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Using Your Title to Write Your Freestyle Rap Lyrics As you write your freestyle rap lyrics by referring to the title. A lot of writers think that the freestyle rapper should concentrate on rhyming. There is no doubt that rhyming is extremely important, but it is still important to have some solid content. A great way to create that content is from the title. The first step that you want to do is to ask questions. Let's pretend that you want to write a song from the title "My Brown Rug". Right off of the top of your head you may say that you couldn't write anything about that. So start asking yourself questions. You could ask where did the rug come from. You could ask what shade of brown is it. You could ask what shape of rug is it. You might talk about how the rug feels when it gets walked on. You might want to talk about the texture of the rug. Obviously that is a silly title for a song, but notice that we were able to come up with some questions that needed to be answered. At this point you pick the answers or the ideas that stir you the most emotionally. Based on what I feel, I am going to write about how the rug feels when it gets walked on. The next thing that I will do is to come up with some words that might be related to the title. Some words might be sad, mad, angry, stupid, upset etc. I will think about how I feel being walked on or walked all over. Then I would add to my list words that are opposite. I might add happy, glad, smart etc. You just let your mind flow and write whatever words you want to on your list. At this point you want to make sure that you write down on your list as many words as you can think of. You don't want to worry about rhyming anything. Your goal is just to come up with a list. If you feel as if you are getting stuck, think about short phrase rather than just one word. You can also list pictures of what might see in your mind. This is the process of getting lyrics from your title. You can use this method for whatever kind of song that you are going to write. It makes no difference what style of music or what genre of music that you are going to write in. If you want to learn more about writing freestyle rap lyrics then go to: Using Your Title to Write Your Freestyle Rap Lyrics, Copyright 2010 by

Using Your Title to Write Your Freestyle Rap Lyrics