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DEFINITIONS • Objection: challenging or disagreeing with something or someone • Justice: making what’s fair • Jail: where bad people stay for a matter of time because of bad actions • Guilty: someone who did something wrong • Innocent: a person who have done nothing wrong • Judge: saying something about someone • Lawyer: a person who defends people • Law: a document that says how to act • Charges: pay a price for something you did • Witness: someone who watches an action • Fair trail: making equal decisions • Officer: a person who is in charge of putting order • Prosecution: people fighting against the accuser • Case: a problem that has to come up with a resolution • Constitution: rules in a country • Jury: it’s a side on the court in which they are 12 persons • The accused: a person who did something wrong and is guilty • The defense: a person who sees for another person • The verdict: the decision in which a person is guilty or innocent • Testify: prove your arguments by facts              

II) 10 expressions used in a trail 1. Rephrase the question. 2. Would you look at … ? 3. The witness testify in court: The person who watch the act has to give facts 4. I direct the jury to disregard the statement that … 5. The person is innocent! : The person has no charges 6. Will the record reflect that the witness has identified the defendant. 7. Don’t discuss the case. 8. Keep your own counsel, don’t talk about the case. 9. You may proceed. 10. Get ready for the trail: The person needs to prepaid to be judged

Exposition The  protagonist  was  the  juror  8   because  he  is  fighting  for  the   kid  and  he  feel  guilty  to  send  a   boy  to  the  chair.   The  juror  3  is  the  antagonist   beacuse  he  want  the  kid  to  go  to   the  chair  and  he  doesnt  care.   This  story  s  un  1950s,  when  the   women  doesnt  have  right  such   as  the  persons  with  a  diferent   color  of  skin.   Is  taking  place  in  new  york  and   in  a  courtroom.   There  are  conflics,  internal  and   external.  A  external  conflic  is   the  way  they  discus  and  only   one  man  is  voting  for  the  boy   and  convince  the  otherones,  the   internal  conflict  is  that  it  doesnt   feel  good  sending  a  person  to   the  chair  without  knowing  if  is   guilty  or  not.    

Rising action   Is  when  all  the  jurors  are  in  the   cortroom,  they  sit  down  and   they  start  to  divate  if  the  boy  is   guilty  or  inocent.   The  juror  8  start  giving  is  point   of  view  about  why  he  vote  for   not  guilty  “NO. 8: There were eleven votes for guilty. It's not so easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about it first.”    

Climax It  take  place  when  the  juror  8  start   talking  about  the  woman  that  had   glases  and  he  start  making  the   people  chage  of  opinión  and  juge   the  boy  for  good,  look  out  for  the   story  and  then  juge  everyone.    

INDIRECT CHARACTERIZATION:   The  autor  never  talk  of  how  was  the   juror  8  fisical.    

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:   He  is  a  Young  men,  is  very  skiny  and   tall,  he  is  waring  whit  shirt,  had  black   hair,  he  is  Smart  and  he  know  how  to   make  people  change  their  mind            


THOUGHTS, ACTION,  WORDS:   They  are  a  Little  agrsive  when  they  talk  to   each  other  because  the  other  ones  dont  like   that  the  8  think  that  the  boy  is  inocent.   Everyone  hada  different  way  of  thinking,   and  the  juror  8  want  to  change  their  way  of   thinking.              

OTHER FEELINGS,  THOUGHTS,  WORDS  TOWARDS   THEM:   Everyone  give  their  point  of  view  of  what  the  boy   do,  the  juror  8  doesnt  like  the  feelling  of  taking   the  boy  to  the  chair  without  knowing  the  case,   everyone  thinks  diferent  but  at  the  end  everyone   thinks  for  the  good  of  the  boy    


12 angry men

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