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opportunities for the new trainer to impart knowledge to a real student while measuring the progress. The benefit to the practitioner is the individual attention they receive for the duration of the course. We ran this style training last year and the results were amazing. I am really looking forward to September. Can you say few words about the NLP Academy Training Centre? To my knowledge we are the only company who owns our own centre, and that really makes a difference. For many years I used hotels and on occasions I still do. You have to work harder running a course in a hotel to create a special experience. I feel this is associated with anchors connected to peoples experience with hotels. How could these anchors not influence? When you own the building and you are in your own training space, the people feel it. Plus there is something in the air at our place that I love. People see pictures on the wall of previous courses, they see pictures of John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St

Clair in action and they know a lot of special events have happened in the building. There is anticipation there that I feel nowhere else. I get excited just sitting in the training room. What advice would you give to people wanting to learn NLP? Choose your trainers wisely! I took an NLP Practitioner course in 1996 that did not really give me a grounded experience in NLP because the course was too short and included a lot of unrelated information. I had to go and get the information afterwards. In addition, make sure the trainer is congruent with the message, because if the messenger is incongruent, the message often gets lost or is not heard. NLP promotes choice, check if the trainer is creating choice in their own life and thus promoting choice for their learners. Avoid places that model cults attributing demi-god status to trainers, insisting the word of the trainer is absolute and you must follow the word. Challenge trainers robustly, and see how flexible they are in their responses. Avoid places where they say ‘Michael Carroll’ was their student. Six people make this claim, all untrue! I have always been too much of a rebel to be anyone’s student, I have learned from a lot of people but being ‘their student’ does not fit. I like to think more organically and that is

that we are all learners, at different stages of our learning journey, so look for trainers who promote a shared learning philosophy. How would you describe your achievements in NLP? I am happy with all my achievements and have learned from the mistakes I have made. I am proud of being the only trainer in the world awarded Master Trainer status by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. I was very proud of the NLPedia multi media sets I developed four years ago. These were the first and still are the only true multi media learning tool in NLP. The Practitioner NLPedia set has 28 hours of video material, 800 slides and 600 pages of transcript all viewed simultaneously, creating a rich home learning experience for people. The Master Practitioner has even more content. I am passionate about the New Code of NLP and have developed some New Code processes, some of which have now been built into the New Code. The nature of my work with John & Carmen as well as the new trainers now coming in is one of sharing and collaboration. John and Carmen are wonderful people and I have been friends with them since 1998. When I met John and Carmen, I just thought “wow, I have so much to learn on so many levels”, I think you really arrive in NLP when you realise you will always be a learner, that we are on journey and that learning never ends. The NLP Academy is based in Croydon South London. For information on NLP Academy visit or phone 020 8686 9952

rapport - Summer 2008

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Rapport Summer 2008  

Rapport issue 12, Summer 2008

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