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Title: CSUS Spring Show Campaign Prepared for: School Project

Description This campaign was for California State University­—Sacramento‘s annual design show and geared towards prospective design students, local business owners and university alumni. My theme revolved around establishing a relevance of design in our daily lives with an example of what we take for granted: well designed solutions. When that is missing, it resorts to my commentary “Our lives are designed to function.”

Title: Make Strides Walk-a-Thon Flyer Prepared for: ICDC College

Description I am really passionate about any type of positive social outreach. This flyer was designed to recruit people to donate and run for the great cause of supporting breast cancer research.

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Title: Foo Fighters Secret Show Flyer Prepared for: Hermosa Beach Restaurant Group

Description A quarter page flyer submission to advertise The Foo Fighters and a fictional secret show to be played at one of Hermosa Beach’s music hot spot, Sainte Rocke.

Title: Design Process Prepared for: School Project

Description The Design Process Book was a visual presentation explaining its process for fellow designers. The flaps are categorized in its six steps and are made in the form of a hexagon. Its balanced nature alludes to what a solution will be if the process is successful: a well established and distinct direction.

Title: RENT Postcards Prepared for: School Project

Description These postcards are based of the broadway musical, RENT. In creating these cards the overall aesthetic was created by manipulating paper and communicating three of RENT’s main themes: survival, intimacy, and freedom. Each revolve around the bohemian lifestyle of its cast in the early 1990s, while they are trying to persevere over poverty and AIDS.

Title: Interlude Magazine Prepared for: School Project

Description Interlude is a music publication that is designed towards the creative class in Sacramento. The magazine was a collaborative project comprised of myself and five other group members. We collectively wrote articles reflecting an aspect of music culture that range from concert experience to mainstream airwave monopolies. The aesthetic is rough and hand crafted to reflect how the creative class likes raw and uncompromised information.

Title: The Adventures of Huck Finn Prepared for: School Project

Description This project was to create a retro book jacket design for classic American literature. I chose The Adventures of Huck Finn. The visuals of the cover is a play on Huck’s experience as a free—spirited boy in the south, but later to conform to more civilized way when he is captured by a slave owner.

Title: Playing Cards inspired by The Simpsons Prepared for: School Project

Description This project was to redesign the standard deck of cards. In this case, I have chosen to use The Simpsons as a way to reach out to avid followers and younger audiences. I used the model of the family to establish a hierarchy in value. Homer is understood as the patriarch member of the family, so i decided to use him as King. The suits are also replaced with notable items form the series: doughnuts, books, beers and skateboards.

Title: Dweg Family Crest Prepared for: Vince-Cruz Family

Description A black and white illustration created for my friend to be used for family clothing and collateral pieces. The animal was inspired by elements of the Philippine and their family nickname “Dweg�, a member from the buffalo family.

Title: Crestview Identity and Business Card Prepared for: Crestview Clinical Laboratory

\Description A revised identity for Crestview Clinical Laboratory developed to take advantage of their increase in clientale. The segmented nature of the logo was inspired by syringe measuring and used as a unit to create concentric relationships.

Title: Ultramile Concept and Landing Page Prepared for: Tireco

Description This identity was developed for fictional tire company Ultramile, an economical tire solution intended for families always on the road. Along with the concept, it was implemented into a landing page mockup to reinforce their mission online.

Title: Aficionato Design Identity Prepared for: Personal Use

Description Initial branding for my personal collateral. Aficionato came about from the synergy of the word “Aficionado� (defined as a person with great appreciation for a certain activity) the last four letters of my name. The activity of the mark is an abstraction of how I sift through raw ideas or intuition and establish a sustainable solution.

Renato Araga Portfolio  
Renato Araga Portfolio  

Idea and Concepts by Renato Araga