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Rapunzel of Sweden

Welcome to Rapunzel – we are known for our excellent service As a costumer of Rapunzel of Sweden you get the opportunity to be a part of Scandinavias fastest growing hair extensions company. We are proud of our quality products and excellent service. We have qualified personnel that provide the customer service you deserve. We have in-depth knowledge of our products and can guide you through every step, from placing your order to attaching and caring for the products. Need help in choosing the right method? Just email or call us. Need help choosing your colour? Just send us a picture by email and we will give you the best advice on the suitable colour for you. Our customer support can be reached by email or phone Monday through Friday between 9 - 15 CET. We guarantee that your inquiry will be met with a prompt reply. We aim to be leading in product quality and development – every shipment is subject to rigorous quality assurance scrutiny to ensure that no products fall short of our high standard. In our endeavour to become a leading supplier of hair extensions we rely on your voice and on your opinions. If you have thoughts and ideas concerning our products or wishes for new products we are greatful to receive your views. Your opinion counts. Do not forget to register yourself as customer on our web page. As a customer you will be able to receive offers and information through our news letters.

Business Idea To offer a Swedish, high quality brand, broadest possible range of hair extensions to be sold through our own factory via our web shop directly to private customers or hairdressers worldwide.

Background The brand was first introduced in the year 2007 by a woman who looked for ”the perfect hair extensions supplier”. This was nowhere to be found. So she started the business of her own since she saw the need for it. Good quality, broadest possible product range, competitive prices, quick deliveries and the most important of all – good service to our customers - became factors we value the most of all. As a child her mother told her the fairy tale of Rapunzel when she went to sleep at night. The princess Rapunzel – with long golden hair! She had a hair which was several yards long and she was the most beautiful in the whole world. She was locked into a tower by an enchantress, who was jealous of her beauty. One day she was saved by a prince, who climbed along her long hair up to the tower! Today Rapunzel strives to be ”the perfect supplier” and Rapunzel shares her beauty to people around the world.

Vision & Goals Rapunzel’s vision is ”to be in all women’s life, every single day” Rapunzel’s goal is to become ”the perfect hair extensions supplier”.

Rapunzel TV provides you with clear instructions on how to attach your hair extensions and how you take care of them in the best possible way. You can watch tutorial videos on all the different methods of attaching your extensions and on how to care for them. There is also a possibility to print the instructions and the product show on products used in the videos.




types of hair by Rapunzel

High quality hair from Rapunzel Of Sweden Rapunzel of Sweden offers you the best hair extensions available on the market. We do have hair extensions for everybody. Considering our different hair types, methods of attaching, colours and lengths we can offer you, our customer, what is best just for your needs. Regardless of your demands and wishes we can match your type of hair in the best possible way. We think we are always in the frontline by constantly developing our products and ourselves together with our customers and international experts. We are certified for our genuine human hair. We are under obligations that our hair extensions must be so gently treated that the cuticles of the hair are preserved intact, free from silicons and that all the hairs are in the same direction. (REMY) Our hair originates from women all over the world in order for us to be able to deliver the best hair on the market. All our hair has been voluntarily sold or donated to us by healthy living women and exceptionally even by men. Each type of hair originates from various geographical areas around the world. It depends on where there is fine hair, of secure quality to be acquired, hair which can meet our demands. The raw hair we buy is carefully selected, so out of 80 grams of hair, we can only use only 40 grams in order to ensure the quality we stand for. We want that the hair we sell shall be of fine thin quality to suit all women. When you buy hair extensions from Rapunzel you will get a hair which is free from silicones and other additives. A hair which is treated with silicones feels very fine and luxurious until the day when the silicon is worn off. The hair embedded in silicon will not be able to get nourishment and treatment from products and will dry out. Our hair is completely untreated so therefore it is important that you from the beginning take good care of your hair extensions. If you use the wrong treatment products it can take long time to repair your hair if possible at all. A hair which is maltreated can result in extreme dryness leading to tangling an is difficult to repair.

ORIGINAL REMY CUTICLE HUMAN HAIR Our Original hair - Original Remy Cuticle Hair comes from a large geographical area around Asia. Most of it comes from India and from parts of Russia bordering to Asia but also from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. The hair is originally dark. The hair is a little bit thicker than our European Remy Cuticle Hair which allows it to keep its fine and good quality despite treatments. Due to its good quality the hair will be slightly curly after washing. It suits most women and blend well into your own hair. It does not break easily and does not suffer from hard brushing and handling compared to the two other types we have. Every strand is Remy, oriented in the same direction, and the cuticles are intact to ensure a long lasting quality. This hair is used in all our products unless otherwise stated in the product information. Can be found in all our products and colours and in lengths from 40 cm up to 50 cm.

EUROPEAN REMY CUTICLE HUMAN HAIR The European Remy Cuticle Human Hair originates from Ukraine, Southern Europe and from the parts of Russia which lie closest to Scandinavia. The original colour is mostly ashen. The colouring of this hair is done in fewer stages resulting in a better hair quality. The European hair is slightly curly after washing. Hair extensions made from this hair is best suited for persons who have thin own hair or who wish to get that little extra. This hair is found nearly in all different kinds of products and colours, in a length of 20 cm. There is clearly stated in the product information if the product contains this quality of hair.

SWEDISH REMY CUTICLE HUMAN HAIR If you wish to get what is absolutely the best hair on the market we offer you Swedish Remy Cuticle Hair, this hair is totally untreated at donation. The Swedish hair is a little thinner than the other types of hair and it is therefore more demanding to select the hair to ensure the highest quality. Every package contains hair only from one donor. The original colour of the Swedish hair is of the same tone as the hair you use. It is exactly as our own, very thin and fine. The hair originates from Sweden, Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The hair is not treated, only toned. This hair is only available in a limited selection of colours and has a length of 45cm. If the product consists of this kind of hair it is clearly stated in the product information. Suites you who is very demanding person and has got a baby thin hair. It’s the most exclusive hair on the market today!


by Rapunzel

The stunning result of a Rapunzel make over on Swedens most famous blogger The most famous blogger in Sweden and young entrepreneur Isabella ”Blondinbella” Loewengrip visited the offices of Rapunzel in March this year to get a makeover in true Rapunzel style. As the name Blondinbella implies long, abundant blond hair goes with it. Earlier Blondinbella had long, thick, blond hair which gave her the name. As her hair has, over time, become shorter she wanted her long blond hair back again. The obvious solution was to transform her appearance by hair extensions from Rapunzel. Blondinbella tested our Swedish hair extensions, the most exclusive product on the market. Isabella had earlier only tested clip on extensions, therefore we wanted to let her test a more permanent method. We chose pre bonded Nail Hair extensions. It is a method whereby you attach the hair extensions strand by strand by using pre bonded U-shaped keratin nails. By choosing this method we can easily combine several colours in order to match her own haircolour perfectly. We chose the colours #18, #24 and #613. To do the hair extension 60 pre bonded Nail Hair extensions were used. – I love it! Blondinbella wrote about her new hair on her blog.

FACTS ABOUT BLONDINBELLA Isabella ”Blondinbella” Loewengrip, born on October 21st 1990, is a Swedish blogger and entrepreneur. Her blog, which she started at an age of 14 years in 2005 is the most visited private blog in Sweden according to official statistics. She writes about her everyday life and experiences and has got more than 300 000 visitors every week. Blondinbella is active with several large business projects such as Löwengrip Investment AB. She also is about to launch her own magazine, Ego Boost Magazine – a magazine portraying lifestyle and career for young women. We will hopefully see more of this young entrepreneur in the future.




hair extensions

Long & abundant hair in just 5 minutes with Rapunzel’s Clip On Style your hair easily with Clip On hair extensions from Rapunzel. With Clip On Extensions you can quickly create a wonderful hairdo for the party or a stylish everyday look. Clip On Extensions are used to get thicker and longer hair and you are ready in 5 minutes!


Straight, 50 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #18, #22, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #2/6, #24/60, #27/613, #8/24, #6/60, #6/27, #18/613, #Red, #99J, #530

Straight, 60 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #24, #60, #613, #4/60, #27/613


1 part is 20 cm wide with 4 clips 2 parts are 15 cm wide and have 3 clips each 2 parts are 10 cm wide and have 2 clips each 2 parts are 5 cm wide with one clip each

European, 50 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #6, #10, #12, #18, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613, #8/24

Bodywave, 60 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #24, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613

All this is included in the set.

How to use Clip On hair extensions

Start by making a section of hair where you want to attach the clip on. Tease the hair.

Apply the clip on piece by bending the clips open, center the pice and close the clips, starting from the center and moving outwards.

Repeat this with all 7 parts. You could apply them like this; 20 - 15 - 15, back head top to bottom 10 - 5, on the side of the head.




hair extensions

Create mixed colourful extensions Pre-bonded Nail Hair Extensions can be used for several reasons, either adding extra texture to your hair or giving it the new length you desire. With pre-bonded Nail Hair Extensions you can easily get the hair of your dreams! A pre-bonded Nail Hair Extension will last for 2-3 months. When its time to replace your extensions, you can easily remove the extensions by using our Keratin wax remover.

Straight 40 cm

Nail hair extensions is THE BEST choice if you want a long lasting method with lots of possibilites

Straight 50 cm

You will need 80 - 140 strands for a complete extension. If you want to add volume to your hair you will need 20 - 80 strands.

#1, #1b,#2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #16, #18, #22, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613, #4/613, #6/27, #8/24, #18/60

#1, #1b,#2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #16, #18, #22, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613, #4/613, #6/27, #8/24, #18/60

Straight 60 cm nailhair extensions quantity:   

1 pack: 20 strands per package, total 20 grams 100 pack*: 5 packages with 20 strands each, total 100 gram Start up kit*: 5 packages of nailhair + Rapunzels nailhair start up kit - all you need for your extensions.

* Not available in european hair extensions.

Place a strand of Nail Hair underneath a strand of your own hair. The amount of your own hair should be approximately half of the amount of Nail Hair.

#1, #1b, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #16, #18, #22, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613, #4/613, #24/60, #18/60,

Straight 70 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #18, #22, #24, #27, #33, #60, #613, #27/613, #18/60

Bodywave 60 cm #1, #2, #4, #6, #10, #22, #24, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613

Deepwave 50 cm Take the connecting iron and heat the keratin and shape it with your fingers, wrapping it around your own hair. You can use finger protectors if you wish.

#1, #1b, #4, #6, #8, #12, #18, #22, #613, #60

Crazy colours 50 cm #99, #blue, #purple, #pink, #red, #130, #17, #530

European hair 50 cm When you are attaching Nail Hair Extensions you can use long or short protection pads. The long protection pad helps you with the spacing of the strands.

#1, #1B, #2, #4, #6, #10, #12, #18, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #8/24, #27/613




attach and remove


Start up kit - With all you need for your extension

Set of accessories - Protection pads, clamps, fingerprotector & comb

Short protection pad Long protection pad

Finger protectors

Keratinsticks transparent

Keratinsticks black

Make your own nailhair

Melting pot

Keratin pellets


Keratin vax remover


Pliers for removal

Refill kearatin nails

Fusion connector - Expert

Super Sonic Ceramic connector


Fusion connector

Pliers - Make own Nail Hair


hair extensions

Fast and simple – attach without heat It’s easy to attach your hair extensions using the pre bonded Stick Hair method. The method is risk free and even the beginner will master it. It´s very lenient and simple to attach and remove, you can even re-use the Stick Hair extensions several times. You will need 80 - 140 strands for a complete extension. If you want to add volume to your hair you will need 20 - 80 strands.

STICK hair extensions quantity:     

1 pack: 20 strands per package, total 20 grams 100 pack: 5 packages with 20 strands each, total 100 gram Start up kit: 5 packages of stickhair + Rapunzels stickhair start up kit

Straight 50 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #6, #10, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613, #8/24

Choose between Blond, Natural, dark brown or black microringS

Start up set – all you will need

100 pack microrings



How to use Stick Hair extensions

Place a microring on the needle, open the hook and pull a strand of hair through the microring.

Place a strand of Stick Hair into the microring. Make sure that the microring is 0,5 cm from the scalp and close the microring.

An entire row consist of several bondings with a spacing of 0,5-1 cm.




hair extensions

Lots of possibilities – luxurious long hair AMOUNT: 100g 120 cm wide Straight 50 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #18, #22, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613, #2/6, #6/27, #8/24, #6/60, #18/60

Straight 60 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #24, #60, #613, #27/613, #24/60

Bodywave 60cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #24, #60, #613, #27/613,

European 50 cm #1, #1B, #2, #4, #6, #10, #12, #18, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #8/24, #27/613


You can sew clips on to it and create a clip on set of your own. You can attach the genuine hair weft using glue. You can attach the hair weft by first making a cornrow, then sewing it in. You can attach it with microrings.



hair weft instructions

Make sections in your hair and cut pieces from the weft that are 5 cm shorter than the sections.

Apply glue to the pieces and also apply a small amount of glue in the section.

Attach the pieces and complete the entire hair extension.

Attach a microring to the needle.

Take hair from the weft together with some of your own and pull it through the microring.

Make sure that the microring and Hair Weft is close to your scalp and close it.

Make a section in your hair.

Braid the section and secure it with a small rubber band.

Sew in your Hair Weft

Measure your head to find the length of your clip on piece.

Cut the Hair Weft into your desired lengths.

Sew your pieces together and add clips to them. Place the clips with 5 cm spacings.


Latex glue Black 30 or 60 ml Transparent 30 or 60 ml

Latex remover 60 ml

Liquid Gold glue

Liquid Gold remover

Microring Start up kit Blond, natural, brown or black

100 p Microring Blond, natural, brown or black



Mini Rubber band - Black

Mini Rubber band - Transparant

Thread Blond, brown or black


Make your own Clip On set Blond, brown or black

Clips 10 pack Blond, brown or black

Pin comb

Clamps 10 pack




hair extension

Almost invisible – suitable for everyone You attach the Skin Weft PU hair extensions with a double sided tape onto your own hair. The Skin Weft PU hair extension method is suitable for most people, especially for those with slightly thinner hair who want it to be thicker and longer. The special skin weft surface looks like your own skin, making your Skin Weft PU hair extensions look very natural. Tape on, as they also are called, can be reused several times without problems.

Skin weft extension amount: 

4 pieces/15 cm

100 gram total

Tape included  50 or 60 cm

Straight 50 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #18, #22, #24, #27, #30, #33, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613, #2/6, #8/24, #6/60, #2/6

Straight 60 cm #1, #1b, #2, #4, #24, #60, #613, #27/613

Bodywave 60cm Liquid gold remover Tape - skinweft

#1, #1b, #2, #4, #24, #60, #613, #27/613

How to use Skin Weft Extensions

Put tape on the entire skin weft and cut pieces in desired lenghts.

Make a section horizontally in your hair. Attach the pieces by placing the tape below the section and apply gentle pressure.

Lift the extension piece and Put a matching piece below the remove excess hair that has not first one. Press together. adhered to the tape.



SYNTHETIC hair extensions

Hair pieces – great for length & updos With synthetic hair you can create wonderful hairdos by adding some extra volume and length. It’s the perfect choice for parties or special occasions. The synthetic hair extensions from Rapunzel are the most modern and natural looking on the market. Synthetic hair can be curled with steam, but not with direct heat.

CLIP ON SUPER 45 CM #1, #4, #10, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613

CLIP ON SUPER CURLY 45 CM #1, #4, #10, #60, #613, #24/60, #27/613

CLIP ON 60 CM #1, #2, #4, #6, #10, #22, #613, #8/24, #27/613

Long and gorgeous volume with a clip on super. Make a section in line with your ears and fasten the hair above the section in a little tuft. Clip down the Clip On Super and cover it and mix with your own hair.

NATURAL WIGS synthetic hair

Easy change natural look

WIGS From the TOP lefT: Hollywood white, Demi, Liv, Lindsay, Snow white, Nathalie, Blondie, Jackson Afro blond, Jackson Afro black, Britney, Blondie, Kate dark, Hollywood dark, Robin, Morticia, Kate, Jessica, Elvis, Marilyn, Ken, Emma, Kate blond.



SWEDISH HAIR hair extensions

When only the best is good enough For those of you who are looking for the absolute best hair extension on the market – now it’s here! The most luxurious hair extensions availible – Swedish remy hair. Every strand is very thin and fine, from the very best Scandinavian hair you can imagine. These hair extensions are only sold under our Rapunzel brand. You will never find hair of this quality by other retailers, we have the exclusive rights to this wonderful hair!

The most exclusive HAIR on the market today!

SWEDISH HAIR WEFTS 45 CM Weight: 100 grams. The possibilities are endless with a Hair Weft; sew, glue, braid or make a clip on, the choice is yours.

SWEDISH NAILHAIR 45 CM Amount: 50 strands/1 gram each Create a wonderful hair extension with Swedish Nail Hair. Choose your colours for a perfect match.

Available in theese six colours, #1, #4, #18, #24, #60, #613


hair extensions

Dramatic looking eyes? How to dO aN eye makeup FOR THE EVEING with Eyelashes 3 legged eyelashes 10 mm


Start your makeup on a clean rehydrated face. Apply your makeup base, foundation, rouge etc.


Start your eye makeup by sweaping a light coloured shadow over your entire eyelid, from lashes tup to your eyebrows.


Contour your eyes by sweaping a light brown shade in your eyecrease. Make sure that it doesn´t have any hard edges.


Take a dark brown or black shadow and put it close to your eyelashes on your outer half of the eye. Sweap it up and out into desired shape. Keep it darker closer to your eyes and blend it outwards.


Take the same shade and lightly out some under your eye, be careful so it don’t get to dark.


Take a kayal or eyeliner and paint below and over your eyelashes, make a thin defined line, or take a q-tip and blend the line for a smoky look.


Blend your eyelashes if desired.


Apply a small amount of glue on your eyelashes, try to add it just on the seam of the eyelash. Let the glue dry for a while. If you are applying a entire eyelash line, start by cut it in correct lenght. It should start 3-5 mm from your inner eye and stop exactly at your outer eye.


Start the application by looking down, dont close your eyes. If you are applying a whole line then you start in the inner corner of the eye and work outwards. With 3 legged eyelashes you start in the outer corner of the eye and work your self inwards until you find it enough. Make sure that the eyelashes start just on top of your own lashes so they don’t show.

3 legged eyelashes 14 mm

Eyelashes 14mm thick

Eyelashes regular 14 mm

Eyelash glue

Single eyelashes in jar

10. Apply mascara and don’t forget to make your hair stunning too.



CARE PRODUCTS hair extensions

How you care for your hair extensions is the most important factor to ensure that you can use the extensions as long as possible. To use good products, avoid unnecessary tear and wear and to wash it in the right way is of fundamental importance. Here below you can read our recommendations on how to care for your wonderful hair extensions.

TREATMENT PRODUCTS Our hair care products are developed specifically for hair extensions. The combination of nutrutions and the right PH value, ensure that the hair becomes smooth and tangle free for a long time. If you use our Shampoo, Conditioner and Miracle Spray in combination with each other it will ensure that your hair extensions will last longer.


Before you wash your hair extensions, you need to brush it and untangle it. To wash hair which is tangled is not to be recommended.


The hair should be washed 1-2 times a week as a maximum. Water dries out the hair, so please do as recommended to ensure that your hair lasts longer.


Wet the hair in lukewarm water, you should not twist or rub it while washing. Work the hair along the natural cuticles of the hair.


Use Rapunzel’s shampoo throughout the hair to remove possible residues of styling activities or natural fats near your scalp. We recomend you this shampoo, as the treatment products from Rapunzel contain exactly the right pH - balance (acidicity) which is necessary to prevent the cuticles on each hair to raise and cause tangling. Using other products may be damaging. Rinse carefully.


Use Rapunzel’s conditioner, which has a caring effect for the hair. Use it on the lower parts, avoid the fastening points and the scalp. Distribute it first with your hands and then use the brush in order to ensure that each hair is treated. Use this cure for 30 minutes, then rinse. As a tip: If you use a clip on set which you do not have attached, you can let the cure work the whole night.


The last product you should use is Rapunzel’s Miracle Spray, which you spray on to the wet hair. Use it on the lower parts not on the fastening points and the scalp. Distribute the spray using a brush use the brush in order to ensure that each hair is treated. The effect of the spray is such that it closes the hair and thus keeps the hair tangle free. Then rinse after 30 minutes.


Now you carefully dry your hair with a towel and let the hair dry by itself. Remember not to twist or rub your hair. It is a good idea to keep it braided while it dries.


If you have a hair extension which is not attached all the time such as a clip on set, you only wash when needed, as you do not have it attached while sleeping or exercising the need for cleaning is less. Keep the hair where it can hang freely and we recommend that you only wash it every second week for longer durability. You wash it in the same way as described above but perhaps in your own bathroom sink.


If you have a synthetic hair extension, it should not be washed. It should hang freely, ventilated.

AVOID  Balm, alcohol and other strong products in or near the fastening points, they will weaken the durability of the fastening points  Chlorine and salty water is to be avoided completely. They ruin the hair. They cause the cuticles to raise and the hair to tangle  All other products such as perfumes, silicone oils (dandruff shampoo) will destroy the hair.

 Colouring if it at all can be done. Depending on the type of hair you buy it has already been treated in various degrees. Every colouring opens the cuticles of the hair so that the colour can stick. When colouring with strong products the cuticles can be irreversibly damaged which leads to tangling. 

Never go to bed with wet hair.


makes it last longer

Make your extension last longer DAILY CARE OF YOUR HAIR EXTENSIONS  Always keep the hair braided when you sleep or exercise. Open the braid in the morning and sort out your hair with your fingers. It is important that you untangle your hair between the fastening points regardless of which method you have used. Miracle spray Shampoo Conditioner Shinespray

 Brush your hair with a paddle brush, only at the end sections. Do not brush your scalp or the fastening points. Start at the ends and work upwards. Never start brushing a hair extension near your scalp. Then use the boar brush and brush it all, including the fastening points and your scalp.  In most cases you wish to style your own hair and the extensions at the same time to get a more natural look. When using a flat iron or curl iron, always use heat protecting products.

Boar brush

Pin comb

 In order to give some extra shine and moisture to the hair use Rapunzel’s Shine spray or Rapunzel’s Miracle spray on the lower parts. Always carry in your bag Rapunzel’s Shine spray or Rapunzel’s miracle spray, so you can improve your hair dressing during the day.  The hair must be cared for and brushed mornings and evenings and possible during the day, depending on your activities. Remember to always keep it braided when you do not need to have it as normal, especially at night and during physical activities.  If you have a hair extension which is not permanent such as a clip on set, the same rules apply. The extensions should hang freely, alternatively you can let it be braided until you use it again.

Flat iron

 Cut your split ends regular, then your hair will look fresh and don’t get tangled so easy.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FASTENING POINTS Scissors Scissors for thinning

Silver Shampoo Defeats yellow pigments in blonde hair

Every day you loose around 50-100 hairs, some of them are located in your extensions. This may cause some of your strands to fall off, which is quite normal. The hairs which have come off may cause tangling around the fastening points if you do not take care of it. This causes every loose hair to tangle with hairs in the proximity. Therefore it is important that you every morning go through your fastening points and untangle them. When two fastening points start to grow together there will be a larger and larger tangle near to your scalp and in the end you have a problem. Have you not cared for your fastening points or have attached your hair extensions in a wrong way creating this problem, we recommend you to remove the extensions and to attach them again.




Products and Guarantees Machines and equipment include a manual and have a European plug. You have a 1-year guarantee on machines. Faulty equipment will be fixed or exchanged. All sales go on until the stop date or until products are sold out. You can claim your money back up to 20 days after the purchase if we have not followed the terms and conditions.

Exchange, return and complaints We don’t accept change if the package is opened. All returned goods must be in saleable condition and the hair products must not have been used or handled, example; packets opened, brushed, worn, labels removed etc – for health and hygiene reasons. Opened packages will not be refunded or exchanged under any circumstances and the product will be returned to the customer.

If hair extensions appear faulty due to quality issues, the fault must be reported to us within 14 days of the purchase date due to human hair being a consumable item during wear. We require any faulty hair back in full for testing and examination. Hair must be received by us within 7 days of the reported date before any further damage can occur. If no fault is present, or the hair has been damaged in any way by the customer, the goods will be returned to the customer and we will not refund or replace the goods. We recommend the use of our own brand hair care products on all of our extensions. We refuse the right for a refund if our products have not been used to maintain the hair correctly. We recommend our specifically designed hair care products to help maintain the life of your hair extensions. Refunds or exchanges given for faulty hair extensions will only be given to the equivalent or value of hair received by us. We do not guarantee the use of our hair extensions whilst on holiday in warmer climates for various reasons.

All returned items must be in it’s original packaging. We do not take any responsibility for the product after that the product package has been broken. You yourself are responsible for your purchase and caring for the product, also for reading and informing yourself of these terms and conditions, whether it’s an order made online, on the telephone, fax or e-mail.

All customers must inform us of any items they wish to return. All returns must be verified by us before return. All internet refunds are subject to a small admin charge.

Within 14 days from order you must notify us in case you have not received your order. Within 14 days you can change or return your product or make a complaint.


Should you find that there is something wrong with the product you have always the right to return the products so we can investigate it to see what could be wrong. If we find that there is something wrong with the product we will refund the price of the product or send a new product. If we find that nothing is wrong we return the product to you. When returning you are required to return all the products in question. If the fault is ours we will refund the freight cost. On our home page you will be able to find the return form which must be filled in and returned with the product.

By accepting these T&C’s when registering and purchasing goods you agree to abide by our Terms & conditions of Sale.

Due to the lack of control we have over application and mixing accesories from others for the use of application products, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any damage or injury caused to third parties. The purchaser must determine if the glue, glue gun or any other products are suitable for their particular requirements, and that all products are to be used for professional use only. We does not accept any responsibility for hair that has been coloured or altered in any way after purchase. Our human hair products are Swedish, European, Asian and of Chinese origin, we aim to maintain the highest possible standards at all times.

Returned goods must be returned within 14 days of receipt, unless under guarantee, and accompanied with original invoice. All goods will be inspected upon return and must comply with the terms & conditions before a refund is given. Postal charges will not be refunded if the incorrect order has been placed, goods are unwanted or goods are not faulty. We have the right to refuse a refund if any goods are returned in unsaleable condition and are not faulty, or we do not think they are satisfactory for resale.

return address Rapunzel of Sweden AB Box 3174 SE-90304 Umeå SWEDEN Tel. +46 90 70 60 70 (9 am-3 pm Mon - Friday CET)

ORDER & DELIVERY by Rapunzel

We offer several options to suit your needs Payment metHods vISA You can pay with your VISA or Mastercard, through the DIBS payment center. Thanks to DIBS the webshop will under no circumstances see your card codes. There will be no payment charges! We are connected to Secure by Visa, which implies that you may need to get an approval for this function from your cardsupplier to ensure that your card works. This you do by logging in on your web bank DIBS Internet is a hosted payment solution, which ensures that the latest security demands from card issuers and acquirers are implemented centrally. DIBS is responsible for operating, servicing and maintaining your payment solution. Available in: All Countries

PAYPAL If you wish you can also pay to us trough PAYPAL, that means that you have a third part that secures your payment until we have sent your items. Our account at PAYPAL is:

INVOICE - KLARNA When you pay by Klarna its easy and safe. • Get the item before you pay • Payment time - always 14 days •Never leave card numbers •14 days right to complain •See your inovoice on • Possibility to pay in instalments Available in: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland

DELIVERY By regular mail Sweden 1-3 dagar Scandinavia 2-4 dagar Europe: 4-7 days Over seas 8-10 days

Free shipping for orders over 1000 SEK, 100 EURO, 745 DK, 1000 NOK, 70 GBP, and 105 USD.

When you have paid the right amount. We will notice it immediately and send your products without delay. Available in: International, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, Poland

PAY IN ADVANCE You pay the total amount of your order to our account. Do it as a simple money transfer on the internet. If you do not have this service you can also pay at your bank or post office. Available in: Great Britain, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, Poland

SWEDISH SPECIALS Express delivery Place your order before 15.00 (CET) Monday to Friday and get your items the next day. (Hollidays are not included)

Pay at your post office Order by Postförskott and pay at your post office when receiving your items.




of Rapunzel

Your satisfaction – our goal Ida Backlund CEO

Stefan LĂśvgren CEO

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Christina Costumer support Denmark

Kristian Costumer support Finland, UK/USA, Spain

Linda Costumer support Germany

Anna Costumer support Poland

Jessica Administrator

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Rapunzel of Sweden

We care about service all the way We at Rapunzel of Sweden wish that it would be easy for you, our customer to order hair extensions from us. Our goal is that you safely, smoothly and easily will receive the products you have ordered. At our web shop you can choose the payment and delivery alternatives which suite you best. There is a few alternatives to choose among. All orders received and paid before 15.00 hours CET, on working days, monday to friday, will be sent from our warehouses on the same day. Due to the fast delivery routines we have, it’s important that you carefully read and check your order confirmation. It will arrive to your registered e-mail address, as soon as you have completed the order.

ALL IN STOCK GUARANTEE All products we show in our shop, we have in stock and send them the same day the order is made. (Monday-Friday). If we run out of products they still show on our web page so you can order them. That garantees that you get the products as soon as we have them in stock again. If there is anything you need to know regarding your delivery, we will contactl you.

FAST DELIVERY GUARANTEE If you order before 3 pm local time, your goods will be sent that day. If you order in the EU or outside the EU, your goods will arrive in 3-7 days. If the product has not arrived within 12 days, you will get your shipping fee refunded.

PRODUCT GUARANTEE Have you ordered a product that is 120 cm wide, we guarantee you it is 120 cm wide. If there should be anything wrong or misleading on our website please contact us.

PRICE GUARANTEE When you have bought a product, we guarantee that this is the price we will charge you and no extra fees or hidden costs will appear. If the customs charge you a fee, we are not responsible for this and this is dependent on your own country’s import rules. All our products are shown with 25% VAT inside the EU. The prices are shown without VAT for buyers outside the EU.

SAFETY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE When you pay for your product, we guarantee you safe payment. We only have safe ways of paying and will never give out your information to a third party. Our shop is certified by Safe E-shopping and that means that you can buy safely in our shop. If there should be anything you are not happy about, please contact us.



VIP-COSTUMER by Rapunzel

BECOME A VIP-CUSTOMER Does your company attach or sell hair extensions and want a long-term and long-lasting cooperation? As a VIP-customer you will have discounted prices and special offers, provided that you choose Rapunzel products in your business. Registered companies with VAT number can apply for a VIP status.


choose your colour

Rapunzel Of Sweden offers a big range of colours to match your hair colour. We have several natural colours to suit you. If you dont have just one shade in your hair you can easily mix them for a perfect result. We have several mixed shades for you who don’t have just one colour in your hair, thats the perfect easy solution to get hair extension that blends in. If you are a person who want a little bit more we also have crazy colours. The crazy colours are a perfect solution for colour effects. You can add them to make your hair dressing more interesting or add colour to your natural hair without dying it. Choose between our colours to make a perfect hair extension. Please note: The colours can be a little bit different in reality


































#18/60 COLOUR RING Lend or buy our colour ring for your exact colour match


WEBSHOP & E-MAIL COUNTRY International Sweden Finland Norway Denmark Germany Spain Poland



address POST ADDRESS Rapunzel of Sweden AB Box 3174 SE-90304 Ume책 SWEDEN

VISIT & DELIVERY ADDRESS Rapunzel of Sweden AB Formv채gen 16 SE-906 21 Ume책 SWEDEN

PHONE International phone (service & support): +46 90-70 60 70 (9 am-3 pm Mon - Friday CET).

Rapunzel Magazine #1  

Rapunzel Of Sweden is Scandinavias leading hair extensions brand. This is our product catalouge. Enjoy!

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