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Creating Rap Beats - Rap Beats Instrumentals Tips If you want tips for creating rap beats, then read this. You will learn rap beats instrumentals tips. The whole concept of branding or making your rap beats unique is something very important to remember as you make your rap beats. There are a lot of different ways that you can make this happen, but today we are going to discuss 3 different ways that you can use the scratching technique to add uniqueness to your sound. Tip #1 - Know where to put the scratch sound Of course there are places throughout your beats that you can use the scratch sound. Generally, you want to put it in a place within your song that will add excitement or that is at a high point in the song. A couple of natural places that this can be used at is during the chorus and also after the verses. Another place that the sound may fit well in is just toward the ending of the introduction. Tip #2 - Use this technique carefully When you are creating your different tracks, you also want to create various scratch tracks. The one thing that is very important is that you don't overuse your tracks. Just like a lot of the different sounds, using them less is more effective than if you were to use them a lot. What you want to make sure is that if you are using scratching as a technique that you don't use it too much, because then it takes away the effectiveness and uniqueness of the sound. Tip #3 - Try various effects Something that you can do to change the scratch sound is using different effects. Try different things such as distortion, and even adding some chorus or reverb and echo to the sounds. As you are listening to the outcome of adding effects, make sure that you pan the sound. Try this to see what effect that you get. Make sure that you add this technique to your arsenal to pull out while you are making your rap beats. If you want to learn more techniques about creating rap beats then go to: Creating Rap Beats - Rap Beats Instrumentals Tips, Copyright 2010 by

Creating Rap Beats - Rap Beats Instrumentals Tips