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Learn More about Causes for Erectile Dysfunction Learn more about the causes for erectile dysfunction and why you are not alone if you have ED, and just what options you can explore to treat it effectively. The causes for erectile dysfunction are something that will affect many adult males in the US each year. Experts estimate that more than 30 million men already suffer from these causes for erectile dysfunction. But most don’t understand why, or how they have it, or what they can do about it. Some are embarrassed by it, as this can be a very embarrassing situation to be in, and others just feel helpless, so much so, that they pretend that they have no problems and continue to live a life of misery that’s plagued by sexual dysfunction. Top Causes for Erectile Dysfunction There are some key contributing factors that can be the primary causes for erectile dysfunction. Let’s explore the leading causes so you can better understand what this metric consists of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Aging is the leading causes for erectile dysfunction Poor circulation or vascular diseases are a main contributor Diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, are causes for erectile dysfunction Smoking, drinking and drug abuse are leading causes for erectile dysfunction Low testosterone output Anxiety and or stress Depression and bereavement Relationship problems

Why Most Men Don’t Treat the Causes for Erectile Dysfunctions ? When confronted with erectile dysfunction, it’s easy to turn a blind eye and pretend that it’s not affecting you. But the reality is that ED won’t go away or treat itself of its own accord. However, it’s a very embarrassing topic for most men to discuss, even with a medical doctor. Some men are so embarrassed by it that they don’t seek treatment, when there are numerous effective treatment options that they could consider, like herbal supplements and dietary supplements that don’t even require that you see a doctor. How to know if you are suffering From the Erectile Dysfunction Cause? There are some ways that you can identify if you are suffering from ED. It’s important to note that only a doctor can properly diagnose you, and if you think you may have ED, see a doctor to get expert medical diagnoses.

Key signs of Causes Erectile Dysfunction : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

You have trouble getting an erection You can’t maintain an erection after you get one You suffer from premature ejaculation Your erections are flimsy and weak You have trouble being sexually aroused

Learn More about Causes for Erectile Dysfunction