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Rapides Parish  District  Visit     January  19-­‐20,  2012  

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Tentative Agenda    

Thursday, January  19,  2012  

9:00  -­‐11:00              Observe  Administrator  Academy  Session  II     11:00  -­‐12:30          Lunch  with  Carol  Passmore  at  Verona’s                              (address)   12:30  -­‐  2:30            Classroom  Visits         Friday,  January  20,  2012     9:00  –  11:30          Observe  Challenge  Based  Learning  Session    

Contact Information     Contact:  Carol  Passmore  Title:  Director  of  Rapides  Foundation         Grants  Office:  318-­‐447-­‐3900/318-­‐449-­‐3140   Cell:  318-­‐253-­‐7015   Email:   Shipping  Address:  502  Beauregard  Street  Alexandria,  LA  71309         Discovery  Partnership  Contact:  Carol  Wetzel   Office:  240-­‐662-­‐2997   Email:     Discovery  PD  Lead  Contact:  Sarah  Johangiry   Cell:  714-­‐653-­‐8405   Email:     Discovery  Specialist:  Emily  Murn   Office:  312-­‐739-­‐5369   Email:      

Alexandria, LA  Overview   Located  in  the  heart  of  Louisiana,  Alexandria  is   quickly  emerging  as  one  of  the  nation's  best  places   to  start  a  business,  raise  a  family,  and  explore  the   great  outdoors.  It  is  a  national  leader  in  new   and  expanded  business  development  and  was   recently  named  one  of  the  twenty  best  cities  in  the   country  to  find  a  job.  National  Geographic   Traveler  ranks  Alexandria  as  one  of  America's  top  ten  "wilderness  towns"  because  of   its  incredible  access  to  the  one  of  the  country's  most  beautiful  and  expansive   national  forests.  

Central Louisiana  has  become  known  as  "The   Crossroads,"  a  place  where  all  of  Louisiana  comes   together  -­‐  from  culture  to  food  and  music.  With  a   population  of  over  46,342,  Alexandria  continues  to   grow  in  every  sector  of  our  society.   Today,  the  city  and  the  area  have  changed.  Cleco,   Procter  and  Gamble,  Union  Tank  Car,  and  Dresser   Valve  Works  are  just  a  few  of  the  large  corporations   that  have  chosen  to  call  Central  Louisiana  home.   The  Red  River  is  now  navigable  thanks  to  the  Red  River  Waterway  Project.     Central  Louisianas  work  in  several  industrial   sectors,  with  the  largest  being  education,  health   and  social  services,  followed  by  retail.  Closely   trailing  behind  retail  are  construction,   manufacturing,  public  administration  and  the  arts,   entertainment,  recreation  and  hospitality  sector.   Timber  and  Forestry  products  remain  the  #1  crop   for  this  area.  Cotton,  Sugar  Cane,  Sweet  Potatoes,   Corn,  and  Soy  Beans  are  also  being  farmed.  

Rapides Parish  District  Overview      


51 Schools   1,571  Teachers   24,046  Students     63%  Free  and  Reduced  Lunch              

47% Minority  Students   93%  Attendance  Rate   9%  In-­‐School  Suspension  Rate   8%  Out-­‐of-­‐School  Suspension  Rate   88%  of  Classes  Taught  by  Highly  Qualified  Teachers  (2009-­‐2010)   $9,007  Current  Per  Pupil  Expenditures  

Spring 2011  LEAP  Results    



(January 1,  2010  to  December  31,  2011)  for  51  School  Sites   Last  Year  


This Year  

16000 14000   12000   10000   8000   6000   4000   2000   0   January   February   March  




Schools with Highest Usage


August September  October   November  December  

Alexandria Middle Magnet School Hadnot-Hayes Elementary School   Martin Park Elementary School   Northwood High School   James I Barron Elementary School   Pineville Elementary School   Carter C Raymond Elem School   Mabel Brasher Elem School   Rapides High School   Poland Junior High School  

Tera LaPrarie  

Alexandria Middle   Magnet  School  

Brittani Lamkin  

Oak Hill   Elementary  School  

Usage (continued)    


January 1,  2010  to  December  31,  2011)  for  13  School  Sites   2500  






Resource  Title   Critters!   Atoms   Building  Blocks   What's  in  a  Name?   Classifying  Animals   Cat  Classification   superposition   The  Many  Faces  of  Mountains   Same  Species    Different  Species   Family  Tree  

Resource Type   Virtual  Lab   Simulation   Reading  Passage   Simulation   Interactive  Video   Simulation   Animation   Reading  Passage   Simulation   Simulation  

Usage 241   190   174   144   138   110   92   87   74   73  

Overview of  Partnership  with  Rapides  Parish    

For the  past  two  years,  the  Discovery  Education  Professional   Development  team  has  been  committed  to  a  continued  partnership  with   Rapides  Parish  Schools  (RPS)  to  deliver  a  direct,  consistent,  and   transformative  professional  development  implementation  plan  focused  on   student  engagement  and  academic  achievement  as  well  as  the  district’s   focus  on  the  Five  Dimensions  of  Teaching  and  Learning.         Together  we  have  strived  to  support  educators  as  they  move  towards  a   model  of  facilitated  learning  using  Discovery  Education  to  enhance   integrated  inquiry  based  learning  with  rich  multimedia  resources  and   technology  to  provide  students  the  opportunity  to  express  new  skills  and   knowledge  through  dynamic  and  meaningful  ways.  Professional   development  opportunities  continue  to  be  designed  to  impact:     • Educator  direct  and  differentiated  Instruction   • Educator  content  knowledge  across  the  k-­‐12  curriculum   • Educator  process  skills  and  utilization  of  research  based  instructional   strategies   • Student  engagement  and  academic  achievement  through  inquiry   and  challenge  based  learning     • Student  engagement  through  the  use  of  Web  2.0  applications  to   create,  communicate  and  collaborate  on  projects   • Opportunity  for  student  creation  of  authentic  projects  using   multimedia  and  technology   • Opportunity  to  maximize  the  use  of  electronic  whiteboard  and  other   technology  available  to  teachers  and  students  

Rapides Parish  Program  Implementation  Evaluation  Plan    

The Discovery  Education  professional  development  team  is  committed   to  consistent  evaluation  throughout  the  entire  implementation  of  our   professional  development  programs;  fidelity  of  implementation  is  key  to   achieving  desired  results.  All  survey  data  is  collected  through  an  online   survey  system.  Data  collected  will  be  shared  with  the  district.  All  data  is   anonymous  and  used  to  bend  and  mold  the  training  to  the  needs  of  the   participants  and  inform  both  our  trainers  and  the  district  of  the  need  for   additional  support  and  or  training.     The  following  is  a  list  of  additional  data  that  can  be  collected  and   reviewed  by  Rapides  Parish  throughout  the  partnership  to  verify  efficacy   of  the  implementation:     • Rapides  Parish  principal  classroom  walkthrough  data   • Rapides  Parish  classwork  artifacts:  Student  performance  based   projects     • Rapides  Parish  benchmark,  course  assessments  and  State   assessment  data    

Deliverables At  A  Glance  

2010/2012 Discovery  Education  Professional  Development  Deliverables:    

Administrator Academy  Sessions   On-­‐Site  Train  the  Trainer  Sessions   On-­‐Site  STEM  Sessions   On-­‐Site  Full  day  Saturday  Sessions  

School Visits   Days  of  Discovery   Challenge  Based  Learning  Sessions  

One  (1)  Administrator  Academy  Session     School  administrators  will  learn  how  educators  can  effectively  utilize  Discovery   Education  in  the  classroom  to  impact  learning,  how  to  locate  usage  data,  and  how  the   data  can  inform  future  professional  development  opportunities.     Fifteen  (15)  Full  Days  of  On-­‐Site  Train  the  Trainers  Professional  Development     Three  (3)  Cadres  of  Train  the  Trainers  to  receive  five  (5)  days  each  including:  Integrating   Discovery  streaming,  Maximizing  Student  Engagement,  Multimedia  Presentations,   Digital  Storytelling,  Web  2.0  in  the  21st  Century  Classroom,  and  21st  Century  Lesson   Development     Five  (5)  Full  Days  of  On-­‐Site  STEM  Professional  Development   One  (1)  Science  Teacher  Cadre  (approximately  twenty-­‐four  (24)  Science  and  or  Math   teachers).  The  cadre  will  receive  five  (5)  on-­‐site  days  of  professional  development  that   focuses  on  all  aspects  of  the  STEM  initiative  and  21st  century  lesson  development.     Nine  (9)  Full  Days  of  On-­‐site  Professional  Development   Elementary  and  secondary  educators  to  receive  2-­‐5  on-­‐site  days  of  professional   development  during  a  21st  Century  Skills  Educator  Summer  Boot-­‐camp     Three  (3)  Full  Days  of  Professional  Development   Elementary  and  secondary  educators  have  the  opportunity  to  attend  three  Saturday   sessions  focused  on  integrating  Discovery  streaming  into  core  curriculum  and  utilizing   the  Student  Center  to  differentiate  instruction.        

Two (2)  Full  Days  of  Integrated  Professional  Development  Services   Continued  Lesson,  Learning  Object  and  Portfolio  Development  Days-­‐  Lessons  will  be   shared  in  My  District  Content  Folders     Five  (5)  Full  Day  School  Visits   Each  Cadre  participant  will  have  the  opportunity  to  have  a  Discovery  Education   specialist  visit  his  or  her  school  site  for  a  1:1  professional  development  session.     One  (1)  Day  of  Discovery     This  session  can  accommodate  up  to  100  educators  and  includes  a  number  of  breakout   sessions  led  by  Discovery  Education  Professional  Development  specialists.  Because   educators  are  able  to  attend  multiple  sessions  throughout  the  day,  those  who  attend   these  conferences  gain  a  broad  overview  of  what  Discovery  Education  is  how  it  can  be   applied  effectively  in  the  classroom.     One  (1)  Administrator  Academy  Session  II     School  administrators  will  examine  their  role  in  how  to  support  their  educators  in   transitioning  into  effectively  integrating  digital  media  into  the  current  curriculum  to  help   increase  student  achievement.         Twenty  (20)  Full  Days  of  On-­‐Site  Train  the  Trainers  Professional  Development     Four  (4)  Cadres  of  Train  the  Trainers  to  receive  five  (5)  days  each  including:  Integrating   Discovery  streaming,  Maximizing  Student  Engagement,  Multimedia  Presentations,   Digital  Storytelling,  Web  2.0  in  the  21st  Century  Classroom,  and  21st  Century  Lesson   Development     Five  (5)  Full  Days  of  On-­‐site  STEM  Professional  Development   One  (1)  Science  Teacher  Cadre  (approximately  twenty-­‐four  (24)  Science  and  or  Math   teachers).  The  cadre  will  receive  five  (5)  on-­‐site  days  of  professional  development  that   focuses  on  all  aspects  of  the  STEM  initiative  and  21st  century  lesson  development.     Four  (4)  Full  Days  of  Challenge  Based  Learning  Professional  Development   Cadre  members  from  the  2010/2012  school  year  are  invited  to  participate  in  developing   a  challenge  based  learning  project  to  be  carried  out  over  the  school  year.       One  (1)  Day  of  Discovery     This  session  can  accommodate  up  to  100  educators  and  includes  a  number  of  breakout   sessions  led  by  Discovery  Education  Professional  Development  specialists.  Because   educators  are  able  to  attend  multiple  sessions  throughout  the  day,  those  who  attend   these  conferences  gain  a  broad  overview  of  what  Discovery  Education  is  how  it  can  be   applied  effectively  in  the  classroom.  



Rapides Parish  

Rapides Parish District Visit