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Issue V   

May 16, 2013 

RAPS in Wonderland The Rutgers Association of Philippine Students Semi Semi--Formal 2013

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Issue V, May 16, 2013

Our Mission Statement To unite the Filipino students within the Rutgers community by establishing solidarity on the basis of a common heritage, to educate the Rutgers community on various aspects of the Philippine culture, to provide information of current socioeconomic and political conditions about the Philippines, and to provide services and programs that will be beneficial to Filipinos both within and outside the Rutgers community.

Table of Contents Mission Statement……………………….. 2 Letters from the Editors………………….. 3 RAPS E-board 2013-2014……………….. 4 Class of 2013…………………………….. 6 A Year in Review………………………… 8 Senior Shout-outs………………………… 9 What is the Balita?......................................15

Issue V, May 16, 2013

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Letters from the Editors Dear RAPS, Welcome to RAPS in Wonderland! Tonight, the RAPS E-board, along with myself, hope that you have an unforgettable night with everyone. The semester is finally over so kick back and fall down the rabbit hole with us! Tonight is dedicated to the seniors. It’s been 4 years and you deserve a night to remember. I’m proud of you guys for pushing through! You’ve made it this far successfully and you’re all better and wiser because of it. I sincerely hope RAPS had an amazing impact on your life at Rutgers. In this Balita, you’ll find Senior Shoutouts from RAPS members who want to give you guys a great send off. A lot has happened this past school year in RAPS: families were established, friendships were made, life lessons were learned, and amazing stories - ones you have to tell later on in life - were created. We celebrate all of that with each other this evening and create even more stories for ourselves. So go ‘head with your bad selves. Not really. Stay classy. Always classy. That’s the RAPS way. As one of the new Balita co-editors, I hope to provide you guys with news and updates about RAPS in next semester’s issues. RAPS has so many amazing and talented members and they should all be recognized! If you guys have any suggestions or would like to see something new in our issues, feel free to talk to Frances or me. We’re always looking for more contributors and more pieces to publish. Alright, I think I bored you enough with my words. Enjoy the night and always remember: You’ll never go, if you stop. Sincerely, Darienne Arahan Like Arianne, but with a “D” - it stands for daughter. Dear RAPS, Tonight the RAPS E-board including myself, welcome all of you to the wonderful world of RAPS in Wonderland! We hope that tonight we can all create unforgettable memories, make new friendships, and take a look back at the amazing year we’ve all had. We dedicate tonight to all the hard work that we’ve all given throughout this year, the friendships we’ve made, the growth we’ve all undergone, the relationships we’ve rekindled, as well as all the lessons we’ve learned, but most especially to our very own seniors who through it all have come this far and are now ready to take the next step in their lives. I personally commend each and every one of you for going above and beyond to make the RAPS experience something memorable for all of us. As one of the incoming Balita editors, I hope that I can offer you all a wonderful experience through the Balita. Whether it be a funny article, an informative essay or an artistic poem, I hope to stimulate your curiosity and spark your creativity. We welcome everyone’s input and we’ll be more than happy to feature our talented members on our newsletter. So everyone have fun, relax, and enjoy what this night has got to offer because we all deserve a little craziness at the end of the day. “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” -Lewis Carroll; the Mad-Hatter, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Sincerely, Franceazca Balagtas

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Issue V, May 16, 2013

RAPS E-board 2013-2014 Here are the new faces of the Rutgers Association of Philippine Students’ Executive Board.

Alyssa Esteban

Nolan Sucdad



Class of 2014

Class of 2016

Major: Visual Art, concentrating in Graphic Design

Major: Pharmacy

Ray Chan

Vanessa Palma

Vice President


Class of 2014

Class of 2014

Major: Computer Science

Major: Economics and Sociology, Statistics Minor

David Ungco

Richard Tasik


Public Relations Co-Chair

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

Major: Biological Sciences and Public Health

Major: Psychology and

Antonio “Mikee” Siopongco

Chris Laurelli

Public Relations Co-Chair

FIND Representative

Class of 2016

Class of 2014

Major: Electrical Engineering and Economics

Major: Mathematics



Issue V, May 16, 2013

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Kevin Caparino

Therese Franceazca Balagtas

Media Crew Cordinator

Balita Co-Editor

Class of 2015

Class of 2015

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Major: Information Technology & Informatics; Digital Comm. Info. & Media minor, Music minor

Darienne Arahan

Christian Fernandez

Balita Co-Editor

Asian Student Council (ASC) Representative

Class of 2015

Class of 2016

Major: Journalism & Media Studies, Critical Sexualities minor, Social Justice Minor

Major: Cell Biology & Neuroscience/ Pre-Med

Marc Intal

Kate Miguel

RAPS Acoustic Group of Singers (RAGS) Coordinator

RAPS Dance Troupe (RDT) Coordinator

Class of 2015

Class of 2015

Major: Economics and Psychology

Major: International Relations

Mishaelle “Misha” Gomez

Joanne Modesto

RAPS Cultural Dance Troupe (RCDT) Co-Coordinator

RAPS Cultural Dance Troupe (RCDT) Co-Coordinator

Class of 2015

Class of 2016

Major: Prospective Accounting major

Major: Journalism & Media Studies and English

Stephanie Malabag Sports Coordinator Class of 2016 Major: Exercise Science


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Issue V, May 16, 2013

Classof 2013 Graduating 2012-2013 E-Board Members Arianne Maliwanag External Co-President Neil Lopez Internal Co-President Jeffrey Cuartero Vice President Ryan Ramones Treasurer Sam Nuguid Public Relations Chair Kirbi Marquez Balita Co-Editor

Sam Lamsis Sports Coordinator Joveem Caintic RAGS coordinator Lauren Argana Asian Student Council Representative Chris Laurelli FIND Representative Chris Castillo Media Crew Coordinator Rachel Luciano Webmaster


Issue V, May 16, 2013

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Graduating General Body Members Andrew Punsal Lea Aclan Andrew Taclan Vince Aquino Erika Reyes Phil Awich Kaye Ambubuyog Joe Galang Amy Bindra Jenny Jimenez Jess Bagtas Angelo Arvesu Jesselyn Reyes Kikko Arceo Mark Favor Kyle Braganza Patrick Yu Derek Ho David Cheong Jason Fernandes Roemil Sia Steve Min Jordan Biason


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Year in Review

Here are just some highlights from these past Fall and Spring semesters

Fall 2012 General Information Meeting (GIM) Family Night

Family Photoshoot Halo-Haloween

FIND Dialogue White Elephant


Issue V, May 16, 2013

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Spring 2013 Secret Valentine

FIND Conference

Battle of the Barrios XII

Speed Dating co-hosted by the Taiwanese American Student Association

Rutgers Day: Say it in Baybayin

Open Mic Night


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Issue V, May 16, 2013

Senior shout-outs Since we are dedicating tonight to our graduating seniors, here are some words of gratitude, wisdom, and love from some of our RAPS members for our seniors.

Joveem Caintic

Neil Lopez

Andrew Punsal Thank you for being a great RAGS Wahhhhh you're leaving! :'( So sad. coordinator, always getting our har- You're a mad chill dude. I'm so glad I Words cannot express how much I met you second semester but I wish I monies to sound on point! You're a will miss my ratchet partner in crime really funny dude and I will miss your met you sooner because you're a really </3 I wish you the best of luck in the philosophical life lessons when you funny person! :) Thanks for being our real world and I hope that will defirapper at the open mic night. You leave :( Thanks for backing me up nately come back to visit and chill stole the show! It sucks that you're when I needed someone to play piano. like old times :) leaving but I wish you all the best afBest of luck after graduation! ter graduation! -Cathy


Kikko Arceo


Chris Castillo

Omggg Kikko! Who would have To "Christcastealyogirl" thought that we would end up beThank you for being my inspiration and Arianne Maliwanag coming such good homies? I'm so motivation for the past year. To be honest, Dear Arianne, glad to have met you this year! Say- you were the person who ate my "Kare Thank you for always being there to ing that you're a good friend would Kare" during the China Nite Interview.... listen to me and make me smile. You Sorry, but I'm glad you gave me that be an understatement. You're such an awesome person. Thank you for amazing experience. Ever since you car- inspire me and I'm so proud of you <3 ried that table for me , I have been awed I love you !! listening and always trying to give by your kindness, generosity, and talLove, Christy me advice :) I'm gonna be so sad ents... I hope I have given you at least half when you leave :'( Best of luck in of what you've given me. -Christy the future and don't forget about Sincerely, Laurenitis. your favorite freshman! :) -Lauren Argana

-Cathy Â


Issue V, May 16, 2013

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Jordan Biason Class of 2013

Kuyaaaaa! Even though you're actuSam Antha ally my cousin's real kuya, you might For most, I have DJed every Raps semi you have ever been to and seen Hi. I don't even go here. You are one as well be. It's funny, I never thought you grow up. No matter where life of the strongest people I have ever met that we would get closer after the leads you, remember this. "Don't you who can overcome anything thrown audition thing. You're so caring and wise and I will miss you terribly worry child, see heaven's got a plan your way. Love you, ew. when you leave :( You better visit! for you." ~SHM Either that, or I'll hopefully see you -Jason Kho at one of Kim's reunions! -DJ Sanchez -Cathy Espinosa

Arianne Maliwanag & Sam Antha I'm so thankful and beyond blessed to have you both in my life and call you my best friends (and Vanessa too). You both have truly made my college experience to this day amazing to say the least. I can't believe you both are graduating and entering the real world. Part of me wished that you both could stay an extra year or I graduated early because I really can't imagine going through my senior year without either of you. I just want to say thanks for putting up with me and accepting me. I am so proud of the both of you and can't wait to see what the future has in store for y'all. I love you both very much. Cheers to friendship that lasts beyond our collegiate here careers.

-Karoline Panes To All the Seniors

Jordan Biason Kuya! I'm so glad that I met you this Jen Cham year and what was better was the fact HAPPY GRADUATION! THANKS that we're straight up familia! You FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT SIShave been nothing but great. You are TER! I'M SO GRATEFUL I GOT honestly so sweet and really nice. I'm TO SPEND AT LEAST ONE YEAR glad that we're family, so I'll see you OF COLLEGE WITH YOU. I around a lot after you graduate-KNOW YOU'RE GONNA DO family dinners, reunions, stuff like AMAZING THINGS IN LIFE. that! Don't forget to keep your head LOVE YA SHAPOOPIE. up, Kuya. You're going to do great things, I know it. I love ya, cuz! <3 -Julienne Cham -Kimmy G. Neil Lopez Ryan Ramones, Erika Reyes, Neil

Thank you for everything seniors! The Lopez, Arianne Maliwanag, Joseph moment I joined RAPS last year I really Yap & Gian Jose felt like I became a part of a huge family. Everyone was so welcoming and took the You guys are the first people outside my classes i have met in college and time to make sure that I was having a have made the experience all the betgood time. I just wished I joined earlier and got to know you all better, but none- ter. I will truly miss you all next year theless the time I spent with all of you and it will be sad not see everyone on will be memorable. I wish you guys the a weekly basis. Best of luck in all your best in all of your future endeavors and future endeavors and hope to see you hopefully this last week won't be the last I around see all of you!

-Henry Plaras

-Chris Laurelli

To my first child, I can't believe that you're (we're) graduating. Finally! It feels like a whirlwind, and honestly I still remember the first day meeting you at RCDT practice. It seems just like yesterday, and I can honestly say my college experience would be no where near as eventful, joyous or fun without you. From all the RAPS/RCDT events to just those random nights spent talking, laughing, drinking (whut), or when I just needed to vent and I knew I could turn to you. Thank you for everything kiddo, and more so thank you for being one of the best friends I have met. Truly blessed. Love you <3 -Momma Kim

-Kimberly Quiambao Â


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Issue V, May 16, 2013

To all the awesome RAPS seniors Thanks for helping make my first year in RAPS amazing. Good luck in all of your future endeavors, and you all will be missed! -Melissa

To all the seniors Arianne Maliwanag It's been a great four years with all of keep dreaming big. keep inspiring. i you! Especially to my freshman year can't wait to see what big things you RAPS crew and to my Judson suite fam. do in the future. i love you! Can't believe we're finally done! Congrats and good luck to everyone! -Sam Antha -Neil Lopez

Arianne Maliwanag Steve Min, Neil Lopez, Sravan To my first college valentine crush Class of 2013 Rajamani. Joveem Caintic friend lotion eggs cheese thing, I know I'm staying behind and you're To the best class ever, I love us! I'll off to do big things but I will always TO MY SUITEMATES, IT WAS A miss you all, but I'm excited for what thoroughly enjoy our friendship, if GREAT YEAR. WE HAD A LOT OF we're all going to be doing in the we can even call it that. It's been a GOOD TIMES. THAT'S HOW YOU future! <3 GOT IT RIGHT JOVEEM? real blasty blast and I wish you especially all the luck and blessings in -Sam Antha -Andrew Punsal the world. Ingat ka lagi & God bless. -Kirbs

Joveem Caintic Dear Joveem, I really appreciate all you're support throughout this semester. I'm really happy I got to know you because you are funny, awkward, and caring =) Congrats on graduating and I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for being a great friend <3 -Christine Alvarez


To all the Seniors

Emily, Kim, Amy

Congrats, you guys! Go on and make your Mama proud!


-Jodie Ordanza



Issue V, May 16, 2013

Emily, Rodante, Gian, Arianne, Poooontz, Neil, Josh, and the rest of the Seniors! Umm.. I'm typing this kinda drunk soooooooo congrats yo! Let's get that import and get sloppy. I love you. <3 P.S. Save me a cheeseburger at the BBQ!

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To all the seniors Andrew Punsal Thanks for everything friend. I am forever the only one allowed to call you "PUNSIE."

Although I cannot be there, I just want to say congrats to all the amazing seniors! I wish only the best for you all. Cheers to all your successful futures :) Much love <3

-Vanessa -Alice Wu


Arianna Maliwanag

Chris Laurelli

I will always remember when it was Thank you so much for being my first your turn to introduce yourself during friend here. I was extremely hesitant the e-board introduction at the GMI about joining so late into my college our junior year. You mentioned you career, but you ended up guiding me lost your voice, yet you still spoke and through all that is RAPS and easing even made light of situation (complete my transition. These last two years with a laugh). And right there you have provided me with many of my won everyone in the room over, just most cherished college memories. I'm like you've done this year by doing a forever grateful, Chris! phenomenal job as president, Arianne! -Kikko Arceo

-Kikko Arceo

ALL OF THE SENIORS <3 I remember freshman year I was super-mega awkward lost. It's because of many of you, the Neil Lopez outgoing seniors, that I was able to find a incomparable home in RAPS. Thank you all for your love, support, mentorI'm glad I met someone like you. ship, late night chats and food runs, providing You're the best sexy walker I've ever us with the tools and resources to become an met. And I'm not getting too sad about even better organization, and for being a supwriting this because I know I'll see port system that we can count on in times of you soon. Congrats on graduating! :) need. Thanks for an amazing year!! Good luck with all your future endeavors. Don't forget that you -Alecis can always call RAPS home. I hope to still see you guys at RAPS events in the future :) -Alyssa Esteban Â

Kirbi Marquez Although we didn't even meet until the car ride to Drexel for F.I.N.D. last spring, you've ended up becoming my go-to friend for advice. You're always there and willing to lend an ear and a hand, and there's not enough thank you's for that. Team Hammer for life! We're PERFECT. -Kikko Arceo

Neil Lopez when life is the blow, body roll. -Kevin Caparino

Arianne Maliwanag Lotion. Eggs. That is all. -Vanessa

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Issue V, May 16, 2013

Sam Antha

Arianne Maliwanag

I don't think I say this enough, but I am so grateful to have you in my Hey Cousin! life. Some of my fondest memories at Rutgers are with you. You're I can't believe it’s been two years already since we met at the involveone of my best friends, and I don't know what I do without you. I can ment fair. I know last year we didn't have the chance to get to know talk to you about anything, and you understand me when others each other but this year it has been so heartwarming to get to know don't ... LIKE WHEN WE CAN READ EACH OTHERS MINDS :3 you and hang out with you all those times. Having you and Neil as merp. I ROVE YOU FRIEND. I wish only the best for you in the my RAPS parents and having such great brothers and sisters in Team future, and I wish you good luck with all your post-grad plans. You Batman, I could not ask for a better family to share so many experiare so strong and I believe you can conquer anything. I'm going to ences with. I know this isn't “goodbye” because I’ll be seeing you in miss all the late nights, meeting up with you on college ave, seeing the future but I just want you to know that you are such a great and you at RAPS ... AGHFK I'M CRYING WRITING THIS. loved cousin, “mother,” and friend. I hope and pray that your future WE BETTER STAY FRIENDS AFTER YOU GRADUATE. I be plentiful with success and happiness. I love you, cuz! LOVE YOU. DON'T LEAVE ME. MERP. Love,


-Jeremy Punla

Neil Lopez, Arianne Maliwanag

Momma Kim & CO., LLC - Kim, Amy, Phil, Neil, Derek, Tim, and Punsie

To Mumzy and Dudzy, WHY YOUUUS ALL HAVE TO LEAVE ME D: Who am I going to spend These past few months, you've made an impact on my life. You've late nights with watching Korean dramas? Who's gonna fangirl with me over done nothing but inspire me left and right with all that you do. I know K-POP? Who's gonna give me face palm-as on the regular? Who's left to I can always turn to you with my problems and questions. I can laugh head butt in the boobs? DON'T LEAVE MEEE :( Forreal though, thank you. with you and I can vent to you and you'll be there for me no matter Thank you for all the late nights, food adventures, hookah sessions, family what. I honestly can't think of a better pair of parents to welcome me parties, etc. Thank you for dealing with all my crazy feels and emotions. into the world of RAPS. You've both been so amazing this year. Thank you for always having my back. Thank you for accepting me for who I Thanks for somehow dealing with me being #teamoverit. am. Thank you for all your support and advice. Thank you for not giving up on that annoying freshman. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives. And now you're LEAVING ME. But s'okay: you both are amazing Most of all, thank you for making me a part of your family. I love you guys. and the world deserves to know that. So go 'head witcha bad selves. You guys are more than just my RAPS fambam, you ARE my family. I love Rule the world, king and queen. you all, and you each hold a special place in my heart. I wouldn't be the perCon-GRADUATIONSSSS! son I am today if it wasn't for all of you. I wish you all much luck in your The both of you guys are tomatoes and one day you'll be juice - like future endeavors, and I promise to continue what you guys have started. I red, like passion, like love. I believe in you. look forward to many family reunions <3 ROVE YOU GUYS!

-Darienne - like Arianne, but with a "D" - it stands for daughter.

Neil Lopez, Arianne Maliwanag, Jeffrey Cuartero, Ryan Ramones, Sam Nuguid, Kirbi Marquez, Sam Antha, Joveem Caintic, Lauren Argana, Rachel Luciano, Chris Laurelli With my first year with RAPS coming to a close, I would just like to thank each and every one of you for making my time at RAPS amazing. It was a great experience working with all of you on E-board this past year. I may have gotten closer to some of you more than others, but nonetheless all of you left a wonderful impression and made my first year with RAPS enjoyable and unforgettable. Good luck with all your future endeavors! You’re all destined to do great things! Love you all <3 Ingat kayo lagi! And don’t forget to check up on us youngsters every so often! -Frances Balagtas

-Your V-Nasty, Palma Turtle, Face Palm-a, Troll Arianne Maliwanag To my dearest Arianne, Upon meeting you, I have realized that it is worth the risk to endure the pain of being close to someone else and being mindful that she may not be there forever. It was worth getting close to you. It is just a shame that i hadn't taken the opportunity to get to know you earlier in my life. You are like the older sister I always wanted, you put in effort to help me out with what I wanted to do with my life and you cared for my well being by doing the little things like making sure that I was alright and asking me what was on my mind just like a sister would. I hadn't known this feeling of comfort and love until I met you and for that I am eternally in your debt. I just hope that if your role in my life comes to an end we would not end up as strangers. Instead, in the distant future shall our paths cross again, we would at least greet each other with a smile. I hope this isn't a goodbye, but rather I will see you later. Lovingly your son, -Roel

Issue V, May 16, 2013

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What is the Balita? The Balita is the Rutgers Association of Philippine Students’ official newsletter. It serves as a medium of communication between our organization and or members. We feature articles written by our very own members, current events, news, features, pictures, as well as upcoming events. We invite all of our interested members to send their submissions to be featured in the future publications of the Balita..

Ano ba ang Balita? Ang Balita ay ang opisyal na pahayagan ng Samahan ng mga Estudyanteng Pilipino sa Rutgers. Isa itong publikasyon na nagsisilbing komunikasyon sa pagitan ng aming organisasyon at ng aming mga miyembro. Itinatampok namin ang mga artikulong galing sa mga manunulat na miyembro ng organisasyon , mga kasalukuyang kaganapan, balita, mga larawan, pati na rin ang mga paparating na mga kaganapan. Iniimbitahan din namin ang mga interesado naming mga miyembro na magpadala ng kanilang mga obra upang maitampok naming ang mga ito sa mga susunod na edisyon ng Balita.

Tagalog word of the day: Balita (pang-ngalan) - News (noun)

Are you an avid writer, photographer, illustrator, blogger or pursuing a career in journalism? The Balita is currently looking for contributors to feature in our future publications. We accept anything from photos, articles, comic strips, poems to caricatures.

For inquiries or submissions please email us at:


Darienne Arahan & Frances Balagtas Balita Co-Editors ‘13-’14

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Issue V, May 16, 2013

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RAPS Semi 2013  

This is the Balita issue for the Rutgers' Association of Philippine Students (RAPS) 2013 Semi-Formal: RAPS in Wonderland.

RAPS Semi 2013  

This is the Balita issue for the Rutgers' Association of Philippine Students (RAPS) 2013 Semi-Formal: RAPS in Wonderland.