. It’s awesome catching fish on your own flies that you make. Fly-fishing gives you the opportunity to see nature and fish that you wouldn’t see just hiking or camping. Back when I started, it took me a long time before I could even catch a damn fish. But it’s art man. You can’t just pick up a guitar and become Jimi Hendrix overnight and the same goes for any other art medium. It takes time, patience and love to become successful with anything that’s worth doing. Describe a typical day on the water for you guys. B: A day on the water for us is awesome. We get out into nature and have a great time. I feel like we’re always laughing, too, which is healthy. Except for when you’re stalking and hunting a beaut fishy. Keep in mind we always respect nature and never litter or any of that shit. Sometimes we put the rods down to swim or fuck around in the water and that’s awesome too. My brother Jim and I do a lot of solo trips which are good for the soul and always pay off. Personally I enjoy fishing by myself a lot. But don’t get me wrong, it’s all about good times with the homies. We love to catch fish but that’s not what it’s all about. For us it’s about making memories with your best friends that you’ll remember ‘til you die. Having the ability to tune into nature and see these beautiful fish is just the bonus.

What do you enjoy the most about fly-fishing? B: My favorite part of fly-fishing is the feeling I get when I’m tuned in to nature to the fullest extent. Haha it’s the best dude. Being out there with the mother of nature with full respect of my surroundings is awesome. You really get to plug in. It’s meditation for me. Not to mention the fact that I’m with great friends and family making great memories while doing something I’ve been doing my whole life. Another part of it that I enjoy the most is hiking up and down rivers, climbing rocks, hunting…it’s all good. The reward of catching these beautiful fish on flies is a great pay off, too. Surprisingly I get an intense adrenaline rush when I get lucky with a big one or just a beaut. I believe everybody should have a physical outdoor hobby and I’ve found mine; I’m just going to make this shit my life.

(lunch meat coroporation)


“Does Judy really like me?” Johnny couldn’t decide what was more embarrassing, asking his date or his parents. In the end, he settled on masturbating. words by Patton_magee drawing by steven_darden







Elephants never forget. If you asked them, “What did you have for breakfast 8,756 days ago?” they might answer eggs or toast or grass. If you asked them where they went last week they might say, Paris, or London, or somewhere in Japan. And while I’m sure this brain power must be nice I also think it must be sad because elephants will always remember the other-phants they use to have.

“Pachyderms” // Donnie_Welch painting: derek_ingram


photo: alec_castillo



nc rlotte_ a h c / / 1 age 2

) oard b t fron k bac (lay

// Kolo is pure and raw energy on a skateboard, with a style and a half to top it off. He skates at full speed, with precision on any terrain. He’s a great guy on and off the board, and is always fun to skate or chill with. If you ever see a gold Stanza cruising through Charlotte, it’s probably kolo, so say what’s up, skate with him if possible, and then buy the guy a beer. It’s a pleasure to call the guy my friend, and skate with him, cheers buddy! //















It’s rad, my favorite job I’ve had so far. I get to work around skateboarding and dudes who all love skateboarding. I’ve always wanted to be apart of something like that, it’s sick.

How is it working at the local skate shop, Blacksheep?

Living in Charlotte is rad, I live in a nice location with my The friends and dog, I love it. Skating is always sick here too. There’s a huge skate scene in Charlotte, it’s cool to skate with a bunch of different people all of the time, so many people that live here kill it.

The Blacksheep video is in the works, how’s that been going for you so far?

How is it living and skating in Charlotte, N.C?

What’s your attitude and approach to skateboarding? To just have as much fun as possible and try to skate as much as possible. It’s a lot harder to do now a days with more responsibilities rolling in, but it makes me cherish my free time more.

So far it’s been a lot of fun. All the guys who are filming for it are killer. It’s sick going out and skating with a bunch of dudes who are ripping. We have this sunday routine, where we all meet up at Starbucks at 10 a.m., to get a coffee, then just go to spots all day. It’s the only day of the week that our schedules correlate, so sundays are always super fun.

photo: richie_mccorkle

Favorite terrain to skate, and ideal session? I’ve been skating a lot of transition lately, but I enjoy skating anything. An ideal session would be skating with all my friends, having some beers, just vibing off each other.

photo: tomasz_low

photo: richie_mccorkle

Any last words or shout outs? My dog thump, Bone, Neech P, Chrome watermelon, leather smoke, Blacksheep skateshop, Snake Skincer, Sleepy Brown, Patty, Drew Adams, Daniel Devlin, Cwiz Jonez, common market. All my dudes.







people you know.

words by connor_mikita photo: Charlie_Hill

It’s me again, clogging the arteries of your social networking experience. You could say I’m “informed” or “well educated,” as demonstrated by the regurgitation of my opinions on the twelve minutes of CNN that I catch each day. I “share” content condemning the violence in the Middle East but continue to live a life completely unaffected by anything happening more than fifty miles from my upper middle class neighborhood. You could say I’m a digital prophet, informing those who just want to see pictures of their friend’s dog about the revolutions occurring throughout the world. These conflicts undoubtedly dictate the course of my every day life and are of utmost importance, so why not stream my distress through the most superficial medium possible? My concern to appear sympathetic to global problems far outweighs my actual concern for the genuine problems that my “posts” won’t ever affect. --Sincerely, Social network activist

Rotten to the core by Connor_mikita artwork by Steven_darden I sunk my teeth deep into the apple upon the

it’s texture soon faded to that of yogurt. I no

chewed slowly, observing the mechanical

change in the taste of the fruit. Once rich with

first bite, making sure to cleanly sever every molecule within the grasp of my mouth. I movements of my jaw as it disassembled the

freshly amputated mouthful of fruit. Nothing within the lifespan of this apple would

compare to its first bite. There was something holy about disrupting the shimmering skin of a fresh apple. No following bites would ever

appease the taste buds quite like the first. The flavors greeted my tongue with uncertainty, but my stomach trusted the aesthetics of the

apple. Its skin had been flawless, as if the

apple had been raised inside the very womb

of the tree it descended from. I savored the remaining juice in my mouth from the first bite, taking my time before washing it down

my throat with saliva. I prepared for the

second bite, again sinking my teeth deep into the now damaged exterior of the apple. But

as I latched on this time, the firmness of the

fresh apple faded. The fingers that gripped the outside of the apple now began to slowly

sink inwards towards its core. The skin began deteriorating, taking on a brownish

tint. And as I chewed the second bite, the

texture of this succulent fruit turned to sand. The flavor was lost. But the first bite had

planted the hook. All fruits must be finished in their entirety. I made this rule for myself,

not only as an environmentally conscious individual, but also as a psychotic, habit-

ridden fool. I pressed on towards the core of this now rotting apple. Its flesh sagged and

longer chewed, but simply swallowed. As I bit down further into the fruit, I noticed a slight

the sweetness of nature’s sugars, the apple now mimicked that taste of salt and chicken.

I closed my eyes, making careful note not to physically observe the continuously rotting

fruit that found its way into my mouth. Yet,

as I lowered my face into this fruit, its texture once again became firm. Its skin returned

with its prior stretch and smoothness. This change awakened my bored senses, causing me to reopen my eyes. But below them did

not lay any kind of fruit. The skin that was being chewed in my mouth was no longer that

of an apple. I followed my mouth down this

new object, down to its flawlessly painted

toenails. Blood seeped from the bite marks that my relentless appetite had caused. A

pair of firm legs lay effortlessly across my lap, scattered with bloody remnants of my

dental records. My eyes grazed upon these fine legs and skipped up past the waste line. And then I realized that it was you lying

there. So I took another ferocious bite out of the mangled thigh, chewing with great

strength to properly dissolve the chewy tendon for swallowing. But as I chewed, you

too began to rot away. So I laughed an insane

laugh to myself after realizing that there was no more steak sauce. Both so delectable upon

first bite, yet perfectly rotted to the very core.

By morning time all that was left of you were the blood stains upon my shirt.

You live inside my head but you don’t pay rent, And I feed you with my thoughts but you don’t produce a cent.


photo: Alec_castillo words: Connor_mikita


Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Phoenix, Arizona by kelsey_camacho artwork by Mike_piotrowski

When we sit in your room and talk about alien abductions it is always on what they leave behind. You pointed out a geometric scar halfway down my spine—a square no bigger than a thumb nail. Unaware of how it got there, we shared stories from other people’s lives— missing spans of time, bruises that bloom mysteriously in the night. They say it’s from outer edges of space and the beings who live inside, behind windows where they move like shadows in worlds we’ll never find. Once, in the dark, you drove me to a stretch of desert and the sky looked more alive in that emptiness. We leaned against your car and stayed silent, searching for life in the form of alien ships. You told me they hid in dust storms, their glow disguised as the stars and moon. When we looked up, we watched the distant lights and waited for something to move.


right: mike piotrowski below: chelsea swift


above: seamus_mckeon (photos: jaco_teer) below: dustin_joy


drawing by steven_darden words by connor_mikita

Age: 20 // cornelius nc

photo: Quint_noble

So we know you’re brother, Steven, rips on a wakeboard. What got you into wakeskating? We both picked up wakeboarding when we moved to NC after living in California for a few years. I took a gnarly fall on a wake to wake to nose dive on a wakeboard- helping me in the decision to give up straps. Soon after, I picked up a wakeskate and couldn’t put the board down. There was nothing that was as much fun to me than progressing and pushing myself to see what I could do next. There was no feeling like it...I was stuck.

Has skateboarding influenced your wakeskating? Skateboarding definitely has had a influence on my wakeskating-seeing what people are capable of on a skateboard makes it all that much more possible on a wakeskate. I think wakeskating as a whole has taken an influence from skateboarding through its urban style. Today, wakeskaters have a new way of hitting spots with a winch allowing them to hit obstacles like dam drops, gaps, and fountain stairs, bringing that urban style to the water, breaking away from the traditional boat and jet ski pulls. Do you have any favorite spots to ride? My top favorite would have to be my home lake, Lake Norman.; going on the water with the bro and all the lake friends and shred where it all began. Also a favorite of mine is Hexagon wake park. It’s a sick set up of obstacles that are wakeskate friendly. Hexagon also has an awesome group of people that work and ride there. Favorite trick? Frontside flip! It feels great catching it out front and stomping around the rest of the 180.

You killed it in cinematographer Rob Russell’s recent film “Out of the Norm”. Do you have any future projects to look out for? I’ll have some more videos with Rob Russel soon that will be awesome because his work always turns out phenomenal. Right now I am working on an edit with STZ - Canvassed Apparel that will be sick with cinematographer Domenic Sansotta. Also I am planning on another edit at Hexagon with my brother. Where do you see wakeskating taking you in the future? Hoping to make it my profession and push the sport so everyone can find out about it and enjoy it as much as I do. Never the less it will be my favorite hobby till the day I am unable to stand up on the board any longer.

Shoutouts? Quint Noble owner of STZ – Canvassed Apparel, thank you for putting me on the team and keepin’ me fresh, stoked for the future! Check out the website and custom pocket T builder at Also I would like to say thank you to the girls, Shannon and Jamie, at IcyWakes Surf Shop for the continuous support through out the years, to Obscura Wakeskates for hooking me up with a great board to shred and to SPY sunglasses for keepin’ my eyes shady and lookin’ good.





nick_hall i heard about nick hall when my buddy Joe wesselman moved to ventura, california and roomed with him. I’m glad to have linked up with such a nice dude, If you haven’t ssen his work, do yourself a visual favor and check out his website. He has set himself apart from many skate photographers. this dude is making a name for himself and killing it.


How did you get into photography? I got into photography by skateboarding, I actually had a broken ankle at the time so I couldn’t skate or film so I decided to start shooting photos and just stuck with it.

Why is skateboarding such a huge influence on your work? Skateboarding is probably the best thing to ever happen to me. If I hadn’t found skateboarding I wouldn’t shoot photography, I wouldn’t draw, I wouldn’t paint, I probably wouldn’t be the same person. Skateboarding has always taught me to think outside the box, do something different and to not be scared to try new things…that’s’ how I approach my photography and most of the things I do in my life.

What makes you stand out from most skate photographers and how would you describe your style? I have no idea how I would describe my style of photography…I always try to not just capture the trick but everything around it as well. I have always been really interested in landscape photography so maybe that’s a part of my style. Skateboarding has taken me to places that most people don’t go to on a daily basis.

Not only do you photograph skateboarding, but you’ve also expanded into portraiture. We saw one of your photos featured in Ink’d magazine of the rapper “The Game” smoking a blunt while getting tatted! How did you get that opportunity? Yeah I try to shoot everything and shoot as much as possible, and that opportunity was cool! I actually went to Game’s house and hung out with him and all his peoplethe dude that is tattooing him in the shot did some tattoos on me. The tattoo artist asked me if I wanted to go to his place, and of course I said yeah. We drove down there and kicked it, THE GAME actually gave me a printer/fax machineits pretty fuckin rad-but yeah, anyways I pretty much just went to his house and shot. It was cool…good times.

Any future projects to look out for? Me and my a couple of my friends are doing some film projects. My photography and skateboarding will be in the videos, so that’s pretty cool. Its based on “the ditches of southern California.” Its pretty much all of us going to skateboard all around southern Cali hittin’ up ditch spots, shooting photos and skateboarding…it should be pretty dope. Will James is going to be doing the art so I’m stoked to see that, and anything Adam Blascak films or edits is always super sick. It should be fun, can’t wait to see how it all turns out.


above: steven_shuff

So Got tnhe waves Heard o legs they c the r but yo ome, ye u ents a cheapcan tryh they co er up to ru me an d the on th n, n go, e sun .

photo: Nick_hall will_james//walride words by: connor_mikita



The editor’s wrinkled forehead creased into a frown. “No, no, no,” he mumbled. Ripping out the page, he tossed it to Truth—His precious wastebasket—and continued to work. Painting: Mike_Guerin Words: Patton_magee

cynthia conrad//painter//printmaker//unicorn by carly_castillo Cindy Conrad is a 21-year-old painter/printmaker

You have a lot of paintings that

based out of Savannah, Georgia. She is currently a

are a combination of people

senior at SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design,

and animals, is that something

where she is earning a BFA in painting with a minor

that you’re really interested in?

in printmaking. Cindy is an exceptional artist with

There’s something spiritual

her own unique style and point of view on both art and life.

How would you describe your style? I don’t know if I have a style yet, I’m trying to find that

right now. I just love people, that’s what I love to do so I know I’m going to maneuver my way into figurative painting.

between animals and people, I’m

just trying to find a connection in painting them. I believe in spirit animals and stuff like that. [in

case you were wondering, Cindy believes her spirit animal is a unicorn]

What is the weirdest thing you have ever been asked to paint or draw or take a picture of?

Did you know that printmaking was what you wanted to do going into SCAD? I just knew that it was something that was really interesting, I didn’t know a lot about it, I looked it up a little bit beforehand but it was fine art so I knew I would like it.

I think just starting off in figurative you have to sit in front of a

nude model…and I’m, like, painting the penis and my professor is like “Hmm you see the light

right there?” and he tells me to

go up and look at this guy’s dick

like right in front of his face while [the model] is looking at me and it was really awkward! And my

professor who just doesn’t give a

shit and is pointing two feet from him…so that was probably the weirdest instance.

photo: tim_kent

Do you always use the models through the school or do you

We noticed that a lot of your work is

most comfortable, I don’t care to be nude around myself. But

our generation-I feel like a lot of people

use your friends? How do you find people to paint?

I recently have just been painting myself because it’s the

I do want to be able to paint people and photograph them

but, you know, to recreate that professional setting is kind of difficult especially if you want to paint your friends because everyone messes around.

Do you always paint from a reference photo?

Yeah, always. I have a really hard time painting from my

head…I can’t sit and imagine a person’s face and then paint it. I have to have a picture of them. Where do you find inspiration?

Music, a lot. I like to look through poetry sometimes. Classical and 20th century poetry I love. I love to read about sci-

ence and space so I find inspiration in that. E.E. Cummings is my favorite. Visual inspiration comes from, maybe, Tumblr.

space-y especially your printmaking…

Yeah I fell in love with space…maybe it’s I know have too. As we grow up we’re

always gonna have that and we can enjoy it later.

When you sit down to paint is there

anything that you absolutely have to have with you?

I have to have music. I usually play reggae like Bob Marley. I’ll put on, like, Bob

Marley Pandora and then I’ll switch to

chill electronic music. That’s about it…my computer, music, maybe some snacks.

So you’re studying abroad next year in France?

Yeah, I’m going to France this fall. SCAD

has a campus there and my parents were

like, “you have to go” so I was like, “alright, thank you!” The campus is in Provence, in the mountains. The professor that’s

going is from the Atlanta campus so I get a different point of view on painting instead of all of the professors on my campus that I know, which will be cool.

What will you be studying there?

How do you feel when people interpret

process to painting and a travel class that’s called, Treasures

I always love it. I’m always open to new

I’ll be taking three classes, one is my advanced painting class and then a monotype printmaking class which is a similar of Provence” or something like that.

What else besides the classes are you most looking forward to in France?

Paris. I’ve heard that it’s the most magical city. Everyone I

talk to just has experiences there that are once in a lifetime.

What other mediums have you tried out?

I took an abstract painting class and used acrylic, used ink,

I learned to love ink in that class and just, like, enamel paint

like house paint is pretty fun. Mixed media I haven’t explored too much...some collage but that’s it.

your artwork differently than how you intended it to be?

interpretations. When I make a piece

there is intention there but I never try

to manipulate the viewer into thinking

certain ways. I want them to take what

they want from it. I love interpretation and I love people telling me theirs, too.

What would be your dream project?

My dream project…maybe like a huge

mural. I was thinking the other day that I

want to paint a big mural on a building in, like, LA or somewhere like that. Maybe of

a lot of geometric shapes…definitely outer space-right now I’m so obsessed with it.

What’s the scariest part about being an artist?

What’s something that makes you angry

go to San Francisco-I feel like that’s such a thriving city for

and then during the process something

Not knowing what’s in the future. I don’t have a secure any-

thing so it will be interesting to see where I end up. I want to art and everyone there appreciates it and knows all about

it. I feel like New York City is too much…and the west cost is beautiful.

What do you do when you’re not making art at SCAD?

Hanging out with my friends. I would love to play a sport. I have played intramural soccer and that’s been fun. We

just like chill a lot. There’s not much going on, just a lot of friends.

about being an artist?

When you have something in your head

will happen and it just looks completely wrong. You know half way through a

painting you’re just like, “what!? This

is turning out to be so shitty,” and then

after you push through that wall you find different things that you like about it so you go on from that. I guess your hands don’t always do what your mind wants it to.




piece of advice you have




To be patient and

to give back to the world.





you don’t then the give

back to you. That

was from one of my professors



was so inspiring to hear that from her. You




about the world to do well in it, I think.


Slam Dunkin’ By Brooke_Nivens Donuts are round (the world is Round) America runs on Dunkin And we go until were outta breath and to be honest I love breathing and seeing and being and I love circles but I can’t quite grasp r(o)und (Is it the cycles that mold us to such haunting form) over and over and overyday Thirstday, Friesday, Satallday Were dough, we’re dough we want dough So mold us into a circle with a hole slip in your coin, and we’ll cycle, and recycle and do it again Ever feel like you’ve been in the same place twice because I swear we’re just deja food Waiting to be consumed I feel like I’m in a picture frame, and I can’t get out of this pose! this mold this frame of mind Do I have sprinkles on my face? And you see, it’s the fact that we know it’s out there destiny, (somewhere) we see the customers lining up and you see it for blocks and blocks and I can’t see passed them and I cant get passed the glass and I see rows and rows just like me in my past So I guess that since I always look back and see a line and then I look forward and sea a line We could do, should do the congo line to get through the ma ma ma masses though we seem to be waiting in some different line than one that cha cha chasses but the fate is just the same I see no horizon (past) the line,ha ha ha asses the dot didn’t go on a very long walk I wish we could all just spin, slip and get away, I guess to chew and to be chewed is my fate Do I have any sprinkles on my face? Well, all I see from here is armory of khaki the sheer blades of business calls the battles of small talk credit cards swish/ strike! ring tone rrrrrrng rrrrrrrrrrng credit cards swish/ strike! ring tone rrrrrrrrng rrrrrrrrrng Sounds like war to me but through my thick moist glass I hear everything, i’m on display do I have sprinkles on fate, I meant my face


chatter,wallets,buzzing the busy bees, the army, the masses, the lines........ the lines......... the lines.......... and I guess you can’t win seeing things through warped finger prints poked and poked oils and oils waiting to uncoil to eat and move on business meeting, lecture, phone call I’m just a donut, we’re just donuts and I guess my time has come because I saw the credit card swish/ strike! Gallant forces come my way, they won the war and my shield just cannot sustain the need, the hunger, the mouths water me insane And then the light reaches my way ever seen god ever been to the golden gates I swear an angel came my way five fingers, white glove, five fingers, white glove i’m lifted, i’m carried, placed in a bag, my coffin to rest thrown on the counter, (now will I be buried?) now this will be open do I have sprinkles on my fate? The candles burnt out, buried, ate (but I found god) I saw the white light, trashcan sticky cemetery the bellowing spirits of here lies the humble pastry, great icing, dessert food, and quick to eat may he rest in obese, (round and sweet) that’s why I was waiting in line cycled, cycled, recycled and I saw a white light when the war came to an end credit cards swish/ strike! the war is over I’m over and over and over Donuts are round(The world is round) America Runs on Dunkin

thanks for giving a shit

photos:richie_mccorkle Above:Aaron_green//kickflip Top Left: andrew_bumgarner//No comply Bottom Left: Andrew_bumgarner//ollie

Rare Breed Magazine: Issue 2  
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