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Improving Individual and Organisational Effectiveness

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Human Resources Employers Challenge Try our short online quiz, its FREE - see how you do! Then, send it to your Leaders, Managers, employees, suppliers and compare! Find out more at our home page Minimise your Risk and save money - Rimini HR Rimini HR designed to give maximum control and flexibility to your business whilst keeping pace with employment law legislation. This annualised service allows you to pick and choose how and when you want our support. Please download our PDF to see full service details. assets/files/pdfs/RiminiHR.pdf Rimini Bronze 4hrs/month 48hrs per year

£440 +VAT/month

Rimini Silver 8hrs/month 96hrs per year

£800 +VAT/month

Rimini Gold 12hrs/month 144hrs per year

£1080 +VAT/month

Rimini Platinum 16hrs/month 192hrs per year

£1280 +VAT/month

Rimini subscribers receive a FREE consultation of up to 90 minutes during which we work with you to discover which of your HR & people Development practices could be optimised to give your business the ongoing flexibility it needs. A month's FREE subscription is available too; see details on our home page

Human Resources Clients' tailor Rimini for: • Improving organisational and individual performance • Emerging employment law revisions - bi-annual reviews. • Employee communication • Resolving employee disputes and capturing the learning with management teams. • Defending employment tribunal applications • Negotiating and executing Compromise Agreements • Contracts of employment, Employment policies and associated training and development. • Performance Management, Behavioural and Competency frameworks The prices quoted are monthly tariffs based on a minimum of 12 month subscription, a very cost effective alternative to outsource your HR function or bolster your existing resource. Even our highest subscription service would save you more than 50% on a full time HR manager. Additionally, details of our competitively priced and results focused outplacement and boutique recruitment practice can be found at

Ready to start? Contact us at Tel: 01562 745747, Mobile: 07816509764,

Coaching Our coaching practice supports businesses, individuals and Executives. We also specialise in stress management and emotional resilience.

Executive Coaching By regularly investing a few hours of your time in your own personal development you will see a significant improvement in your health, vitality, mental ability and achievements against your stated goals. Increasingly successful people take the time to get to know their own personality strengths and weaknesses by investing in an Executive coach. Executive Coaching sessions are priced per session (approx. 90 mins) with the number of sessions usually being a minimum of six. ÂŁ250 +VAT Travel costs are charged at ÂŁ0.40/mile.

Mentoring, Career Transition and Outplacement Support We can guide, advise and counsel at various stages in someone's career, from induction through formal development, through to senior management and the transition into a new career, part time career or indeed retirement, individually or collectively.

Stress Management We are in the stress optimisation business and we help our clients to reduce stress and improve their well-being. We do this through structured programmes, this is supplied by tools and techniques validated by years of scientific research. We will work with you on an individual basis and show you a practical and scientifically proven method of increasing stress resilience leading to better health and performance and work. Full details of our coach-mentoring services are on .

Coaching Clients' tailor our coach-mentoring to: • • • • • • •

Enhance personal and organisational performance Improve Work life balance Aid returns to work - maternity, absence Recognise the symptoms and learn about the impact of stress in self and others Introduce anti-stress management policies and procedures Launch Employee Assistance Schemes and Occupational Health provision Introduce and develop coach-mentoring practices

We pride ourselves on a personal, practical and results focused approach and design our assignments accordingly. Working with both the individual and the organisation, we tailor assignments with as little or as much structure as required. We indentify a stakeholder in the organisation to 'own' the assignment e.g. the line manager. We establish clear objectives up front. If appropriate, in collaboration with others, e.g. a line or HR manager. We also encourage a strong focus on self awareness from the individual through personality profiling and or feedback from colleagues. All our coaches are professionally qualified.

Ready to start? Contact us at Tel: 01562 745747, Mobile: 07816509764,

Learning and Development We offer training and development solutions for leaders, senior teams to middle and to junior team managers; these can be tailored to suit individuals and the organisations requirements. Our trainers are passionate about what they do and their proven experience demonstrates this. Some of whom are also qualified Coaches with backgrounds either in general or HR management, so we readily enjoy supporting people new to people management, where our focus is on transitions and reviewing the required shift change to effectively, empathically yet commercially manage people. Where appropriate we use psychometric instruments or personality questionnaires. MBTI速 Step I & Step II are multiple-choice personality questionnaires that look at how a person perceives the world and how they prefer to interact with others. The MBTI framework helps people improve their working and personal relationships in a positive and constructive way. The FIRO-B速 Is a personality questionnaire focusing on how individuals behave towards others, and how they expect others to behave towards them. The tool can reveal hidden mismatches between wanted and expressed behaviour, offering profound insights. BarOn EQ-i速 Measures emotionally and socially intelligent behaviour as reported by respondents. A growing body of research suggests that emotional intelligence is a key determinant of success in life and especially for next generation leaders. 16PF速 Measures a set of 16 personality traits that describe and predict a persons behaviour. It aims to provide comprehensive information about an individual's whole personality, revealing potential, confirming capacity to sustain performance in a larger role and helping identify development needs. Can be used in recruitment and selection.

Learning and Development Additionally, existing clients' use our services for: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Legislative Question and Answer sessions Turning policy and process into practical application Successful management of disciplinary, grievances, appeals, absence, performance Attracting, selecting and retain the best performing individuals Essential Employment Law for People Managers Introduction to Competency Based Interviews Assessing and enhancing employee engagement Self and team development - team dynamics Succession planning and management of talent Introduction to Balance Score Cards Manage employee requests, commercially Winning hearts and minds to tackle health, safety and well-being Managing and sustaining change

Our aim is to deliver practical solutions, which offer a tangible return on investment to your most important, yet most costly asset, your people! And in turn of course your organisation. Training requirements? Simply contact us to book or for a no obligation discussion on how we can help you.

Ready to start? Contact us at Tel: 01562 745747, Mobile: 07816509764,

The rapportstore specialises in human resource strategy, management and development. We have proven experience working with organisations, both large and small; we market ourselves to the small to medium sized business market, offering support or extra support to complement your existing resource, either on an ongoing or by project basis. Some organisations use us as their virtual human resource development team. That includes coaching, training and development as well as HR strategy. Predominantly our clients work in the private sector, although we have experience in the public and not for profit sectors. We also work with a lot of owner managers who are new to the complexities of the HR legislation. Employment Legislation and employee training and development can be complex and time consuming. We translate complexity into practical, cost-effective solutions that support our corporate strategy and help you achieve your business goals. We also work with many individuals and help with career planning, through outplacement and coaching to maximise our clients’ chances of success in securing jobs, promotion or career transitions.

Working with us We want our clients to enjoy working with us: the repeat business they give us says they do. Teamwork is at the heart of what we do- both internally and externally. We become part of your team, working with you to find the best solution for your organisation, and then we move quickly to put it into place.

What our customers are saying... 'I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Clare this year. She is a true professional, highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of HR. She is committed to ensuring that her clients receive the best possible, service and support. One of her clients required complex Occupational Health support and she had no hesitation in contacting me to ensure the client was receiving best advice and best practice from a health and wellbeing perspective. She genuinely cares about her clients and has no hesitation in researching and sourcing external specialists if the situation calls for it. She is a totally charming person, and a true delight to work with - what more could you wish for. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.'

Alyson Fennemore, Managed Health

'Clare helped transform the business and its people strategy as well as being fundamental in securing our IIP status. Clare performed as a respected support partner for the Directors, Managers and all the people in the business supporting their development and use of the performance review and the succession management tool. In 2007 we also embarked on the creation of a shared service centre and Clare was key to the early success. Three years on and the Shared Service operation is working well and its success is endorsed by the introduction of a UK shared Service Model. A results driven, passionate HR Director that gets results through strong relationships with her customer group. '

Steve Farmer, Managing Director, Balfour Beatty Plant & Fleet Services

'Clare is an extremely talented person with an incredible skill for understanding people. I have been working with Clare for the last 12 months she has been coaching me and working with our business though a very difficult and challenging recruitment process with fantastic results.'

Dale Parmenter Managing Director, drpgroup.

'Clare has helped me on a couple of occasions with the ever changing employment law & employment & client contracts. I would recommend Clare from the rapport store as an asset to any small business, who doesn't have their own HR department. I see the Rapport Store as part of my team, and an extension of my company.'

Linda Farren Managing Director.

What our customers are saying... 'Some people just care. You can tell from the very moment you start working with them. I've worked with lots of people over the years, from Directors of busy creative agencies, to HR Managers and Directors at leading luxury brands and high profile corporates. I can honestly say that working with Clare has been a truly positive and enjoyable experience. Her passion and professionalism defines her work, making her a real partner in business. When working with her to place talented events candidates, I've found her to be incredibly supportive, diligent and caring about the people we work with. Her approach simply works. Clare is extremely knowledgeable; she knows what the HR business is really about people, how they work best for themselves and for others.'

Jennifer Royall, Managing Director, Royall Appointments Ltd

'Clare has played a crucial role in my transition from 12-month maternity leave back into professional life. She coached me through a series of difficult decisions to what ultimately proved to be a very successful outcome. Clare is excellent at maintaining perspective and bringing that perspective into the coaching process. Her creative logic always opens new possibilities in what you assume are 'black or white' situations. She makes you think and question deeply rooted assumptions. Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity,

Creative Katarina Fidler, Career Coaching in 2009

Ready to start? Contact us at Tel: 01562 745747, Mobile: 07816509764,

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