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Body Mapping Reflection by Irma Raquel Dunford EDBE 8P12: The Arts In and Across the Curriculum Primary/Junior Music

Drawing myself made me think of how my students will feel when I ask them to connect with their musical past, present and future. I find this quote very inspiring, “Music begins where the possibilities of language end” by Jean Sibelius. Connecting my art piece to the art form of writing and music helps me express who I am in a multifaceted way. I can express my physical features, experiences and well as the psychology of how I have experienced music. I come from a Salvadoran family who instilled in me the love of cumbia and the love of Spanish. I was born in Hamilton, Ontario and at school my culture was very Canadian, while at home I lived Salvadoran culture through music. Latin music has allowed me to stay true to my roots and grow in a fusion of musical flavours that influence me today. I recently went to go watch Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty performed by the National Ballet of Canada during my March Break. It was my first time seeing an orchestra in person as well as a ballet. My husband was with me and his presence made me feel so connected to the art form. There is no talking in ballet so all of the emotions are felt through the live music and dance think Ballet is one of the highest form of athleticism and artistic expression. Witnessing the ballerinas and ballerinos pull off such a technically difficult performance was astounding. My musical interests are very eclectic and ever-evolving. I was that kid growing up in the 90’s into pop artists and boy bands and now am in my 20’s loving classical music, meditation sounds, Latin beats and top forty from the radio. I think remembering that 90’s kid being into what’s popular at the moment helps me relate to my students. We all know students who feel ashamed to express themselves and nowadays with

headphones being so part of our cultures a lot of times what we listen to is kept in the silence. My mom; my husband; my travels as well as my curiosity have been my greatest influencers in music. With access to YouTube these days it’s very easy to explore many genres of music besides the radio. I don’t know much about musical vocabulary or many instruments. However, I do know I have an appreciation for the art form and have a love affair with listening to music in languages I don’t necessarily understand. I am curious about how language and music influence each other. One of my greatest inspirations was my grade six French Teacher who helped us learn our irregular verbs such as “aller” with musical songs as a strategy for studying. I remember reciting the songs in French in my head during the conjugation tests I received. My interest is to become an ESL or FSL teacher so I think connecting to this past will serve me to aid students discovering a new language. I’m excited to learn about how I can teach music to students. I am nervous about learning new vocabulary as well as playing with instruments (as my coordination is not so strong,) but I am ready to make mistakes and learn from them. I am curious about music as therapy. During my undergraduate degree in psychology I learned the importance of mental health and its role in teaching and learning. Music and mood go hand in hand and allowing ourselves to feel the music can help us not only to understand ourselves, but understand others as well. When I listen to classical music while studying it inspires my mind to think deeper and helps my ideas flow. I think classical music should be part of all classrooms and I think this can not only translate to more creative thinking in the arts, but more creative thinking in all subjects.

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Body mappingwithimage