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A History of Innovation 1947





IBAK Founded

IBAK Invents Sewer Camera

First Camera Tractor

First Pan & Tilt Camera

First Sewer Data Software

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.� -Aristotle At RapidView IBAK North America, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality pipeline inspection and rehabilitation technologies. We strive to become your partner, not just another vendor. As professionals and industry leaders we and our dealers provide expert consultations regarding your goals and help you choose a trenchless technology to meet your needs and budget. We value your time and money. RapidView IBAK North America is a team of committed individuals, with unique personalities, who enjoy what we do and look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Sincerely, The RapidView Team




First Lateral Launch R







First Always Upright Pan & Tilt Camera

PANORAMO Camera System

North American Introduction

PANORAMO SI Manhole System

PANORAMO 150 Camera System


Quality & Modularity




Lateral Launch



11 Tractors 13 Controllers 15 Cable Reels 17 Vehicle Conversions 18 Laser Profiler


Quality Quality Makes a Difference We’ve all done it - bought something on the cheap and regretted it later... Price is a huge factor, but it is not the only thing you need to consider when choosing your inspection equipment. What you really need is a piece of equipment that is going to last, a system that is going to perform to your requirements and keep you productive. Cheap equipment that breaks down often or doesn’t work properly to begin with isn’t a bargain, it is a drain on your resources and time. IBAK designs and manufactures the components that go into our systems. We don’t rely on off-the-shelf consumer products that may be discontinued next month. We manufacture over 85% of our product components so we can guarantee quality, reliability and availability of spare parts 10 years down the road. Remember... Quality does make a difference!

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Year Spare Parts


10 GUARANTEE % IN-HOUSE 85 Components Manufactured

Modularity Modularity by Design True quality is evident in the design and manufacture of a piece of equipment. All IBAK pipeline inspection equipment is designed to work together to increase your profitability and reduce the need for redundant equipment.



When you turn on an IBAK controller it will automatically recognize attached equipment and load the appropriate control and diagnostics menus.


This modular design allows you to easily make changes to your existing equipment or add functionality down the road.





KT 180

The system is easy to control, but allows incredible flexibility. One simple controller is all you will need to operate a push camera, mainline tractor system, lateral launch ® system, PANORAMO 360º Scanner, or Rehabilitation Robot. The days of multiple controllers requiring large amounts of space, big knobs and flashing lights are over.


KRA 85

KW 180

KW 305


KW 505


KT 220




“From the moment you turn on your equipment you will realize that it was designed by professionals, for professionals.”



T Line KRA 75

KRA 65


Ergonomic Controls


BK 3.5


BS 5

BE 3.5 / BS 7










Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel




PANORAMO® Perhaps the greatest innovation in pipeline inspection technology in decades, the PANORAMO® system is providing better data to engineers, reducing stress for operators, increasing productivity and changing the way we inspect our underground infrastructure.

The Digital Revolution The revolutionary PANORAMO® digital pipeline scanner will change the way you inspect pipelines. Inspect twice as much pipe per day, increase your image resolution six times over traditional CCTV, and reduce your operating costs by 30% compared to normal CCTV! Performance is Key PANORAMO® Inspect pipelines from 8” to 48” diameters

PANORAMO® is fast. Users collect data at a rate of 69 ft. per minute without needing to stop. All this adds up to a technology that reduces your cost, increases your production and dramatically enhances your deliverables. Quality Engineering At the core of the PANORAMO® system are the wide angle (185º) twin digital cameras. These cameras are installed on the front and rear of the system and capture still images as they move through the pipeline. Extremely powerful Xenon strobes illuminate up to 48” pipelines, and the still pictures captured by the cameras produce high-resolution digital images that do not suffer from motion blur even at the highest inspection speeds. The PANORAMO® system has very few moving parts, allowing for easier maintenance than that of traditional pan & tilt cameras.


® ®

Principle - Changing your process

IBAK designed PANORAMO from the ground up to address the weaknesses of traditional video technology. The PANORAMO® method changes your current process into one of data collection in the field and data analysis back in the office. This division of labor increases safety, reduces mistakes and increases productivity. The technology enables your employees to work to their potential and avoid costly and time consuming mistakes caused by inattention or stress.






PANORAMO® SI Manhole Inspection System Now the revolutionary PANORAMO® technology is available for manhole inspections! PANORAMO®SI provides a complete 360º view of the manhole after the inspection, similar to normal PANORAMO® pipe segment files. Conduct inspections in a fraction of the time it would take you with traditional methods! Available as an add-on to your PANORAMO® system or in a stand-alone version.



2010 PANORAMO® 150 features Zero-Radius Steering and Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC)

PANORAMO® 150 The success of PANORAMO® technology has been tremendous. As cities and municipalities clamored for PANORAMO® data, IBAK recognized that they could design a system that was smaller, more economical, and easier to operate. The PANORAMO® 150 is that system! Capable of inspecting over 90% of the pipelines that are found in sanitary sewer systems (6”-12” diameters), the PANORAMO® 150 is perfect for contractors and cities who want increased productivity and speed. The 150 is smaller and more agile than it’s larger brother and includes zero-radius steering and Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC) standard.

PANORAMO® SI Portable Manhole System NEW FOR



The portable PANORAMO SI system has proven itself as an affordable, flexible alternative to a truck mounted system. The command and control platform is perfect for operating on an all terrain vehicle or can easily be deployed out of a pickup truck or cargo van. All electronics are mounted in a shock-resistant case that protects critical system components from damage. The unique skid design allows the system to easily be moved by a forklift or by hand.


Lateral Launch Lateral Launch The First is Still the Best... IBAK invented the lateral launching robot in 1994. These unique systems allow users to drive down the mainline pipe and “launch” a secondary camera into a branching line, typically into a house lateral. The LISY 150.1 M is the latest evolution of IBAK’s Lateral Launch system. This system is capable of launching from a 6” to 24” mainline pipe into laterals 4” and up. The most impressive feature of the LISY is how easily it controls. Even without prior experience with this type of system, you can be launching effectively within minutes. Easier to operate, less costly to maintain, more durable and capable of a much higher production, the LISY is the only choice for true professionals.

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Launch Reel Options The LISY works in both a manual, portable configuration or with a synchronized truck or trailer mounted system. The Synchro system makes launching and retrieval easy by automatically managing the pushrod cable in conjunction with the mainline cable reel. The manual reel is perfect if you need to take a lateral inspection to an off-road mainline access point.

Ultimate Control The LISY utilizes a variety of cameras to ensure that you have a good view of the lateral service in order to make insertion easier. The system features a built-in infrared camera for smaller diameters and to monitor the pushrod. Two additional, optional color placement cameras make work easy in larger diameters.

“Magic” Pushrod Our pushrod is protected by a nylon sleeve which takes all the abuse of pushing and bending. If there is damage to your cable, the repairs are often a fraction of the cost compared to the competition. We have customers who accomplish thousands of lateral launches without replacing their pushrod cable, saving time, increasing production and lowering repair costs.

Articulating Placement Arm The key to making our system work more effectively is the ease of control. The LISY’s articulating arm rotates and tilts with precision to place the camera in the lateral connection. Simply align the placement cone mounted on the front of the articulating arm to line up the camera to insure quick launching!

Lateral Navigating Camera The ORION-L was designed specifically to work with the LISY Lateral Launch system. With the ORION-L you can choose the direction of travel once inside the smaller pipeline. When you encounter a pipe fitting such as a “tee” or a “y”, Simply direct the lateral navigating stick on the front of the pan & tilt camera into the pipe you want to travel. Once positioned the system will push the camera forward and it will move into the line you chose, where you can continue your inspection. This camera also includes a built-in transmitter for location above ground - perfect for locating missing lines or defects before digging!

The LISY system was designed to use IBAK’s pan & tilt push cameras. This gives you the ability to make accurate observations in the lateral line insuring you won’t miss anything!

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Cameras Inspection Cameras Your Eyes Underground... Our unique and innovative camera features include: Auto-Upright: The camera always maintains picture regardless of axial rotation while moving through the pipeline. Always-Upright: Patented feature of ARGUS cameras - maintains picture regardless of axial or rotational position. Picture is never flipped due to panning while viewing at 90º. Laser Measurement (Length): Projects two lasers on to pipe wall allowing measurement in two dimensional space. Laser Measurement (Diameter): Projects one laser onto pipe wall and allows automatic detection of pipeline diameter.

Did you know? that all ll IBAK cameras are named after creatures and characters out of mythology or their constellations? From the Hunter ORION and the three-headed dog CERBERUS, to the All-Seeing ARGUS, each camera receives a special model name based on these ancient stories...

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CERBERUS Manned entry camera which connects directly to your mainline cable. Includes full duplex two-way communication and safety harness. HYDRUS The HYDRUS is a small diameter color, axial view push camera. Inspect small diameters (2” and up) with incredible picture clarity. JUNO Small diameter axial view push camera. Integrated location transmitter, auto-uprighting and bright LEDs for 4” and up.

ORION and ORION-L The workhorse of our camera line. Deploy as a push camera or on a mainline tractor system in pipelines 4” and up. Pan & Tilt, integrated location transmitter, auto-uprighting, auto-iris, and adjustable focus. The ultimate in flexibility and modularity. The ORION-L adds our unique lateral navigating stick, nicknamed “Kiel stick” for the city in which it was invented. This camera allows you to choose direction and “steer” into and around pipe fittings. Perfect for industrial applications or lateral launching.

ORPHEUS This mainline camera has an incredible feature list including pan & tilt, 40x Zoom, LED lighting, laser measurement, auto-iris, auto-focus, upright picture control, and an integrated locator transmitter. The ORPHEUS is the core to any mainline system inspecting 6” and up pipelines. ARGUS There is simply no other camera like the ARGUS. Pan & tilt, 40x zoom, LED lighting, laser measurement, auto-iris, auto-focus and an integrated locator transmitter. The ARGUS also boasts the most powerful integrated lighting system available on a camera, allowing it to inspect up to 120" diameter. The patented ROTAX® picture control enables the viewer to operate the camera like a human head and neck, keeping the picture orientated correctly, no matter where the camera is looking! FEATURES Range (Diameters)

The ARGUS Camera not only delivers state of the art performance, but is capable of inspecting a 120” diameter pipeline without additional lighting. Shown above with T86 and Overturn Protection Kit.








Lrg. Diameter

2” and up

4” and up

4” and up

4” and up

6” and up

8” and up



Transmitter for Location

The optics in IBAK cameras are specifically designed for viewing pipelines. With minimal distortion and abundant lighting, these cameras provide a clear, crisp image.

Pan & Tilt Auto Iris Always Upright Picture Auto Focus Laser Measurement



ROTAX Picture Control Pushrod Capability

IBAK pioneered an entirely new category of pipeline inspection cameras when they introduced the ORION camera. This camera works on a pushrod or on a mainline tractor. Now you don’t have to purchase separate cameras for your mainline and drainline applications!

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Tractors NEW FOR








FEATURES Range (Diameters)




4” and up

5” and up

8” and up




Zero Radius Steering Pull Distance 2-Axis High Strength Connector Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC) Location Transmitter on Tractor LISY Attachment (optional) Elevator Attachment (optional)


5 11



Camera Tractors - Functionality and Flexibility A critical part of the inspection system, the tractor carries the camera into the pipeline. If you can’t get the camera there, you aren’t going to see it - so make sure that you choose the correct tractor for your application. While each tractor has its own unique strengths, you can usually make your decision based upon the expected inspection length required, and the diameter of the pipelines you will be inspecting. Our tractors are designed and engineered to work in pipeline environments. Compact, powerful, durable, and agile, our tractors will provide you with years of dependable operation.

T66 Camera Tractor The new T66 Steerable Camera Tractor is the latest in the long line of innovative sewer camera transporters from IBAK. The T66 is the natural evolution of the incredibly popular KRA65 model that has been sold throughout the world. The T66 boasts a heavier chassis for added traction, smaller external dimensions for ease of use and greater pulling strength than its predecessor. Small and agile, yet more powerful than some tractors twice its size - the T66 is the core of an effective inspection system for pipelines ranging from 4” to 24” in diameter.

T76 Camera Tractor The new T76 has the broadest range of any tractor system. This system which will inspect relined 6” pipe, easily transforms into a tractor capable of inspecting large diameter pipelines. The new T76 is the first tractor capable of accepting a LISY Lateral Launch system attachment (available Fall 2010) turning it into a complete mainline and lateral launch solution! Features include zero radius steering, automatic tilt compensation, and a folding 2-axis rear connector. Accessories include remote elevators for lifting the camera above the water line and inclinometers for testing the slope of the pipeline.

T86 Camera Tractor The T86 is the high power cousin to the T76. By trading steerability for a single, more powerful motor you are able to operate this tractor in the most demanding environments. Heavier, providing greater traction, the T86 is capable of pulling out more cable and traversing larger amounts of debris. Perfect for storm lines or any large diameter pipeline! Includes an integrated transmitter for location above ground. If used with the ARGUS the T86 can easily inspect pipes up to and over 120” in diameter.

Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC)

Accessories to enhance your capabilities

One of the most unique technical features that IBAK steerable tractors provide is ATC. An internal sensor recognizes when the tractor is beginning to climb the pipe wall and will steer the tractor automatically back to the center of the pipeline. This dramatically reduces the chances of time consuming and expensive repairs caused by flipping over during operation.

We provide a full range of accessories to increase capability of your equipment. From specialized wheelsets which provide added traction to additional lighting, our equipment is designed around the idea that while we aren’t exactly sure what you are going to encounter in the field, we can provide the tools necessary to adapt and overcome most any challenge.

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Controllers FEATURES





Pushrod Control Portable with Digital Recording Vehicle Mount Lateral Launch Control Tractor Control PANORAMOÂŽ Control Text Entry (On Screen Display)



Controllers - Efficiency and Convenience The best equipment in the world demands a control system to match. What good would a race car be if you had to reach behind the seat to shift the transmission? Unfortunately many manufacturers do not take the time to solicit feedback from operators in the field like we do. As a result they construct controllers that, while easy to manufacture, are difficult to use and negatively impact productivity. IBAK has been manufacturing sewer inspection equipment for over 50 years and we’ve learned a lot about what makes a system easy to use and efficient. You can be sure that when you use IBAK equipment you are in control and getting the job done.

5 13


BOP Pushrod Control The BOP attaches to the HSP reels and handles the operation of the HYDRUS, JUNO, ORION and ORION-L cameras. The new version of the BOP includes on-board digital video recording to a variety of media. Add an external keyboard to enter text over the video recording.

BK3.5 Portable Control (Pictured Right) The new BK 3.5 portable controller is the perfect solution for taking inspections off-road. The BK offers all of the same features as the truck-mounted BE controller but is self-contained in a rugged case with a built-in LCD monitor. The BK can also be mounted in a truck and removed when portability is needed. The new design reduces the overall size of the controller and ads the option of a built-in computer system that can run pipeline inspection software. The new full-color LCD control and diagnostics panel makes selection of functions and control even easier!

BE3.5 / BS7.0 Mainline Control (Pictured Left) The new BE3.5 is the ultimate in ergonomic controller design. The evolution of the popular BE3.0, this controller adds functionality and ensures added flexibility in the future. The controller features a small main unit which is easily mountable under the desk or in any electronic control rack. The remote control board acts as your diagnostic and control interface. All system functions are easily accessed by this small desktop unit. System information is now displayed on the color LCD touchscreen in the center. Camera and tractor movement, focus, iris, cruise and lateral launch commands are controlled from the dual multi-axis joysticks. The BS7.0 is the new fiber optic controller. This controller functions exactly like the 3.5, but includes larger power supplies and supports fiber optic camera systems like PANORAMO® and PANORAMO® SI.

Ergonomic Design


Ergonomics is the science of making a tool or object work in harmony with the human body. IBAK has over fifty years of experience in the design and construction of pipeline inspection equipment, and it puts this knowledge to use by engineering equipment that is easier for the operator to use, resulting in greater efficiency and more production. IBAK equipment is designed with the operator in mind. Everything can be controlled by simple movements - the operator feels in complete control and can accomplish their tasks quickly and without strain.

Each piece of IBAK equipment is designed to meet the users needs - today and in the future! When you purchase a piece of IBAK equipment you can rest easy knowing that you will have support from all future equipment. A great example is our control systems which automatically adapt to whatever equipment has been attached, then loads the appropriate firmware and the correct control and diagnostics interface. This saves system resources, reduces overall equipment expenditures and makes the operator’s interface less cluttered with options that aren’t required.

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Cable Reels

FEATURES Range (Distance)


KT 180

KW 180

KW 305

KW 505







Power Assist

Power Rewind

Full Synchro

Full Synchro

Drainline Inspection Mainline Inspection Cable Retraction Built-In Tractor Lowering Winch Fiber Optic Capability

Cable Reels - Making your job easier. Often overlooked, the cable reel is one of the most important pieces of the inspection system. IBAK’s line of cable reels are designed specifically to work with IBAK equipment and to withstand the harsh environments that you encounter. All mainline cable is Kevlar reinforced and coated for protection. Our standard mainline cables are rated at over 2000 lbs. pull strength. Special cable reel features like synchronized operation, automatic level winds, and remote controls make your job easier.

5 15


Synchronization The KW305 and KW505 cable reels feature synchronized cable retraction and payout. This reduces wear on the cable, increases production, and greatly reduces the chance that you will back over your cable during retrieval.

HSP Pushrod Reel

KT 180 Portable Reel

The HSP Pushrod reels are designed to withstand the rigors of the environment. The camera cable is covered with a replaceable PVC sheath and strengthened with a fiberglass rod. The protective sheath absorbs damage and keeps the transmission cable safe. The HSP is available in 130 and 200 foot lengths.

The KT180 Reel is designed for portable or truck-mounted operation. Features include: manual level-wind, carry handle, roller wheels, power-assist rewind, emergency stop and integrated distance counter. Capacity is up to 656 feet of high-strength cable.

KW 180 Powered Cable Reel The KW180 is designed for permanent installation in a vehicle or trailer. Features include: automatic level-wind, full power cable rewind and payout, optional adjustable boom and work light, compact easy-to-install design, and a remote control pendant for tractor functions. Capacity is up to 656 feet of high-strength cable.

KW 305 Synchronized Cable Reel The KW305 is our most popular reel for use in mainline and lateral launch inspections. Features include: adjustable boom and optional work light, integrated power winch for lowering and retrieving equipment, automatic level-wind, fully synchronized cable management, and a remote control pendant for tractor and lateral launch functions. Capacity is up to 1000 feet of high-strength cable.

KW 505 Sychronized Cable Reel with Fiber Optic Capability The KW505 has all the same great features of the KW 305 and accepts over 1640 feet of high-strength fiber-optic cable or standard high-strength cable. The KW505 allows longer distance inspections and has the capability of transmitting the data from PANORAMOÂŽ 360Âş Pipeline Scanners.

Remote Pendant

Lowering Winch

Each mainline cable reel offers an accessory pendant controller which enables the operator at the back of the vehcile to retract the tractor and remove it from the pipeline. The KW305 and KW505 pendant controllers also support lateral launch systems and include controls for the lowering winch.

KW 305 and KW 505 cable reels include a builtin lowering winch for tractor and camera systems. This powerful winch makes inserting or removing the equipment from the pipeline easier and safer. It reduces the chance that equipment will be dropped, reducing the strain on your back and your wallet.

6 16

Inspection Vehicles

Vehicle Conversions RapidView converts quality vehicles and trailers for deploying equipment effectively and safely. Each design is created to meet the customer’s individual specifications. We convert every major vehicle brand and model. With a focus on ergonomic, user-friendly interiors, our conversions are hand-built with superior craftsmanship and durability. Our staff of professionals brings many years of actual pipeline inspection experience, so you can rest assured that the design will work for your application. Contact your RapidView representative for more information on vehicle models and conversion possibilities.

17 5


Laser Profilers Structural Pipe Integrity Analysis 1 million measurements every 4 minutes Ÿ 6 inch to 160 inch in diameter Ÿ Free software viewer for the end customer Ÿ Supports various pipe shapes Ÿ Built-in observations report Ÿ Flat, Un-Folded Report Ÿ Automatic debris calculator Ÿ Exports to standard modeling formats Ÿ 3000 ft per page reporting Ÿ

Department of Transportation APPROVED for precertification of pipelines.

Accurate Pipeline Deformation Data In dry pipes, the Laser Profiler system allows you to get extremely accurate pipeline measurements. The system projects a laser ring on the pipe wall which is recorded for data analysis. A sophisticated suite of software tools are available to work with the data you capture to give you exactly what you need. This tool is perfect for testing deflection or erosion in new and old pipes. Verification and Measurement of: Ÿ Ovality Ÿ Corrosion Ÿ Material Loss Ÿ Diameter Ÿ Build up Ÿ Sediment Depth Ÿ Life Expectancy

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