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Live Freestyle Battle Tips - Win Freestyle Rap Battles If you want to win live freestyle battles, then read this. You will learn how to win freestyle rap battles. When do you write your punch lines? Do you try to write them ahead of time or do you try to come up with one on the spot. The first thing you need to understand is what a it is. This is the defining line of your battle. It is the line that will knock your opponent out of the race. The best way to come up with the one is actually to think of a powerful line first. The punch line will be the statement that has the crowd cheering and stomping their feet. It is the line that will destroy your opponent. Remember to write or create it in advance. Spit your rhymes and flow with the words that will match it before you actually spit it. Flow with a couple of rhymes first and then spit your punch line. Make sure that the powerful line disses your opponent. Have the content contain a diss to one of his flaws. This should exaggerate either his weakness or exaggerate his strength to the point that it looks ridiculous. The rhyme with the greatest exaggeration will be the punch line. As you create that, take a look at all of the physical, emotional or social flaws. Decide which weakness will have the greatest effect on the audience. Once you decide which one it is, then you want to create a diss that will make your opponent look like a loser. Do this and you will become a powerful freestyle rap artist. If you want to win in a live freestyle battle, then go to: Live Freestyle Battle Tips - Win Freestyle Rap Battles ,Copyright 2010 by

Live Freestyle Battle Tips - Win Freestyle Rap Battles