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SSL Certificates: VeriSign, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, & Thawte

Learn about Cheap SSL Certificates for eCommerce Sites What are SSL Certificates? In Technical terminology, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a standardized online security solution for eCommerce Websites. Cheap SSL Certificates are intended to secure eCommerce databases and/or information during transmission of information from one server on the Internet to another server. An SSL certificate protects the online consumer’s safety, especially their personal information such as Credit card information, Online banking ID, or Pay Pal email address, when making online purchases.

What is eCommerce? E-Commerce or Electronic commerce is a synonym for online business or commercial digital operations; it involves the procedure of transmitting confidential information over the Internet. ECommerce business websites can assume different form depending on the consumer base’s requirements. Generally, an eCommerce platform is designed as a CoOperation of trading Goods and Services through online auctions and business exchange platforms. From the viewpoint of globalization, the eCommerce marketplace is one of the most interesting and important developments to be realized since the inception of the Web. Usage of Electronic Commerce platforms has been growing; trading online services and goods is popular because it saves time and negates distance. The ratio of eCommerce business to brick-and-mortar commerce has increased quickly and exponentially because goods and services can be exchanged speedily on the Internet. Online studies suggest that eCommerce continues to incrementally improve distance and time for online consumers.

How Does an SSL Certificate help eCommerce with Security? Real Time Server Validation: SSL certificate secure both sides of a transaction: consumer and online seller. Normally the server is the computer which stores the database of the eCommerce business, viewable to online shoppers. Using an SSL certificate on the server allows eCommerce customers to shop using their confidential information such as credit card and online banking ID. The usage of the Cheapest SSL certificate on the server lets customers know that their confidential information will be treated in an encrypted format.

How Does an SSL Certificate help Build eCommerce Sales? Level of Customer Trust & Confidence: Having an SSL certificate on an eCommerce website informs the online consumer that the Website is fully secured and safe. Utilizing an SSL certificate creates the icon of a padlock, which improves the level of customer confidence and trust in the security and safety of their confidential information.

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